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How to Fork Yourself Workshop IN PERSON

Learn how to use the Clear, Cleanse and Balance Tuning Forks for self care of Mind, Body, Spirit and Soul and on your own pets

December Thursday 1st 2022

10am ~ 5pm


Suara Ambassadors of Sound £35



PL17 8PP

Lunch and all refreshments provided

I am so excited to be sharing my unique blend of using the OM, Weighted OM, and 528 tuning fork with people. The power of the system never ceases to amaze me and I am honoured to be able to share this potentially life changing way of working with sound with people. It is a simple way of tuning ourselves to help to cope with life's interesting twists and turns. You will be able to purchase tuning forks on the day should you wish to.

On the workshop you will be able to do a tuning fork healing on yourself and gain the knowledge of how to share with family and friends. I will teach you how to gently Clear, Cleanse and Balance past lives, Karmic Blocks or Ancestral Memory patterns.

On the workshop you may feel:

1.Calmness decends

2. Feelings of deep peace

3. Breathing slower

4. Mind chatter lessened or stops

5. Feeling more together in oneself

6. Shift in perception

7. The OM is like a nurturing cuddle to many people

8. Can be used before meditation to ease quiet time within

9. Body and mind totally relaxed

10. Great feelings of well being

11. More in control of your own life

12. Pain relieved (I show you how this can be achieved)

13. Remove old chi that is preventing you from moving forward

14. Feelings of contentment

15. Loved and nurtured

Plus much much more actually....we have a lot of fun doing the day too. A sense of kinship maybe gained as you spend the day with like minded people. The Suara Family is growing globally so it is so wonderful to be taking this out to new places.

I am also going to do a beautiful nurturing soundbath at the end of the workshop too, using my tubular chimes and gentle other sounds. This is so soothing and gentle of the Mind, Body, Spirit and Soul.

You will receive a copy of my Still Point relaxing CD. Tuning forks can be purchased on the day if required.


Clear, Cleanse, Balance System™ of Tuning Fork Sound Therapy.

You can take back your own health and happiness and use these sacred tones regularly for yourself, family, friends, animals, plants, the water you drink, spaces you live and work and our beloved planet.

Open your Heart with the Sacred Sound of the Om and connect to Mother Earth

Tap into your Ancient DNA

Release past lives, karmic blocks, and ancestral memory patterns

Access the Love frequency of miracles and transformations

Feel deep peace and relaxation

“Change Your Vibration, Change Your Life"

Everything is vibration - EVERYTHING, so when you use Sacred Sound to change your energy vibration many benefits will be felt in all areas of your life.

Complimentary CD for everyone



MH 06/02/2017

I feel I have released a lot today, I feel calm but not quite yet back from the relaxation. It is still vibrating around me a lot. I am curious how I would feel tomorrow and after.

I need some time to give it all a place.

Thanks for bringing this impulse out in the world.

AH 06/02/2017

Thank you for a beautiful, heart warming and healing day. I so enjoyed being I the sound healing energies using the tuning forks and listening to your voice and teachings.

You have a wonderful way with you, with a very grounded approach with good boundaries for the group where I felt safe and nurtured.

I love your sense of humour too. Very professional, organised, clear instruction and delivery.

I would like to take this further with you, this year and I would like to stay in Pohilsa. If you can help with a bursary I would be grateful. Thank you so much for the sponsored place on your workshop today. It was a truly wonderful day and experience that I take into my heart and will never forget.

Love to you, dear Trevvi and Maxi-Woof.

See you very soon for sure. With Love JH

HG 06/02/2017


What can I say, an amazing day, extremely informative, descriptive and calming.

Each step was a step closer to peace.

Left feeling peaceful and a bit emotional, but also excited about tomorrow.

X Love and peace and thank you Debbi

MG 06/02/2017

Lovely experience, very enlightening.

I found Debbi delightful and very engaging.

Left feeling uplifted and relaxed. MG

VE 06/02/2017

Fabulous day. Feel it has given me a good understanding how to go forward using my new forks. Looking forward to practising on family and friends.

Thank you for a lovely day.

MB 06/02/2017

Absolutely amazing. I have learnt so much today, and am looking forward to using the knowledge I have gained today within my other holistic therapies.

This course has been well put together and you can feel the genuine love that you have for sound healing.

Thank you so much.

AH 06/02/2017

Amazing, awesome, incredible, life changing.

Really loved the workshop today, learnt so much which will benefit me, my family and my friends. Definitely, as soon as funds allow, want to take this further and spread the world.

Thanks for being an awesome lady and teacher. Much Love A xx

P.S. Loved the sound bath, it was like being called back home – beautiful

PM 06/02/2017

I have had a fantastic day and have found what I have been looking for to help myself and others for sometime.

I am going forward relaxed and more positive and I am looking forward to learning more. Thank you.

ET 06/02/2017

Fantastic day!

Thank you for your time and wonderful energy. X

PF 06/02/2017

Today gave me peace, hope and reminded me that we are all connected – a part of the whole.

I am interested in carrying this forward, sharing with my family and friends and the people I come into contact with.

Thank you for an inspiring day.

BP 06/02/2017

Lovely day – feeling really peaceful right now which is what I’d hoped to achieve.

Not sure about the ‘spiritual’ parts but that’s me – sceptical as ever.

Thank you.

CS 06/02/2017

Really enjoyed the day in Morden.

I was very stressed when I arrived and felt ‘PEACEFUL’ at the end.

Thank you! (I would like to a RETREAT sometime!)

SP 06/02/2017

A brilliant day, so interesting I’m completely blown away and converted to fork tuning, will definitely be looking to come on another course.

Thank you so much x

LD 06/02/2017

I really loved this course I found I felt very relaxed and I’m very excited about using sound therapy I know this is going to help me in so many ways so thank you to Debbi and Lynn for introducing me to the (WOW)

FW 06/02/2017

Just a really big thank you loved every moment, might have been warmer at the start. But it didn’t matter.

CJS 06/02/2017

Thank you so much for such a lovely day. I would love to see you again and I would also love to come on a course.

Thank you, C.

AD 06/02/2017

Wonderful experience. Feel refreshed and anew.

Really enjoyed the whole day and benefitted from the healing. Clear teaching and very friendly.

SM 06/02/2017

A very beautiful experience in a lovely space. Fun and experimental.

Looking forward to practicing more at home. Thank you x

AW 06/02/2017

Great experience thank you very much.

Good balance of talking and practice.

A lovely atmosphere created with a lovely group.

Your retreat sounds idyllic and I wish you well with it.

Looking forward to ‘forking’ myself!

KC 06/02/2017

Beautiful day, well facilitated. Lovely held space. Thank you. Xx

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