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Full Manual, all 9 gold Divine Goddess Tuning Forks included

You will also need a Clear Cleanse and Balance System of Tuning Forks (available separately)

This training is a O
ne to One Sacred Journey and is bespoke for the individual. In what ever phase of life you are this course/inner retreat will assist you in all you do.
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Debbi Walker of Suara Sound Academy presents:


In ancient times of Atlantis and Egypt there were Temples of Healing where Sound played the biggest part in people's lives. The ancient Gods and Goddesses understood the meaning of how vibration could effect the mind, the body, spirit and Soul. In Egypt the overseer of this sacred healing was the Goddess Isis. The Mother Goddess of life and Crone of Death. Of vitality, sexuality and rebirth and resurrection.

Priestesses trained in the art form of Sacred healing and would conduct sound ceremonies on people in pure iridescent white sound chambers where the beloved would lay on an altar of the purest alabaster.

The sounds would emanate through the temple walls that would have powerful sacred symbols and writings depicting fine health, happiness, wealth and joy to all who came. As the sounds emited their frequencies the Priestess would use her Wand of Healing and sound chalice vessel to bring relaxation and peace to the weary traveller on her altar.

The Soul of the beloved would then decide if to heal to full health, vitality and strength or transport to afterlife. The Wand of Healing was the delivery of Sound which the Soul was bathed with. Sacred understanding of what life path to take.

The Soul knows what it is here to do at this time and rejoices in the vibrational essence of the Sound Gateway created within the Sound ceremonies. The secret is to quieten the mind so the Soul can be heard.

On this Ambassador Sound Goddess Course you will work with sacred sound journeys and ceremonies for rebirth and life purpose recognition. Embodying your femininity and sexuality, your creativity and Divine Feminine growth.

You will work with the sacred Celtic landscape for earth healing the heart and sacral energy of our Beloved Mother Earth through ceremony and song.

You will work with your own Sacred Feminine Womb temple and your heart temple and heal all effects from all trauma in this life time, past life times, ancestral memory patterns and karmic influences using sound. You will also heal any birth trauma using the Sacred Sound Healing Trauma Release technique I have created using Tuning Forks and singing bowls.

By clearing and cleansing your inner temple for optimum peace, a strength of health and well being within your Sacral Temple will be felt. Falling in love with your body, mind, spirit and Soul - you come Home to You. You will honour the cycle of your inner temple for optimum appreciation of your womanhood be it of Maiden, Mother or Crone years, healing any wounds this has brought and bathe in the sheer delight of appreciation of your body and it's incredible ability to house your incredible spirit and Soul in this lifetime.

You will work intently with yourself doing multi dimensional heart and sacral/root healing. Releasing any earth bound emotions, past life energy, ancestral memory patterns from your genetic ancient DNA and karmic influences that are keeping you shackled to limiting beliefs of your life and behaviours and thoughts not in pure resonance for your highest Goddess self to embrace.

You will conduct a one to one sacred sound honouring ceremony with each another on the course. Giving and receiving sound healing experiences with channelled sounds using Tuning Fork wands and singing bowls chalices.

Introduction to working with clients for sacral temple and heart healing.

How to conduct a Sacred Soundath experience for your Sound Goddess family.

You will learn about the paradigm sound system of the ancients tapping into the Universal Intelligence of collective consciousness. The Universal Divine Feminine that guides our path from the celestial heavens.

You will work with my new channelled sound of the Divine Goddess tuning fork. This is the master, or should it say mistress tuning fork overseeing all the sound healing ceremonies.

You will be embodying the channelled sacred sounds of the Goddess Isis and begin to 're remember your time in the ancient temples through sound, visualisation and guided meditation.

You will be embodying the channelled sacred sounds of the revered ancient Hindu Goddesses, tapping into the feminine dieties and collective consciousness of Eastern existence over millennias. We work with the Sacred heart and sacral energy of:

Goddess Laskhmi, goddess of abundance, beauty and love

Goddess Parvati, the mother goddess of Love and gentle power

Goddess Saraswati, goddess of learning and knowledge

This course will take you deep into healing your inner and outer world's. A depth of sacral temple and heart healing working with your Divine energy system, creating a sense of belonging to your Sound Goddess family, your sound family of your Soul recognition.

Gentle movement and listening to your needs are supported through this training. This will support and guide your Soul through it's passage to light seeing your Dharma, your life purpose.

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