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The aim of the study is to see by listening to the sacred sounds of the OM and Solfeggio tones how the health of mind, body and spirit is affected.

The reason I decided to do the with the sounds is that not everyone has access to the tuning forks at the moment, and I have found some people are curious of how they may work. I went into the sound studio and made a CD specifically for the study. There are three tracks and I have used tuning forks, chimes pipes and a chime bar. The sounds are the OM and the ancient Solfeggio healing tones. Track 1 is the OM (tuning forks and chime pipe), track 2 is about the Solfeggio tones (tuning forks, chime pipes and the 528 chime bar) and track 3 is my voice channeling tones of the sounds of the Solfeggio. The CD is about 27 minutes. I have learnt how to put the CD together, so for me too it been a journey of learning new things. The research is completely self-funded and I am working on my own at this time. Thank you for your patience.


By looking at the research available, the mind and body need to relax and reach its Still Point for 20-30 minutes per day for stress genes to be switched off and healthy genes to be switched on (more of this later). As I don?t have access to conducting trials and research in a laboratory setting I am going to use a well researched and validated assessment tool called the S-F 36 (Short Form 36) alongside the CD. The S-F 36 is a multi-purpose, short-form health survey with only 36 questions. It has been documented in more than 4000 publications. It is judged as the most widely evaluated generic patient assessment health outcome form, measuring Quality of Health with 80-85% of reliable variance. I will ask the research volunteers in Phase 1 to fill in the S-F 36 BEFORE the study and then week 4. If they go onto do Phase 2 then at week 4 again. I will use the S-F 36 qualitative scoring system for the data.

CRITERIA FOR INCLUSION - this is what I sent to the volunteers

Everyone who wishes to volunteer will be considered. The MOST important part of the study is number 1. This will help you decide if you are able to be part of the research at this time.

1. Be able to donate 30 minutes a day to yourself and listen to the CD.

(There are 1440 minutes in the day, so to find 30 minutes is doable, as it leaves you 1410 to do the other things)

2. Get a journal or notebook that you can write your sound journey in. This will give you insights of how things are going with mind, body and spirit. It is easy to forget how we felt when we start to feel better or different

3. Phase 1- The S-F 36 assessment form needs to be filled out prior to the study, at day 7 and day 28. IMPORTANT: Your commitment to me and the study is that this will be done promptly and the results sent to me via email or in the post.

4. Phase 2 - You are invited to then carry on with the study for a further 4 weeks if you wish. The assessment forms will then be filled out again on day 56.

5. I will compile all the data and the results will be published on my website. All information is confidential and anonymity is maintained, however, volunteers agree to their scores being published.



Put on the CD or MP3 player. Settle down and be comfortable

Take a deep breath. All the way in and all the way out, deep into your lungs. As the sounds are playing you may like to breathe in the sounds If a stray thought comes, acknowledge it and come back to stillness (this may take practice

Allow yourself to sit and BE for the full 25 minutes of the CD. It is important you do not sleep

When the CD ends you will hear my voice inviting you to come back to the present

At this point you may like to sit for a little longer enjoying the stillness. See what your mind chatter is doing. When you are ready, take a deep breath. Put your hand on your heart and breathe through your heart, anchoring the calmness for the day. Here the mind and heart are linked. When this feels complete, take another deep breath. You may like to stretch your body, centre and ground yourself before getting up

(You may like to set a timer with a gentle tone if you have to be somewhere following your sound relaxation as time seems not to exist when you are in the Still Point.)


This is the results of my study which I conducted in 2013. There were 20 participants that followed the Still Point Programme for the 28 days.

The data I share with you is both qualitative and quantative.

The results showed by stopping and listening to the CD for 25 minutes a day, overall emotional health was improved by 44.11%. All areas of the study showed an improvement so I am very pleased indeed with the results. These figures below show the overall improvement following the 4 week study.

1   Physical Functioning = 2.05%

2   Physical Limitation = 11.76%

3   Emotional Limitation = 44.11%

4   Energy / Fatigue = 6.0%

5   Emotional Well-Being = 10.23%

6   Social Functioning = 8.35%

7   Pain = 5.05%

8   General Health = 8.11%

I hope you enjoy it - I am still learning the movie making techniques.

With love and peace


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