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Picture 1

Before Starting the Treatment

Picture 2

Starting to use the OM Tuning Fork

Picture 3

Still using the OM

Picture 4

Continuing the Treatment with the OM

Picture 5

End of Using The OM Tuning Fork

Picture 6

Start of using 528 Tuning Fork

Picture 7

End of the Treatment with 528.

From picture 1, then using the OM up to the change of fork to 528 fork was only a matter of 3 minutes and 40 seconds.

From picture 6 at start of using the 528 to end of using 528 frequency it followed on immediately after the OM treatment and was only another 3 minutes 10 seconds.

As you can see in a very short time the forks have made a difference in the energy field.

As you can see the OM started clearing the congested energy field to the left and right then 528 seemed to clear the rest.

In total, it was just under 7 minutes.

Also look at the energy surrounding the forks. As they are moved through the congested energy field you can see the lovely blue/turquoise frequency that they are imparting into the energy field, which is the colour that the energy field was at the end.

Aamazing Pictures and Video Taken on 14/08/2012 and Captured by NEV Pro by Carol Pearce

This is the Beginning of the Session

This is the End of the Session - Note the colours around Viv's head.

These amazing pictures and video was taken on 14/08/2012 and captured by NEV Pro by Carol Pearce of The receiver is Viv.

Viv was diagnosed with cancer in 2008 and she has been using the OM and 528 and listening to the CD of Soleggio Dreams (see product page).

Today we captured the full energy of the full sound healing using the OM, 528, Solfeggio, Egyptian* (bespoke to Suara Sounds*) and the Sound of Nature* chime bar. 

What was captured has amazed even me. I knew just how healing and clearing these ancient healing tones are - however to see vibrational energy in full colour, and the dense energy patterns literally taken to Source...has been so enlightening for all that was involved.

Those of you that are using the tuning forks already, you now can see what the sounds can do to your auric field and energy​

We also filmed this session using New Energy Vision by Carol Pearce of

The clip we posted on utube accompanied by one of my tracks of my CD, Solfeggio Dreams.

This is the live video link of the tuning fork healing. Look at the back wall and you will see as I 'take out' using the tuning fork the energy shown by colour changes and lifts.

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