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I have been a very proud Suara Sound Ambassador for 12 years but life has got in the way of my sharing this wonderful practice with others. 

My handsome horse Shylo and I have been partners for nearly 8 years now, he came out of the slaughter house in Spain and the universe decided that we were destined to be together. 

On a normal Sunday evening I brought him in from his field to find blood pouring from his foot. I did what first aid I could then called the vet in the morning. This vet took one look at him and said he had never seen a horse so lame recover and I should make arrangements to have him put to sleep. After crying a river I thought NO this is not happening but felt such despair. I messaged Debbi and asked her to include us in her prayers for Shylo's recovery. 

My wonderful friend dropped everything and came straight out to us. She used the Violet Ray CCB forks on him and after a very short time he started to take notice. He came to the stable door and started to lick and chew then beautifully presented his injured foot to her. Debbi stayed working with him for over 2 hours, releasing trauma and relaxing him. 

The next day he was weight bearing on the foot and looking much brighter. I got a second opinion from a different vets practice and they were very good saying it was bad but we could work with it. they said it would take 8 weeks box rest and 12 months rehabilitation. I didn't care about that, he was alive and that was down to the tuning forks. I continued using the forks on him every day and the wound began to heal. 

The vet was visiting every other day but just checking his progress. After 3 weeks she said she couldn't believe how well he was healing but put it down to good care. 

After 4 weeks her reaction was Wow unbelieveable and at 5 weeks she said we could leave all dressings off as she was delighted with the healing. 7 weeks after the injury he was allowed back out into his field for a couple of hours a day and that was one very happy horse :-)

This incredible recovery is purely down to Debbi, the tuning forks and the love that I have for him that refused to let him leave me. I continue giving him a lovely sound bath once a week and am also helping one of the other horses


🤎Animal Healing Sound Practitioner with Tuning Forks (£495 reduced to £395)



Saturday 10th ~ Monday 12th 2024

Open to Ambassador of Sounds ONLY


Animal Healing with Tuning Forks Module IN PERSON £395

Pre Requisite is the 5 day Tuning Fork Course



Clear, Cleanse and Balance plus Solfeggio Tuning Forks, and the Healing Sanctuary for animals


Tuning Forks are not included


Debbi Walker is the proud founder and director of Suara Sound Academy established in 2011 which delivers national and international Sound Healing Courses as an Independent Teaching School, registered and recognised by the British Complementary Medicine Association UK. All Debbi’s training courses are certified and insurable.


On this 3 day module for Ambassadors of Sound is a Certified Animal Healing with Tuning Forks Course you will learn methods of using Sound Healing for the health and well being of Animals and their Guardians and the environment they live in.

As the foundation practice of using Tuning Forks to create optimum health and well being for integrated personal practice has already been mastered you will then learn the process of doing Prescriptive Sound Treatments for the Guardians and/or their Animals. 

Course Content (Subject to change)

  • You will work with the energy (chi) vibrations of humans and animals alike, developing a strong auric field and chakra health harmony

  • The course will look in depth at the energetic flow between the human/animal biofield, the environment and human/animal health

  • Ways that vibrational energy medicine can bring about optimum change and homeostasis to all living matter will be discussed in full​

  • How Tuning Fork Sound Therapy can create peace and relaxation

  • What is Sound Healing?

  • What is Energy Healing?

  • Sound for Relaxation, Meditation and Mindfulness

  • Why Tuning Fork Sound Therapy?

  • How it works

  • History and Research studies

  • Health and Safety of working with animals

  • Animal Chakras​

  • Human Chakras

  • Chakras and associated biology and physiology in Humans and Animals

  • One to One Animal Healing

  • One to One Human Healing

  • Distant Healing with Animals

  • Distant Healing with Humans

  • Bereavement and grief and how the sounds can help

  • Space clearing

  • Sound connection

  • Clear, Cleansing and Balancing the energy field and chakras

  • How to work with Trauma

  • Trauma Release Technique

  • Rescued animals and their needs

  • Past patterns and behaviour energy release

  • End of Life and Palliative Care for animals

  • Silent Listening - Tuning in

  • Sacred Ultrasound with intention

  • Still Point Sound Medicine

  • Wound and cellular Healing

  • Mobility enhancement

  • Calming strategies

  • Pain Relief

  • The Veterinary Act 1966

  • Complementary Treatments and the Law

  • Risk assessments - safe working environments

  • Safety First

  • Full consultation assessment form

  • Insurance

  • Business

  • Contraindications

Certification: Case studies on humans and animals will need to be completed and assessment process one to one needs to be attended



  • Clear Cleanse and Balance Tuning Fork System (OM and 528 tuning forks)

  • Violet Ray Sacred Solfeggio Tuning Forks

  • The Healing Sanctuary  - Jesus, Divine God, Mary Magdalene

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