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 Delivering heart-led, person-centred training in Sound Therapy for the past 13 years

Certified * Insurable * Accredited * Affiliated

Hello and a warm welcome to my website.
I am Debbi Walker, the proud founder, principle teacher and director of Suara Sound Academy which has delivered high quality professional international and national Sound Healing Courses for the past 13 years. 
Suara Sound Academy is an Independent Teaching School registered and recognised by the British Complementary Medicine Association UK. We are a training organisation with Holistic Insurance Services Ltd and a Platinum provider with the International Institute of Complementary Therapy.
I specialise in the training of Tuning Fork Sound Therapy Diploma's for people, animals and nature.
My training is accredited, certified, insurable and internationally recognised.

Information on the British Complementary Medicine Association click here

British Complementary Medicine Association Independent School


Tuning Fork Sound Practitioner Certified Training

A live transmission of Sound Healing for Love, Peace and Healing at this time for the world.

Hello and welcome,

My name is Debbi Walker and I live in the parish of Stoke Climsland in East Cornwall.

My focus is teaching Sound Healing Courses in the form of Tuning Fork Sound Therapy which lead me to achieve optimum Health and Well Being after being retired out of the NHS on ill health grounds to be debilitating ME/CFS where at times I was bed and housebound. In essence Vibrational Energy Medicine saved my life, and continues to allow to fabulous health with no ME symptoms and an abundance of love of life. To read my personal Journey - click here

I have a solid clinical background in Nursing and having attained a First Class Honours Degree in Tissue Viability I have a depth of understanding about clinical processes and just what stress and anxiety can do so the body. As a nurse (retired), I bring biological science and esoteric metaphysical aspects to my teachings allowing for balanced learning with evidence based practice.

My courses are not just how to become a practitioner in Sound Healing, it is a way of you being the very best practitioner you can be by having the tools to use when life's ups and downs are more down than up. It has been called a Life changing Retreat/Course in its own right.

Having a strong medical background it was important to me for my Diploma Courses to be backed up by recognised and respected bodies. With this in mind Suara Sound Academy is a registered school of the British Complementary Medicine Association.

Tuning fork sound healing compliments all other modalities and reports are suggesting results are being achieved faster with clients as they are able to go into a 'deeper' meditative place. By using tuning forks you have a delivery system of a vibrational frequency that is able to target certain areas of your Physical, mental or emotional health and well being.

I have developed a bespoke method of using Tuning Forks for safe use and teach this method of Tuning Fork Sound Therapy for Health, Well-being and Transformation of Mind, Body, Spirit and Soul. This may in turn potentially allow your 'reset' button to be switched on for optimum health and Well-being to be achieved, whatever that maybe for you. My teachings are based on my own research studies and comprehensive research in the field and intuitive practice.

I am very into empowering other people to take their Health and Well-being back into their own hands, whilst working with their medical team as appropriate.

This does not replace medical intervention but will complement the Western Medical Approach.

Using the Tuning Forks with pets

Here is little Princess Rosie, our Angel Westie who we rescued in February 2017 and was 10 years when she was diagnosed with Kidney Failure and Dementia in August 2017. Here she is enjoying her sound healing using the weighted OM on my 3 day tuning fork course.

Rosie spent 15 happy months with us against all the odds and had a very happy life. She gained her Angel Rosie wings in November 2018. It is her legacy that the Animal and Human Tuning Fork Course was born. Always in our hearts. 

Animal Healing with Tuning Forks Practitioner Certificated Course

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The Still Point CD formed the basis of one of my studies. Results were just by listening to this CD once a day for 28 days, all indicators of health improved and emotional health inproved by 44.11%. For the study please click here

Still Point Peace Process
00:00 / 24:58

For a free download of this on Mp3 please visit my sister site visit https://www.suarasounds

Soundbath with my Gongs
- relax and enjoy

OM Sound Healing

Sound Meditation with Tuning Forks and the Breath

Tuning forks and EFT Emotional Freedom Technique


Would you like a change of career?

Do you want to bring another dimension of relaxation into your practice?

Would you like to go on a journey of self discovery through Sound Healing?

Have you even considered Sound Healing as a tool for relaxation bringing a homoeostasis of Mind and Body?

* SO *

What is Tuning Fork Sound Therapy?

"It is a delivery system of a pure sine wave vibration to any part of the body, physical or energetic"

Can vibration change matter?

