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Debbi Walker




How I Found Sound - Or It Found Me, Should I Say

I live in the hamlet of Polhilsa, Stoke Climsland near Callington, Cornwall with my beloved husband Trev and equally beloved rescue doggies Billy 15, Snowy 11, Daisy 4, Hedy 13, Affie 11, Joey 20. We have a retirement home for mostly elders doggies who we rescue in their golden years. We offer last chance rescue, end of life and palliative care to these precious woofies. Our beautiful Angel Furry boys and girls are watching over us, 

A little bit about me:

I have worked in Health and Healing for 33 years, and for 12 years I was a district nurse in the National Health Service. I have a first class honours degree in Tissue healing. I no longer work in this field, as in 2009 I became very poorly with ME/CFS and my contract was terminated. Feeling alone and lost, bereft of my beloved nursing, I had never felt so much the "Dark night of my Soul". I was at breaking point, when I discovered vibrational energy healing in the form of EFT, Transformational healing and then Sound Therapy. I used this holistic approach to nourish my mind, body, spirit and Soul. Now I have no ME/CFS symptoms, I enjoy the knowledge I have my own health and well being energy in my own hands and insights and spiritual guidance allows me to process this. I have a thirst for knowledge and enjoy all aspects of learning. My intuition and psychic awareness has soared since using the sacred sounds, and being a clearer channel for Source I am a psychic intuitive healer, being clairaudient, clairvoyant, clairsentient, and have claircognizance.

I became a Sound Healing Practitioner in 2010, training with Tim Wheater and used the vibrational frequencies to bring me back to my authentic self. When I heard the tones of the Solfeggio tuning forks I felt I had 'come home' and something within me unlocked. I just 'knew'' these sounds. They were part of my makeup, my blueprint of life. I then used the sounds on myself for a number of weeks and found I felt clearer, more cleansed and more balanced within and without.

On 10/10/10 I went into Stonehenge with a group of people with private access and standing between two of the stones I was guided I would 'Take the Sounds to the Masses'. I had my doubts, in fact, that took quite a lot for my scientific left brain to get around; however I have to say I am being guided by something greater than myself in all this.

Over the past years I have researched diligently and worked with sacred sound frequency. I have found the science background of nursing paved the way to do extensive research on just HOW these amazing sounds can raise your internal frequency. Suara Sound Academy was born in 2011 and goes from strength to strength (Suara means 'Sound Healing' in the Indonesian language) and I teach Tuning Fork Sound Therapy courses, retreats and workshops nationally and internationally. I have now shared Tuning Fork Sound Therapy, namely the OM, 528, Solfeggio, Cosmic and Egyptian and many other frequencies with literally thousands of people at fayres, festivals and workshops. I have frequencies that are bespoke to Suara Sound Academy that have been channelled; the Stellar Gateway, Celestial Gate, Mermaid and Dolphin, Isis, Temple and Sound of Nature, Ocean Soul and Ancestor.

It is very clear how easy it is for anyone, any age and with any health condition to use the tuning forks. A book I have written called "How to Fork Yourself" adds to this self- empowerment, so people can really take their own health into their own hands. It works by listening, then clearing, cleansing and balancing the auric field and energy centres. A sense of peace, harmony and love is felt. People with cancer, arthritis, fibromyalgia, and many other health challenges are enjoying a better quality of life. A lady who is deaf heard the sounds; people are becoming pain free of conditions termed as untreatable. (Please see the testimonials from these people.) Plants, animals, water, our beloved planet and the sacred sites are all enjoying these vibrations. You can clear spaces, sacred sites and homes of dense energy vibrations too. As the vibrational energy of our planet changes it does feel as though our internal vibrations are really absorbing these sounds, bringing back the true essence within our own Soul-space.



