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This is Jean, the Co Founder of the Earthfire Institute. I showed all the people involved there how t0 use the Tuning Forks with the animals and here is Huckleberry Bear, a Grizly who loved the sounds and he could have walked away, yet stayed for the sounds.


The Earthfire Institute


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This is me with Huckleberry Bear

Little did I know that an invitation by Susan Eirich, founder of the Earthfire Institute in Idaho, would change my life and the way I teach within only seven days.

My name is Debbi Walker, a former nurse with the National Health Service in the UK, with a first class honours degree in Tissue Viability. I am the founder and director of Suara Sound Academy, which has been established for 10 years, teaching Tuning Fork Sound Therapy to the practitioner level nationally and internationally. I created a way of using only 3 Tuning forks, and have seen how this simple system potentially enhances quality of life, health, and well being of people, animals and the planet. The sound vibrations can also be used for healing and tuning the plant kingdom, and is also effective for healing spaces.

Susan invited me to work with the animals of Earthfire, and train the team how to do it for themselves and for the animals when I left. When I arrived, I felt at Home from the first moment. It was as though I had walked that land before. The air was pristine, time didn’t seem to exist at all. I just lived by my senses and the daylight. The first morning I was greeted by the most glorious sunrise and the first dawn wolf howl had me mesmerized and emotional. Yes, I had come Home. I felt this deep in my bones.

I began connecting to the animals that first day. The animals that I shared the tuning forks with over the week I was there were wolves, bears, cougar, buffalo, horses, donkeys, raccoons, bobcat, birds, goat, hens, lynx and porcupine—around 40 animals in total. Even though I have been working with domestic animals with great success, I wasn’t sure how wild animals would react. What happened was unexpected—there was unconditional acceptance from many of the wild animals. I was able to work with the animals daily and observe closely how they responded—they taught me so much.

What I realised very quickly was the wild animals responded in a more pure, authentic, and open way than domestic animals.

The wild animals were curious to feel the vibrations of the tuning fork, and as I struck it to make a sound, the vibrations would flow and I would bring the tuning fork slowly to them. I started a number of feet away, and if they were comfortable with it, I then brought it closer. At first they sniffed it. Then they would go to lick it, then reach out with their paw for the invisible vibration. It was as though on some level they could ‘see’ the sound frequencies, something I had experienced before with domestic animal observation. However, this took it to another level of tuning in. It was incredible to witness. The same thing happened on many occasions, especially with the wolf Promise, the bears Huckleberry and Teton, and Tahi the cougar. The horses, donkeys and buffalo also were intrigued. This wasn’t about them thinking it was food either, as some of the animals had food there in front of them. The animals would lick, chomp, chew and yawn; all good indicators of releasing old chi, prana, or energy. They would shake their body to release stuck energy.

The animals also did self selection. They would move so I could use the tuning forks directed at the part of their body they wanted the Healing. Huckleberry Bear firstly sat up so Dawn, the Ranch Manager, could do his heart chakra. He had lost his brother a few years ago, and apparently was still feeling the loss of this. Animals feel grief and loss just as we do. He was clearly indicating for Dawn to give more intensive sound to his heart with the OM tuning fork, the sounds of which can soothe anything that is not in resonance and bring peace. We then used the 528 megahertz Tuning Fork for physical healing and Huckleberry Bear moved position and presented his back left leg. He was stiff in this area. I have never witnessed such intuitive behaviour from any animal.

Teton the grizzly bear loved the sounds. He particularly liked Jean, Earthfire’s co-creator, doing it for him. He would yawn widely and his eyes would relax and soften, and do his sign language to ask for more. Astounding to watch the 8 foot, 900 pound grizzly bear just totally release into the sound vibrations.

Promise the wolf would just look into my eyes, very gently. Connecting to his amber gaze did something to me I have never experienced before. My heart did a somersault and in the moment, there was a primordial connection. I actually cannot find adequate words to express this union. When I used the tuning forks around him he went from standing to sitting to lying and then to his back with his legs in the air in complete relaxation. It was the most humbling and beautiful moment for me.

Another day, Dawn was doing a sound healing with one of the nervous wolves while I was sat quietly at the back. After about five minutes, such peace was felt that five of the wolves were laying down, relaxed. Even the wolves who hadn’t been interested were curious and peaceful. Not all of the animals accepted the sounds first off, yet in time they, too, were curious. Nothing was forced, everything was in flow, and if the animals didn’t want the sounds, they simply walked away.

So how can animals benefit from tuning fork sound therapy? What does this sound relaxation bring to the animals?

When any species relaxes, be it human or animal, it has been shown the healthy genes are switched on and unhealthy genes are switched off. This in turn creates optimum health and well being as the fight or flight stress trigger is not dominant. This is highlighted in the research done by Dr. Herbert Benson, a cardiologist who created the Relaxation Response Study in the 1970’s to demystify meditation, bringing it to the mainstream. He suggested that by relaxing in whichever method was appropriate for an individual, the body/mind connection created better health. So one could say, by using the sound, greater relaxation is felt by humans and animals, which in turn brings a sense of homeostasis in that the body will do what it needs to by sound synchronizing on a deep cellular level. Retuning as you would tune a guitar or piano, this is a simple way of tuning animals, people and the Earth.

Whilst I was there we also did some Earth healing, sitting in the woods tuning ourselves, the ground and trees. As all the root systems of trees species are connected we were doing integrated sound healing far and wide.

I was asked what are my thoughts of how we heal the Earth. My answer:

“It begins with us. When we raise our vibrational consciousness to that of resonance and harmony, every footstep we take on Mother Earth is lighter and freer. In turn she will feel this. As we become more aware within our consciousness, our choices become more in alignment with the good of the planet.”

“When we change the consciousness of mankind, more people awaken to help the animals and save the land for them to live in peace.”

I began this reflection by saying it will change the way I teach. How exactly? By observing these wild animals so closely, I realise more self selection will be offered to the animals by sitting quietly, no words, in stillness except for the tuning fork sounding. That is when the animal can really communicate its needs. We become a synergistic flow as one when we really hear the energy of what they need.

How has the Earthfire Institute changed my life? I found living by the light—rising at sunrise, going to bed at sunset–agreed with my biorhythms. The raw nature, clear air, good organic food, and tuning the animals for many hours a day brought a sense of simple acceptance and profound peace. I have a busy life in the UK, having a Sound Academy, running the business, and having five dogs of our own. At Earthfire I could just be in the moment each day. I have brought that peace back with me and even though I have things to do, I am in the moment when I do them.

I plan to return for sure. Earthfire’s vision, alongside the connections forged with Susan, Jean, the rest of the humans at Earthfire, and all the animals, have captured my heart. Next year, I will be bringing people on retreat to Yellowstone National Park and the Teton Mountains, and the highlight of the visit will include time at the Earthfire Institute, meeting and tuning with the wild animals there.

Suara Sound Academy teaches accredited, insurable courses internationally and nationally and is registered with the British Complementary Sound Association, UK. For more information, visit Debbi Walker BSc (Hons), RN, has a solid clinical background in Nursing and having attained a First Class Honours Degree in Tissue Viability, has a depth of understanding about clinical processes and what stress and anxiety can do the body. As a former nurse with the British National Health Service, she brings biological science and esoteric metaphysical aspects to her teachings, allowing for balanced learning with evidence based practice.


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