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This CD forms part of the Suara Sound Still Point™ Research Programme and you will find details of this on the research page. The CD is free to use for individuals, groups, healings, animals, children etc, however it MAYNOT be used to profit of any kind. This is my gift to everyone. It may be copied and given away.

Still Point Peace Process

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Using The Still Point CD

How much time is spent looking after the spiritual side of ourselves? In this context I am not talking about religion per se, I am talking about taking the time out for you to feel what makes your heart and Soul sing.

Using sound and the Suara Sound Still Point relaxation programme may bring about a balance and a homeostasis of the mind, body, spirit, heart and Soul. Practicing this is simply being in the present moment without trying to change anything at all. Using the sound of the OM tuning fork or listening to sacred sounds may 'still' the brain so a deep state of alpha brainwaves are achieved and on some occasions a theta/delta state may be reached. No chatterbox, no mind chatter, no running dialogue - just peace.

Florence Nightingale said:

"The needs of the spirit are as critical to health as those individual organs which make up our body." (1820-1910)

We are the controllers of our reality and 'our reality' is not made up of outside influences. Our reality actually consists of our thoughts, beliefs and mindset. By learning about the deeper states of consciousness, you can open your subconscious mind and create your reality at will.

Many years ago I tried to get into meditation. I bought a book which came with cassette tapes and I looked at it daily as if it was something beyond my reach to achieve, after all it was what Buddhist monks did, right? It was something I personally thought would be beyond my realm. The book and tapes sat on the side until one day I picked it up and started to read the book. First of all it discussed about 'setting the atmosphere'. Light a candle, light some incense, wear loose clothing, sit straight backed, turn off everything that may cause a distraction, the list went on. Phew, this seemed like hard work before I began and by this time I thought "oh dear me, I am never going to find the time to do all of this". I tried it a few times and listened to the tapes and decided it was just 'too hard' to meditate. Setting an atmosphere for some people is important, I do it myself at times, and things like lighting essence and turning off my phone are second nature now. All that is cosmetic, the important aspect is you and your Still Point? within, no matter where you are. I do acknowledge there are some very wonderful meditation courses on the market.

So this is why some 20 years later I would like to share with you this easy method of getting into a relaxed state of mind. The hardest thing for most people is actually getting their mind to become quieter or silent. It is suggested that only 20-25 minutes a day of meditative or mind relaxation can have enormous benefits on health and well-being. How can one get into this relaxed mind space when the left logical mind is chattering on about what you are going to do that day, what you are going to have for dinner, or simply telling you that you will never be able to meditate? The 'Still Point' programme is an easy to do sound relaxation exercise for you using sacred sound. Just you, the sounds and your inner Core space, allowing you to find the NOW. My experience is from a practical and experiential viewpoint plus working and facilitating literally hundreds of people to also reach a deep place of consciousness. With practice, in minutes the benefits are felt as the brain begins to slow down to alpha state, with the right and left sides of the brain becoming ONE. What do you have to do? Well, in essence, you only have to 'listen' to the sound of the OM and the ancient tones of the Solfeggio frequencies, you may then with practice, feel your 'Still Point' and you can just sit and BE. Listen to the sounds and allow your internal brainwaves and depth of consciousness do the rest.

Meditation, relaxation exercises, sound healing and activities that enable a sense of calm, enable an alpha/theta state. According to neuroscientists who analysed electroencephalograms of people, looked at the effect of decreasing the brain rhythm by relaxation. When this happens the body produces significant increases in the levels of beta-endorphin, norepinephrine and dopamine. These increased levels are linked to feelings of greater mental clarity, allowing a better memory and a more intuitive sense of Knowing. This effect can last for hours and even days. The balance of the right (spiritual) and left (logical) hemispheres of the brain becomes one unit and there is not such a push/pull effect from the chatterbox/EGO.


Hi Debbi

Yes thank you received everything and have listened a couple of times. Have to say WOW, i’m expecting big things from this as i’m buzzing this morning after only two proper listens. I’ve had a week of apathy when i should have been preparing for a craft stall at the Respect Festival. Today i’m getting on with stuff i should have done weeks ago.


J xx

Debbie my lovely…your voice is absolutely beautiful my darling. Its wonderful and makes me want to go into the studio too :) xxx Jo

Really enjoyed it. Listen to (****************) CD but yours is much better :) xxx B

Debbie my lovely…your voice is absolutely beautiful my darling. Its wonderful and makes me want to go into the studio too :) xxx Jo

Hey honey,

I don't have a notebook yet, but wanted to send you some feedback while I was listening for the first time. It was so cool! You can use this as a testimonial if you like as well.

I had tingling in my hands and feet and my third eye was buzzing throughout the whole thing. I could really feel my vibration being raised.

I get some pain in my left knee and lower back and left shoulder and the pain in these areas slightly intensified at first and then totally died down after a bout 10mins of listening.

When the signing started, I could feel energy running up my spine from my base chakra to my heart and then when the singing started to say "I hear you", the energy was running between my heart and my crown and was really buzzing around my ears and third eye.

Feel very energised now and almost like I've had a lovely sleep, despite being awake through the whole thing :-)

This is great!

Love you!!

Al. xxx

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