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Wheel Of Solfeggio

The Ancient Healing Codes


JULY 2024
Sunday 7th (4pm ~ 7pm), Monday 8th ~ Thursday 11th (10am ~ 5pm)
Tuning Fork Sound Practitioner Training ~ ONLINE £595


Sunday 4th (4pm ~ 7pm), Monday 5th ~ Friday 9th (10am ~ 5pm) 2024

Tuning Fork Sound Practitioner Training ~ IN PERSON £795


Thursday 24th (4pm ~ 7pm), Friday 25th ~ Tuesday 29th  (10am ~ 5pm)

Tuning Fork Sound Practitioner Training ~ IN PERSON £795


*Illuminate the Light Within*



💜🙏💜My Soul Purpose is to share and teach Sound Healing and giving up a career in nursing in 2009 due to ill health to BE was what was asked of me was the first step to life in service as asked by the Divine Love and Grace. My Dharma is set to this journey through life; evolving and growing as life dictates. 💜🙏💜


🧡🎶Over the past 13 years I have had the pleasure of teaching how to use the Solfeggio 9 Tuning Forks. This combines with the Clear, Cleanse and Balance System (CCB) I created which uses the Tuning Forks of the OM, weighted OM and 528 sound waves, energy, frequency and vibration.


💚🎶On 22.02.2022 I was almost asleep and this new channelled way of working with the vibrations began to come into my awareness. In that moment of the wee small hours, feeling the Divine Love close, I was gifted a way of interpretation for these Sacred Tones for the NOW, for this NEW Paradigm era with the sonic properties of each sound so needed. I have had them made in the Violet Ray, so the sound, colour, intention reaches new heights.


💙🎶This enhanced and elevated version of using the sound waves, energy, frequency and vibration will assist by focusing intention on what IS IN THE NOW. We honour what WAS and what WILL BE, yet the focus being on this moment. I am so excited about this. It feels fresh, whole, zingy and on point for the needs of many.

💛🎶I was teaching my Sound Practitioner Course online at the time and they got the new information hot 'off the Divine press' so to speak. They have been using this new paradigm way with incredible results.


💜🎶The Sacred Solfeggio Tones were birthed almost 50 years ago in 1974 by Dr Joseph Puleo following a guided vision of Yesuha and then with Dr Len Harrowitz helping interpret the visions, the tones were born. 50 years ago there was a different vibration of life and as evolution occurs, society moves with the times.


❤🎶So a new dawning , a new vision for the teaching going forward, using Sacred Solfeggio Healing Light Codes, the CCB, the essence of colour and Divine Golden Healing.

🌹🎶Please email me if you would like to join me on this new journey into the discovery of the Healing Light Codes. 💜🙏💜

🎶 email: 🎶


*174 Hz - Used for Releasing Pain - physical, mental, emotional, Karmic

*285 Hz - Used for Releasing Wounding - physical, mental, emotional, Karmic

UT 396 Hz - Liberating Guilt and Fear

RE 417 Hz - Undoing Situations and Facilitating Change

MI 528 Hz - Transformation and Miracles and the Universal Love frequency

FA 639 Hz – Connections and Relationships

SOL 741 Hz - Awakening Intuition

LA 852 Hz - Returning to Spiritual Order

*963 Hz - At ONE with ALL


The Sacred Solfeggio Light Codes - Illuminate the Light Within

Old 174 ~ Release pain

New ~ Health and Harmony leading to Healing and BEing Intune

Old 285 ~ Release Wounding

New ~ Kindness and Grace leading to feeling Cleansed and Divine Trust

Old 396 ~ Liberating Guilt and Fear

New ~ Love and Freedom leading to Peace and Wholeness

Old 417 ~ Changing Situations

New ~ Living in the NOW leading to Being Anchored and Fully Present

Old 528 ~ Miracles and Transformation with Universal Love

New ~ Being a Living Miracle and Divine Transformation with Universal Love leading to Manifesting and Magnetise your best life

Old 639 ~ Connecting/Relationships

New ~ Unity Consciousness as ONE Love leading to Togetherness and Belonging

Old 741 ~ Enhancing Spiritual Intuition

New ~ Soul Connection to God/Divine/Source/Universe leading to full Awareness and Intuition of Divine Consciousness

Old 852 ~ Return to Spiritual Order

New ~ As Above, So Below; As Within, So Without ~ BEing and connection to the God Self leading to Enlightenment and feeling of Home Coming

Old 963 ~ Complete

New ~ I AM the Infinite of Divine Love and Grace leading to Universal Expansion and acknowledgement of the Light BEing you are

Healing Codes For The Age Of Aquarius

So many people are so busy in their lives and never have time to stop, let alone breathe, and the beauty of life passes them by. Using sound therapy can really help people to press their pause button. Even for a short time. It can allow a stillness to enter so you can hear yourself within, hear your inner wisdom.

