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Sounding the Dragon Lines Cornwall

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Sounding the Dragon Lines of Cornwall with a bespoke gentle Soundbath, Guided Meditation and Healing Circle with stunning views over Bodmin Moor within the Michael Leyline and a cosy fire pit to warm your cosy toes with, weather willing


These past 5 months I have been guided to create this Sound Healing Circle honouring the Dragon Lines of our beloved Earth and of loving friendships meeting like minded Souls. As we navigate the energy, vibrations and frequencies of Now, allow the collective consciousness to embody an ease and flow of Divine Understanding and a depth of knowing from 'Home', the inner and outer Universe beyond the outer Universe.

As the Dragons begin to stir within the Cornish landscapes for the Year of the Dragon on the 10th February, we honour their presence by Sounding the Dragon lines and where better to be situated on the Michael leyline as we are here at Polhilsa House Retreat.

As many of us are awakening to begin the movement towards the great Rising of the Dragons Song feeling the resurgence within their Soul of Remembering long ago. It is time

The Rhythm of Menopause Gathering

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The Rhythm of Menopause ~ Birth, Death, Rebirth, Rejoice

I am thrilled to announce to you "The Rhythm of Menopause" ~ Gatherings and Retreats here in Cornwall.

This is something so very close to my heart and I am very happy to at last be offering this. It has been over 10 years of a personal "Passage of Rites ~ Sacred Journey" and recently over these past 12 months the Spiritual Guidance has amped up and I have been doing a lot of research. This feels the perfect time to announce it as we head into the Winter Solstice and New Year.

We will meet in person monthly near Callington in Cornwall. It will be from 10.30am until 1.30pm and will include a circle of sharing and a beautiful gentle Soundbath tailored to the gathering, meditation, friendships, nature and nurturing. Then a soup lunch will be provided. The exchange for this is £20. This is open to all women.

I will also be inviting experts in their field who bring a Holistic take on the Menopause years to come and speak to the group. I have some incredible Souls lined up to share their wisdom too.

Many years ago (7 years ago actually) I went through the Menopause and actually had no real idea of what was happening to me. Retrospectively I had been in Perimenopause for many years, just didnt know it. I can say though, at that time I felt lost, alone and felt I had nowhere to turn. I muddled through the best I could, some days it was like wading through treacle, however eventually the tsunami of emotions and symptoms ebbed away, yet I would say it was the most difficult time of my life. I used my sounds daily and I know they helped in their own sweet way.

In May 2023 the Menopause symptoms returned and with the assistance of my Sounds, Homeopathy, Flower Essences, Aromatherapy and Nutritionist advice it retreated very quickly. This made me read, research and retreat into the concept of what this Sacred Journey REALLY means for women. What actually is this "Passage of Rites"? More on this soon.

The Menopause is so multi faceted and every woman will experience it differently and very individually. There is no one size fits all and no Holistic treatment plan per se for the Menopause in all its stages.

I personally found at the time there is very little Spiritual and Holistic support out there. Hormone replacement wasn't an option for me so a Holistic approach was the way forward.

Things are changing as the media and celebrities are flying the flag for Menopause which is so important as the number of women between the ages of 45 ~ 55 are increasing and are experiencing Perimenopause and Menopause on many levels. Even post Menopause has its lasting effects on women from a mental and emotional viewpoint. Workplaces are having to adjust policies at long last. The medical professional are at last recognising it as something that needs to be taken seriously.

In 2022 it was estimated that in the UK alone there were around 13 million women who were peri Menopausal or in Menopause. This is a third of the entire UK female population. The Worldwide estimate for 2025 is 1.1 billion women. More needs to be done to bring a Holistic viewpoint and allow considered choice. One massive consideration is as many as 70% of women said the ending of their relationships and marriage was down to the Menopause years. Massive change for them with no one to understand what was happening to them, including themselves.

My research has given me the 'why' I felt the way I did on my own Sacred Journey. The 'why' of how others may feel how they do too. The biological understanding was the 'ah ha' moment I required of what occurs within our body. Then from the spiritual journey of going deeply into the 'Cave of Bones' as I called it, I was shown a new way.

How the name "Rhythm of Menopause" came to be birthed is that I see, feel, hear, know and sense everything as energy, frequency and vibration. There is an ebb of hormones that decrease through these "Passge of Rites" years and then a flow of untamed wisdom that follows. Channelling this powerful flow of energy, frequency and vibration is the key to gentle powerful understanding of the "Rhythm of Menopause" leading to completeness. How long this takes once again is completely individual.

I wish I had had this future me standing with me back then. However I am here now to hold a Sacred space for myself and others, bringing my beloved Sounds in to assist a gentleness of nurturing for their Soul on their own personal journey, meditation with mindfulness, nature bathing, really listening and holding them in love and gentle compassion. Plus sharing the 'why' in an easy to get understand way and encouraging others to find their own resources too. Then women can find themselves back in control of their life.

