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I have been asked for years if I would do a video of working with my sounds and 'How to Fork Yourself'. Well, my friends, it is HERE!!! Yiphedooooos.....all 58 minutes of it. It is FREE and I am sharing on You tube and my website so everyone can access it when they wish. I am also having the DVD of it created so that will go with my set of Clear, Cleanse, Balance System of using Tuning Forks, which also includes the book 'How to Fork Yourself' and CD, plus the Still Point CD.

To purchase the set go to products.

I wish to give a HUGE heartfelt thanks to Cluna Donnelly who came and did the filming with me last year and has worked with me so it can be produced in such a 'me' way, that captures the essence of it all perfectly, especially the 'out takes' at the end. Cluna, you encouraged me to step outside of my comfort zone of being filmed and you made it fun, thank you my dear friend.

We have incorporated chapters, so you can skip to the point you wish. Chapters are the OM, the weighted OM, 528, Pet healing (modelled beautifully by Maxie Woof of course), Crystal and water healing, and working in of course the out takes.

I am totally thrilled that this is now available as it allows people to truly engage with their self healing and empowering journey with my sounds and the tuning forks with their beautiful self.

So da dahhhhhhh - please enjoy.

With love and blessings xxx

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