Listening to the Sacred OM sounds, the primordial Sound of the call of the Beginning of Time, your body can relax into the sense of just Being.

When you start working with the OM tuning fork, from a physiological basis you start to calm your autonomic nervous system as this sends waves of sounds to all your organs, and in turn the cells of those organs, molecules and atoms respond in kind, in peace. You are 99.999% space according to quantum physics and that space has sub atomic particles made up of energy. So your ‘space’ is full of energy, beautiful vibrating energy. As you listen to the sounds, your heart rate decreases, breathing softens and there descends a sense of peace and calm. As a previous district nurse, I have conducted my own research into how the sounds affect pulse and blood pressure which had very favourable results. This can be found on my website.

Einstein said: "Energy cannot be created or destroyed, only change from one form to another”

So with this said, by listening to sacred sound we are changing our energy deep in our quantum space.

The Law of creation is that, “What we give off and out in energy, we receive”

So reason suggests that if you change your internal vibration by embracing the Sound of Creation, the OM, full Dharmic (Life Purpose) potential may be felt. By not running the life learnt programmes of limiting beliefs, due to your vibration changing on a deep cellular level, you really can begin to attract the life you wish to live.

You can go deeper to release learnt lessons from this life and even release past lives, karmic blocks or ancestral memory patterns. This can also effectively be done by using the Sacred Solfeggio Healing Codes. By bringing these into your quantum space by listening intently and then using them in your auric field and energy centres, deep healing may occur on many levels. You maybe able to release any chi that you feel maybe sitting deep in your Soul or ancient DNA Codons.

Where Did The Solfeggio Frequencies Come From?

It was due to the inspired Dr Joseph Puleo that the Solfeggio frequencies were rediscovered. This is explained in the book “Healing codes for the Biological Apocalypse,” by Dr Leonard Horowitz. Please read this book for more in-depth information.

Solfeggio actually means scale, so what comes from this discovery is a lost scale, that is not based on actual notes as we know them today. My sense is this is a spiritual awakening to sound and not based on the musical scale commonly known. According to historian, Durandus, the hymn Ut Queant laxis was composed by Paul the Deacon (c.720 – 799 AD) in honour of St John the Baptist. It is suggested the special tones of the Solfeggio frequency were used to unite man with his maker. They did this by undoing all the conditioning, learnt behaviours and limiting beliefs that causes separation from Source, be it physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.

The hymn is the foundation of the Sacred Solfeggio tones and gives insight to the meaning of the ancient healing codes. The word Solfeggio is the collective name for the Solfa tones, namely UT (DO)-RE-MI-FA-SO-LA-(TI).

The Hymn

“Ut queant laxis, Resonare fabris, Mira gestorum, Famuli Tuorum, Solve pollute, Labii reatum, Sancte lohannes.”​

The translation according to SOLFA Sound therapy (2001) means:

“In order the slaves might resonate (receive larger vibrations that in effect will decrease lower vibrations), resound (restoring or remembering our former state of being) the miracles (wonders) of your creations with loosened (expanded – speaking out your Truth) vocal chords. Wash the guilt from (our) Polluted lip. St John.”

These sacred sounds may be used to clear and cleanse the auric field and energy centres, potentially healing past lives, Karmic blocks and ancestral memory patterns. I will describe briefly how I have developed a way of using the tuning forks for this and brand NEW for 2022 is an enhanced and elevated way of working with the Sacred Solfeggio Healing Light Codes with the Tuning Forks in the Violet Ray colour.

How they came to be:

In 2011 I created Suara Sound Academy and my focus of teaching was and still is Tuning Fork Sound Therapy. This is because the tuning forks can literally be specific to tuning you and your mind, body, spirit and Soul. They are portable, reasonably priced and have very effective healing properties for optimum health and well-being. My purpose is to empower people to take their own health and well-being into their own hands and I do this with my Clear, Cleanse, Balance System, now used globally. I also train therapists who have used it very successfully in their personal and professional life.

I have worked and taught the Sacred Solfeggio Tuning Forks for 12 years and have felt and seen first-hand how they change vibrational energy patterns. They are a very powerful healing system and so mindfulness when using them is best practice.