"Yes, in the studies of cymatics, this has been proven time and time again that sound can have an effect on matter"

Can Sound Vibration change us and the way we feel?

"For many people it has shown they reach a deep level of relaxation comparable to that feeling you enjoy just before deep sleep"

The proof is in the pudding has been my moto, yet I have been intrigued with the results in some of the studies I have done

"Change your Vibration Change your Life"

"Energy cannot be created or destroyed, only changed from one form to another"

Some people may believe they are stuck with health challenges for life. Nothing is permanent. What has happened can unhappen. If you change the way you think, you may change your health. Everything is energy, everything. As energy it will carry a vibration and that vibration has a frequency. All thoughts create fields of energy. Whatever thoughts you hold inside of you, your body will express (feelings, sensations, pain, and disease) and vibrate and attract, like an antenna, more of the same from the universe. Unconsciously you practice and make stronger what you hold within, every minute of every day. What energy are you producing and attracting to you? Change your vibrational frequency using the power of sound.

Einstein 1879 - 1955

*Sound is the Medicine of our Future* Edgar Cayce (1877-1945)

This was said maybe 100 years ago. So how far have we come to allow this projected insight to become a reality?


The system I have developed is a way of potentially bringing deep deep relaxation. When you relax many processes of the body systems calm and soothe, including the autonomic and parasympathetic nervous system.  

What Tuning Fork Sound Therapy May Do For You

▝  ‘Joi de vie’ returning for your own precious life and people in your life with a new vitality and sense of wellbeing
▝  Ability to see different points of view, feeling less uptight helping the relief of tiredness and stress
▝  As deep relaxation is experienced a relief of anxiety maybe felt, relieving unwanted thought patterns and mood is lightened
▝  Awareness of self and others and increased creativity and mental capacity as things become clearer
▝  Energy , focus and personal performance increased, feeling more happy, uplifted and ‘light’
▝  Feeling restful and a deep, beneficial sleep and insomnia decreased
▝  Sharpens hearing and those with industrial deafness or hearing loss due to ageing have reported improvements
▝  It not only helps with hearing but also with ‘listening’
▝  Relief of tinnitus (ringing in the ears)
▝  Clarity, focus and a sharpness of mind with improved concentration and learning ability
▝  Sound therapy can be preventative and therapeutic
▝  Cortisol levels are reduced as there is less feeling of ‘fight or flight’
▝  Homeostasis of body occurs as the body settles down to relax
▝  Improved behaviour and communication in children, especially children with ADHD, Autism and Asperger’s
▝  Increased voice quality, vocal range and strength in tone
▝  Better relationship with yourself and greater family harmony
▝  Change your life for the better as you find what truly makes your heart sing
▝  Changes your internal vibration so you are resonating at your authentic frequency for you. You then attract more of the same vibration to you
▝  You gain more of what you resonate with and lose what you don’t resonate with.

Other ways of using the tuning forks which may bring:

Pineal Enhancement - By relaxing whilst listening to the sacred sounds, with eyes closed, concentrate on the pineal gland by staring at a point in the middle of the forehead. Without straining the muscles of the eye, this will enhance the pineal gland and the 'third eye.' Beginning with the withdrawal of the senses and the physical consciousness, the consciousness is centred in the region of the pineal gland. You may feel a slight ‘strain’ in the middle of the head when it becomes enhanced. You may have greater ‘visualisations’ in your meditation.

Optimum Health and Well being – by doing the energy cleansing and clearing DAILY. (You would clean your teeth daily, otherwise they would become rotten, so how would it be any different for our sensitive energy field?). Optimum health can be gained and maintained by using the forks, but daily focused effort is required, as you would in meditation. Spaces, especially corners of a room can be cleared of dense, stuck, old energy very easily by waving the fork in a clockwise rotation to the area to be cleansed. You will automatically feel a lighter feeling.

NB. By using the forks to ‘charge’ the water we drink, food we eat and water we bathe in, we can enjoy cellular cleansing too. Water tastes better too. To do this strike the fork and put the stem onto the glass, plate or actually in the water you will be bathing in. This may change its structure to a higher frequency. Has been known to change unpalatable wine into palatable wine!

Healing plants – use the forks to cleanse the space and aura of the plant. By clearing the energy space around the plant it will allow for a cleaner and clearer growth. You can charge the water you are going to water the plants by using the forks.

Healing animals - Animals respond very well to the sounds and the vibrations can be used for animals that do not like to be handled as well as domestic pets. Start the session a few feet away from the animal first so it can get used to the vibrations.