I deem this very Sacred time as a "Passage of Rites" and the gathering will depict this. I won't have all the answers as everyone woman has their own journey and no two are the same, however what I can do is can shine a light for others to find their own answers and ways through their own Sacred "Passage of Rites."

I look forward to it unfolding like a beautiful rose from its bud to full scented glory.

Dates are:

Rhythm of Menopause Gathering

Friday 5th January 2024

Friday 2nd February 2024

Friday 1st March 2024

10.30am ~ 1.30pm £20

Lunch included


Sound and Stillness Retreat

Stoke Climsland

East Cornwall


This beautiful Victorian Country House is in the parish of Stoke Climsland, near Callington in Cornwall.

We are the 4th family to have owned the house since it was built in late 1800’s. The house still retains many of its original features and has been sympathetically refurbished to create a tranquil haven to all who visit.

Polhilsa House, our dream home welcomes you and it really does feel as though you are being embraced in something gently magical when you walk through the door and gaze at the ornate grand staircase and original tiled hallway. The well established garden has all varieties of trees, bushes, shrubs and plants and nature’s art alchemy can be fully appreciated, to the fallen trees, a home for the micro animal world, to the far reaching views across Bodmin Moor.

The are many places to sit and listen to the birds chirping and the country sounds, watching the sunset. We have an olfactory sensory area and a sunken garden with a firepit, surrounded by scrubs and bushes, immersed in nature.


Nestled in the small hamlet of Polhilsa, near the village of Stoke Climsland lays Polhilsa House Retreat, a 6 bedroomed Victorian Country Home built around 1890. With its far reaching views over Caradon Hill and Bodmin Moor, Polhilsa House Retreat offers its guests a time to become still, to press the pause button. To come and find peace in nature and a cosy home from home place to relax and retreat.

Maybe you are recovering from illness or pain

Maybe you are at a crossroads in your life

Maybe you are feeling a bit lost and want inner direction

Maybe you are going through life changing events

Maybe you just want some time for yourself 

This could be the retreat just for you

The Sound and Stillness Retreats are simplistic, heartled Home from Home Retreats for only 4 people at a time. The emphasis is on gentle Sound Healing, Meditation, Relaxation and being nurtured and looked after by Debbi, the owner and guardian of the land. You will have lots of free time for yourself and freedom from the outside world. Once the gates are closed you really feel you are in another place, a feeling of a magic land. 

The emphasis on this Sound and Stillness Retreat is just that; Sound and Stillness. Using Sound to really become Still. No chatter in your mind or mindless chatter around you. A place to truly BE in your own zone.

The retreat offers 3 nights and 3 days of time just for you, You Time. There will be a morning gathering of Sound Healing and Meditation which sets you up for the day and afternoons can be spent reading, journaling, creating, painting or sitting in the garden listening to the birds and natures sounds. Gentle Dru Yoga will be integrated into your stay. It is a time you can bring with you creative projects you wish to complete. You will be doing deep relaxation before you retire for the evening to ensure a good night sleep is enjoyed. It is a time of deep healing within and without. As soon as you come through the gates of Polhilsa House Retreat you feel yourself begin to unwind and relax.

Debbi will be at hand to gently guide you through the Sound and Stillness process during your stay. She will personally lovingly create your meals which are included. All Sound and Stillness Retreats are fully inclusive.

The bedrooms are cosy and tastefully decorated with very comfortable beds. It is very peaceful with no noise at night except the owls and no light pollution. There a very large bathroom which is shared.

There are 2 double bedrooms and a twin.  The investment is the same for all rooms on a first come first served basis, so it is advisable to book early as there are only 4 guest places in the house and 1 place available in our mobile home and 1 in our rustic retreat area.

You can book private sessions with Debbi with a choice of a Prescriptive Sound Healing Experience, taylor-made to your specific needs and/or book a session of Holistic Coaching if you would like some direction in your life. These sessions are charged as extra and can be booked in advance. They are popular with our guests so book early.



Cancellation policy applies to all bookings.



Includes lunch and refreshments

Please email me with requirements

Testimonials of previous retreatees

What a treat to stay in the beautiful space provided by Polhilsa House Retreat and of course you Debbi. I have loved spending time here with you. HS, Bournemouth 

We have had the most heart opening experience and have loved the house so much, feeling so much at home. So much gratitude and love for you and Lady Polhilsa, Debbi and doggies. PR, Lancashire

What a way to have a relaxing, restorative, and healing time in Lady Polhilsa's welcoming arms. Thank you Debbi, a wonderful time, thank you so very much. DT, Devon

Thank you for having me in your wonderful home. I truly felt welcome. It felt like a comforting hug. LS, Hampshire

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