Here I have included my interpretation of how the Sacred Solfeggio works with your energy and what the healing tones can do for you. My belief is ill health and dis-ease starts out as an emotion. This emotion is held as a deep belief and the cells are vibrating this belief out to the Universe. As The Law of Creation is, “What we give off and out in energy, we receive”, there is constant validation of that emotional belief. Let’s say the belief is about not being ‘good enough’ (yes, I’ve been there too). This relates to your Solar Plexus energy centre. Before you know it there is validation after validation of you not being good enough! Your boss tells you off, you get something wrong and it affects your family, you feel your friends are all doing things better than you etc etc. You spend your life with your Solar Plexus in a state of alert and of anxiety. Before long there is a chance the organs in this area of the body start to feel the strain too. The body is intelligent and it will give you signs – these signs can be listened to and things can be changed, especially using Sacred Sound. Of course, medical help should always be your first call for your health. However how many people have had all the tests by doctors, and the medical profession has found nothing, usually a generic diagnosis is given. In this case perhaps a complimentary way for gaining optimum health and well-being may be tried or considered? The Sacred Sounds offers very deep relaxation and research has shown beyond doubt if you can relax for 25 minutes a day and ‘switch off’, you are turning ‘off’ disease creating genes and turning ‘on’ healthy genes. This is fact.

For deeper healing of patterns and limiting beliefs, I recommend the Sacred Solfeggio Healing Codes.

I will go through each tuning fork and its uses for everyday life.

Old way - 174 For Releasing Pain

Any pain can be energetically wearing at times. Ask yourself if the pain is yours and what type of pain is it? Where is the source? Is it physical, mental, emotional or Spiritual. The sounds will help you decide, even when just listening. Once the truth of the pain of known it can be dealt using the sounds.

New Way forward 174

Health and Harmony leading to Healing and BEing Intune with ALL that IS. 

Old way - 285 For Releasing Wounding

Dr. Emoto’s ( work about how words, acts and deeds can wound and create a dissonance in water crystals allows us to realise just how important our behaviour is. Even our self-speak can wound us, let alone what our words can do to others, especially children and animals. These wounds can sit deep in our quantum space, and because we create our own energetic reality, and we are holding onto these words, acts and deeds, the Law of Vibration ensures these words are validated so we keep getting the lessons these words, acts or deeds suggest.

We can release any words, deeds or actions we have absorbed, be it of this life, past-life, karmic blocks, Ancestral Memory Patterns using the sounds.

New Way Forward 285 

Kindness and Grace leading to feeling Cleansed and Divine Trust

396 Liberating Guilt and Fear

Carrying guilt and fear of something we have done or something someone has done to use can be like carrying a heavy burden on our backs. It can weigh us down. Imagine freeing yourself of guilt and of fear to people, places, events, places, actions and deeds. This creates so much more ‘energetic room’ within you and that feeling of gentle forgiveness and strength can be so very empowering. This in turn lightens your life so that you do not attract anymore of the same lessons, and if you do, you have the tools to deal with it. Sometimes we don’t know why we feel a certain way. The sounds will carry this back to the Divine love where it is transmuted.

New Way Forward - 396

 Love and Freedom leading to Peace and Wholeness 

417 Undoing situations and making Changes

Who enjoys change? Life can be like that dog-eared pair of slippers that you know you should throw out but can’t quite do it. Change can be embraced once the resistance of change is released from the energy centres. You are then aware that the change is for your highest good as all energy vibration that is dissonant is released. If you are experiencing painful changes ask yourself how it is they are painful? Then maybe use the other sounds to work with this insight.

New Way Forward 417

Living in the NOW leading to Being Anchored and Fully Present

528 Transformation and Miracles (Universal Love)

So many people may feel they are not open to transformation and miracles by carrying the limiting beliefs deep within. By releasing any stuck patterns, you may find more openness to transformation and miracles and see and feel them on a daily basis, allowing Universal Love to flow. This is due to clearing and cleansing of anything that may be in the way of this life, past life, karmic blocks and ancestral memory patterns.

New Way Forward 528 

Being a Living Miracle and Divine Transformation with Universal Love leading to Manifesting and Magnetise your best life

NB This little fork is always in my handbag as it is gives the vibration which is effective for the treatment in first aid ie, cuts, scratches, bites, stings, bruises, swellings, burns (especially sunburn), and has featured heavily in my research on Wound Healing and Pain Relief with what can only be described as miraculous and transformational results at times. Does not replace medical advice. It can even change the taste of water, coffee, tea and wine(!).

“This is the tuning fork that forms the basis of my Pain Relief Research Programme. I have developed a strategy for releasing and transforming pain using the 528 tuning fork and as the study is unfolding the pain relief can be felt on all levels of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. So far the results are VERY encouraging where clients have all experienced some effective relief, with some clients becoming pain free after years of physical pain. Results will be published in the next issue. “

639 Enhancing Connection and Relationships

This relates to relationships with yourself, others, the planet and all around you. Can all relationships be harmonious? They could be if the energy vibration is playing the same tune as the people and environment around you. Imagine an orchestra – all sections need to play in harmony. If one player of one section is out of tune, eventually the whole section will become out of tune, then potentially the whole orchestra becomes out of tune and disharmony prevails. Remove the original dissonance and the orchestra can play united and strong. This is true of many walks of life.