Soothing the Planet – our Mother Earth and planetary system is crying out for these frequencies so vibrations can be raised in all consciousness. Use the tuning fork vibrations when you are at sacred sites, this can be done by ‘stemming’ the fork onto the ground, onto the stones (if appropriate) or fixing your intention whilst playing the tuning forks. Can be used to clear and cleanse any earth energy. You may also use your focus and intention to balance the moon (pull and push) and sun (solar flare) energy.

Clearing homes, rooms, gardens, personal spaces – any area that has had stale, stuck energy will benefit. Just use the forks in a clockwise rotation to clear/heal the space. This is great for areas of electromagnetic devices such as laptops, computers, Wi-Fi or geopathic stress. It can clear emotional tension in a room and if you have a difficult meeting or phone call use the forks prior to this.

Clear the space you are working in between clients if you are a therapist or a reader, especially at fayres and festivals.

Cleansing Crystals - clear and cleanse the energy body of the crystal in a clockwise rotation 3 times. Then strike the fork with the bung and stem the fork onto the crystal. You will feel the crystal vibrate as this happens, do this 3 times. You may stem the fork on the crystal whilst the crystal is placed on the body. Some crystals may fracture – use caution.

Soothes and calms the physical body – potentially facilitates in the soothing of sprains, muscle aches, pains and has been shown at times to aid in the prevention of bacteria and viruses becoming worse. (Please note, these are subjective claims, and medical attention should be sought as needed).

Facilitates in the fist aid of cuts, grazes, bites, sores and skin complaints. To do this cover the area with a suitable cover, use the stem and hold it to the area, gently circling the outline of the wound and into the centre.

Elementals and Nature - using the tuning fork vibrations in nature is very relaxing, clearing and cleansing for you and for where you are. You can use the tones in the woods by ‘stemming’ the tuning fork onto the ground, on trees, in the stream or river. You can use your voice to mimic the tone of the fork. You may become more aware of the wildlife, birds, squirrels, small mammals and how they come closer, attracted by the sound vibrations. Birds may tend to chirp more. You may become aware of the elementals drawing closer. (I have seen multiple leaves on a tree moving in ways that was just not possible – no wind or any other indicators of why or how). Use them at the beach, focusing your intention using the vibrations to cleanse, clear and balance the sea, all of the oceans and all who dwell within.

Truth and Love - the vibrations of the forks may allow the internal love and truth of the Soul to be recognized, realised and heard. There may be a restorative and balancing effect for mind, body, spirit and Soul. The sound vibrations just seem to know where to go and where they are most needed. This means your own Soul Truth and Love can be felt, not pre-conditioned truth and love that isn’t really your own. The sounds potentially allow the feelings to be forgiving and non-judging.

Psychic Awareness – how are you able to HEAR your guides and hear messages from Source/God/Divine and loved ones when all you are able to hear in your mind is your chatterbox/EGO? The constant chit-chat of daily life takes over. Pure sound waves/vibrations may enable the left and right hemispheres of the brain to become more balanced. You are then really able to listen to what is being said and just as important to what is not being said. This potentially allows you to live in the NOW energy. In essence all we have is NOW and all we have to be happy and live in the NOW is within us.

Distant Sound Healing – focus your intent to who or whatever needs healing and do a virtual healing or once you have used them on your body send the healing vibrations to them.

When my journey with tuning forks began there was very little about research to ways to use them in the public domain.

My speciality is in Teaching Tuning Fork Sound Healing, having worked with this form of sound for the past 11 years and teaching courses in this modality for 10 years.


So with research, diligence, hard work and travelling the country I developed a very safe way to use Vibrational Sound Medicine creating my own certified and insurable course in Tuning Fork Sound Healing. Suara Sound Academy is registered as an Independent Teaching School with the British Complementary Medicine Association. It is a Training Organisation with Holistic Insurance Services,

My 5 day comprehensive immersion, working primarily with yourself and then practising the techniques to be used on clients, family and friends, animals, plants, trees, homes, scared spaces, water and food plus so much more. We use the deep foundation practise that underpins all my sound teaching of the Clear, Cleanse, Balance System as our principle practice and I also teach on this course how to do a Sound Prescription using other tuning forks for specific focus.

This is the image of an OM tuning fork captured by camera after being struck with the mallet. Here is the video of the same time - quite amazing.

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