First class honours degree in Tissue Healing (BSc (hons))

Batchelors Degree in Metaphysical Science (B MSc)

Metaphysical Minister

Diploma in Nursing - Registered Nurse (Retired)

Teaching and Assessing Cert (ENB 998)

Diploma in Sound Therapy

Diploma of Beauty Therapy and Aesthetician

Diploma in Hypnotherapy

Diploma in Life Coaching

Diploma in NLP

Level 2 EFT Practitioner

Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner


British Complementary Medicine Association

Kundalini Awareness - My Story

I have been considering for a while now if to share this on here. However over the past few days I have been given a huge nudge to do so. So I will share something very private in the trust that it may help.

in 2015 I was poorly, and when I say poorly I really mean that. My body systems had completely forgotten how to work with each other in synchronised Harmony. Multi faceted symptomatic dissonance. Blood pressure through the roof, pulse galloping along, shortness of breath with high respirations. Vibrational pains shooting through my legs, pain everywhere like I was burning from within. Hypersensitivity to absolutely everything and everyone. Everything and everyone was not in focus and pain in my head like an electric bolt had been shot thro the base of my skull.

Four years ago a brain scan showed brain abnormalities which in come cases is a pre cursor to MS, amongst other things. As I carried no symptoms at that time I decided I would not see a neurological specialist. However within this episode of poorliness I was also displaying symptoms of this now...including my swollow being compromised. "How had I created all this within my body...what had happened to shake my world? - literally." I asked myself.

Bit by bit I pieced together a series of events. I am a very sensitive person which is a God given blessing, however in this case...not such a blessing.

in 2015 I had a few emotional traumas, which remain private, however the final one along the same thread of emotional trauma was... 'the straw that broke the camels back' so to speak.

The anchor stones of my Soul core harmony were compromised and the beliefs and values I held in the deepest place of my existence were shaken like an ancient earthquake, deep in the earth's core, deep within my core. My whole existence felt the Tsunami rise from my ancestral root, fizzing through my spine into my head and then the echos of past traumas exploded there until I felt my head would literally explode. This acute episode of pain was the most fear I felt, as the pain was in my head it had no where to go. I prayed to God for help and no reply came. I prayed again...silence. I couldn't even cry then as the pain was so intense.

I withdrew from everything...I had to really. I became detached and vague. This went on for about a week or so. I believed my time was limited, the guidance dictated that. My family pressed me to go to the doctors but I knew it was something pills could not fix. I just had to be with whatever it was and honour this was part of my journey. Boy it was hard, I told no one, not even Trevvi. I knew only 'I' could heal me and I would try and do that for as long as I had.

The turning point for me was being able to look at my sound in a different way. Really look...deep into microscopic existence of MY place in the orchestra of the Sounds of the Universe. I 'saw' sound completely as medicine, ancient medicine. I was given the visions of this. So as I would have been prescribed a pill, I 'took' my sound medicine 2-3 times a day. Very very softly, just a kiss of gentle sound. Taking time to ask for help from God and all that is. By going so deeply to the place of shadow dancing I knew my work here was not done yet.

So over the space of about 10 days I 'took' my sounds like an elixir of life. I tuned every micro and macro atom of my being to resonate back into Universal Harmony. Slowly I came back. Still baffled at 'How' I had created this with in me to such a force, i usually had such good intuition. I knew the answer would come eventually.

The answer came a few months later. I awoke from a deep slumber to the words 'You have woken the sleeping serpent'! I didn't know what this meant until further research showed I had experienced a Kundalini episode. The further I researched into it, the more I realised that ALL the symptoms I experienced were related to this. The multiple emotional trauma experiences had triggered a domino effect of this life, past lives, Karmic and ancestral related Core volcanic eruption. The more I read, the more I tuned into it, the more I understood.

I look back at this experience now with gratitude and know from my Soul it was an ancient 'Passage of Rites' I had to experience to allow my personal and professional journey to go to the next level. A rebirth in the true sense of the word. I now feel amazing and my life is actually richer for this experience.

Since I experienced this I have met a few people who it has happened too. One lady bedridden for 2 years. It is an unexplored territory within energy work and has many facets, only meantioned in depth in Eastern philosophy and Yoga. So with all the energy shifts and so many people awakening to working with the precious vibrations of this time, I knew now was the time to share.

NB.. This was my journey, and I share my own account here..if anyone is concerned for their health they must do what is right for them. We have an excellent health service in this country, which works in tandem with complimentary health. What I share here does not replace medical advice. X

Thank you for taking the time to read this. From my heart to yours.

In deepest love

Debbi xxx

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