New Way Forward 639

Unity Consciousness as ONE Love leading to Togetherness and Belonging 

741 Awakening Intuition

We all have an inherent wisdom and intuition deep within us. However until we have cleared the energy patterns of life’s lessons that weigh us down we may not be able to hear our own inner wisdom. This is how we look at others for confirmation of these things. By working with sacred sound we are also expanding our awareness and stimulating the pineal gland - the 3rd Eye. Descartes in the 15th century called the pineal gland ‘The Seat of the Soul’. By working through the Sacred Soul you will come to know what you know with great conviction and truth. If you have anything in the way of you expressing your intuition, this too can be released using the sounds.

New Way Forward 741

Soul Connection to God/Divine/Source/Universe leading to full Awareness and Intuition of Divine Consciousness 

852 Returning to Spiritual Order

Many people have such a desire to be connected to Divine Love and Grace, or re-establish their re-connection. This vibration may allow this by first releasing anything that may be in the way of the connection being established. When people feel this connection they feel part of a collective consciousness of unconditional Love. A collective complete whole, a feeling of something so great that it feeds the heart and soul with the deepest Divine Love and Grace for self and fellow man, and all that exist around you know that you are being guided by a deep source to your highest Dharmic good. Allow Love to be the Key.

New Way Forward 852

As Above, So Below; As Within, So Without ~ BEing and connection to the God Self leading to Enlightenment and feeling of Home Coming 

963 At ONE with ALL

When we are at one with all we are totally in the ‘I AM’ presence. We are connected atom to atom, completely to the Web of Life that holds and nurtures us through our existence on this planet and beyond time.

The sacred Solfeggio healing codes may open the door for you to walk through with purpose and strength, leaving behind past patterns of limiting beliefs and traits.

New way Forward 963

I AM the Infinite of Divine Love and Grace leading to Universal Expansion and Acknowledgement of the Light BEing I AM

How To Use The Sacred Solfeggio Tuning Forks

1. Start with the OM, strike & listen with one ear and then the other (5-10 mins) as this will soothe and relax your body for optimum healing

2. Follow outline of the body (auric field) clockwise (down on left side) 3 times

3. Go through the energy centres one by one in a clockwise motion min 3 times

4. Feet, Knees, Base, Sacral, Birth (Navel), Solar Plexus, Heart, Thymus (higher Heart) Throat, 3rd Eye, Crown

5. Listen again, breathe deeply, relax

6. Then use each tuning fork the same way as 1-5 (a few of minutes listening to the sounds is fine) going through the Sacred Solfeggio, 174, 285, 396, 417, 528, 639, 741, 852 and 963 concentrating on the words which can be used as mantras

7. Then sit quietly

Always use a CLOCKWISE motion when cleansing the energy centres….UNLESS you are:

RELEASING OLD ENERGY/CHI - If you are treating an acute or chronic problem, be it physical, mental, emotional or spiritual and wish to ‘take out’ the energy of this problem - use an COUNTERCLOCKWISE motion until you feel a shift in energy (usually a big sigh, big yawns etc) BEFORE the clockwise motion.

8. Seal with the OM using the figure of 8 in any direction

This can take up to a couple of hours at times – however you will feel very different afterwards. A kind of Universal softening to any situation that may come your way, which you may shrug a lot and say, ‘That’s OK’, whilst reacting differently.



"Using The Solfeggio Programme CD was the most profound experience of my life. An amazing CD, with words and sounds that resonate

with your own body. It has made me more aware of blockages etc. that have not yet been cleared, and has completely changed my outlook. I am coming home to myself. There is a new stillness and serenity within me. A big thank you to you, Debbie and those beautiful sounds."

Marie Davis, Bushey, Herts.

“I found the words to describe each frequency instantly which was surprising. The colour Chakra chart was helpful and I was drawn straightaway to the appropriate colour. I felt the vibration from the tone more than one, two and three areas at the same time. I like the idea of drawing a shape that has helped to integrate the inevitable changes of pattern and release.” Rosie Hudson

“Wow!!! The program gets you to look at what you think your blocks are on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level within your body. It is amazing what comes up in the first place. However, when you listen to CD one and enter that state of pure relaxation, what you thought were the underlying block is nowhere to be seen. It takes you deeper to the very core, somewhere I had never envisaged looking at before. The journey I experience was that of pure relaxation, and whereas I expected to be in such a relaxed, way out state after, I was in fact relaxed, but full of vitality and awareness.” 

“During the first part, I found I was aware of issues, thoughts, feelings and emotions I previously believe had been cleared. The second part I found that it was almost like I been switched off, maybe to be reprogrammed? I felt like I was in a complete dreamless sleep, but also aware. At the end of the CD, during the final track, I saw an aboriginal painting of four fish in a curve, this circle span and separated into four directions. Afterwards, I felt completely at peace. However within 10 minutes I felt as though a new Bright light had been switched on inside”. Morwenna Brady

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