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Physical, Emotional, Mental & Spiritual

BY Debbi Walker BSc (Hons)

Sound and Body Acoustic Intelligence using Tuning Fork Sound Therapy is a simple system I have developed using Tuning Forks to potentially relieve pain in individuals. The pain can be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.

In general Sound Therapy is the therapeutic use of anything that connects sound frequencies and vibrations to the body/mind of a person with the intention of bringing them into a state of optimum health and well-being. It goes back thousands of years as a healing modality. It can be your own voice, drums, gongs, rattles, Tibetan bowls, didgeridoos, music, literally anything, there is a long list of therapeutic sound tools. However, I focused on Tuning Fork Sound Therapy as the therapeutic tool in this instance, as I have seen and felt first-hand the benefits and it is what I teach.

When I was nursing for the NHS one of the biggest parts of the work was managing pain. This was usually done with strong analgesia, including opioids which can become habit forming. Many times patients were told they would have to live with their pain.

Unresolved pain costs the NHS £442 million pounds a year in pain relief prescriptions alone. Then consider the expense of test after tests of patients, the amount of pharmaceutical interventions and the cost this involves, not to mention operations that do not find a cause of pain.

At the moment, according to NHS Choices, there are 300 pain clinics and they also offer Pain management programmes where they offer a series of sessions, for groups of 6-8 people, aimed at teaching people how to live with their pain. Instead of treating your pain, you learn to cope with it and, research shows, can expect to enjoy a better quality of life, sleep and mobility afterwards. 

What if there was another way?

According to the Actions for End of Life Care 2014-2016 patients at home had 53% unresolved pain relief at the end stages of their life. I used to do Palliative Care and End of Life Nursing and I have seen this unresolved pain so many times, until the correct pain regime could be found, if indeed it did.

What if there was another way for this too?


In the summer 2015, I woke up with pain. I am lucky as I rarely have pain due to doing my tuning fork sound practice daily. So I was interested in this pain, which was about an 8/10 pain. After some communication in deep meditation with the pain I was able to ascertain something needed to be released. I put on the Still Point CD, which is a CD I recorded of a relaxing soundbath, blending chime pipes and tuning forks. I used the OM tuning fork, firstly to bring about a quiet energy in my energy field and energy centres (chakras) using the Clear, Cleanse, Balance way of using the tuning forks, which I developed a few years ago.

I then became completely pain focused and as I used a series of guided questions, focusing and communicating with the senses and listening to the voice of the pain, I was taking out the old chi with the 528hz tuning fork, (one of the Solfeggio Healing Codes for Miracles and Transformation) and was able to get deeply to the core of the pain, removing the old stuck chi using the 528hz tuning fork. The procedure has been likened to intuitive surgery using the tuning forks as the instruments to bring balance to the physical body, with the person in deep connection with the pain. Over this this period, the pain started to change and within 15-20 minutes the pain was much less, I then brought in the sounds with mindful intention for deep healing with love and the pain had completely gone within 30 minutes, the pain had had an emotional charge creating a physical pain I realised, as is often the case. 

Please note: I would suggest people always contact the GP for advice regarding pain and I make no claims for individual responses.

Over a period of weeks I perfected the technique and the process of how to conduct the sessions. I realised this could be used on ALL types of pain, including deep emotional pain. Also I witnessed past life and Karmic pain released too. The key was the deep relaxation achieved by listening to the sounds to allow people to enter a deep alpha/theta brainwave state where they bypassed the mind and was able to tap into the core origin of the pain, connecting deeply, coupled with the removal of the old stuck chi.


I enjoy research and measuring outcomes, this too from my nursing days, therefore embarked on a pilot study of the Sound and Body Acoustic Intelligence System (SABAI). Over a few weeks in the initial pilot study I saw 12 people with collectively 29 individual pain’s in different places of their body.

When people came to me to be part of the trial, as part of the assessment I asked them where there pain was and the pain intensity score. They were also asked how their pain affected them. Many subjects had multiple pains – each pain was treated individually, starting with the worse. This is an example of the assessment I used and allowed the participant to fully engage where the pain was and how it felt. All participants agreed to their results being made public, although confidentiality is maintained at all times.

The Assessment form


IF SO WHERE – please put a cross on the relevant part of the body and say if internal or external


Please describe your pain and how it affects you:

In conclusion I knew how the SABAI system had worked for me, and so was equally thrilled when the results of the pilot trial are very favourable with an overall reduction in pain of 79.76% in only one session and the testimonies from the study participants were really comprehensive and a positive experience. The pain time duration was from 7 days to 15 years, with varying degrees of the pain intensity. The treatment ranged from 30 – 45 minutes and in one instance 75 minutes. All had a reduction in pain when they left, and for most the pain I worked with has not returned.

With this in mind, I created a CPD day and some of the Ambassadors of Sound who have trained in the Suara Sound Therapy with me, are now also trained in this technique. They too are having very strong positive outcomes with pain being relieved 50-100% in individuals in only one session.

As sound is being used in medicine already, I have aspirations we will get this system into the complimentary sector of the NHS. Ultrasound is being used with men who have prostate cancer and could soon be offered readily and is being used to break up kidney stones already. Ultrasound is also used by physiotherapists, occupational therapists and midwives. The late Dr Mitchell Gaynor used Sonic Crystal Therapy with crystal singing bowls in his oncology clinic with patients in the US, with excellent results to name just a couple of medical uses for sound therapy.

Einstein said “Energy cannot be created of destroyed, only changed from one form to another form” - we are using Sound and Body Acoustic Intelligence to do this.

I have a Sound and Body Acoustic Intelligence Pain Relief Clinic twice monthly at my Suara Harmony Centre in Callington, Cornwall. Please ring for next available appointment.

There are Ambassadors of Sound trained in this technique in other parts of the UK, contact me for details.


Testimonials - Debbi's Pain Study

' I took part in the sound trial today and was amazed at the result my pain level halved in an hour. It was an amazing session and helped me where the medical profession has been unsuccessful. I am so thankful and will continue to practice the techniques that I learned. Thank you Debbi.'

'Just wanted to say a big thank you to Debbi Walker of Suarasound for my session with her today. It's the first time I have experienced Holistic therapy and I have to say, I was more than impressed! I have had severe pain in my knees for over 15 years and it was compounded recently by a fall - causing excruciating pain in my right knee, thus restricting my mobility even more than usual. During the healing session I could actually feel the pain leaving my knee and I was able to walk, pain free, afterwards. I had not met Debbie before and she has no knowledge of my pain/ailments. I felt extremely relaxed during the healing session. I would seriously recommend her therapy to any one. I truly was amazed. Thank you Debbie Walker.'

I have had the most amazing journey in the last four weeks! Last month I was diagnosed with sciatica and a mild liver complaint. The pain was worse than labour, I could hardly walk. The panic was overwhelming, I could hardly stop crying through fear and anxiety. I saw my world collapsing without exaggeration, and then came my angel.

After two hours with the amazing, soothing and relaxing Debbi and her forks I felt my body open up like an unfolding fan. Every crushed nerve and hunched up, fearful bone unwound! I ate soup with my friend, pain free.

An incredible experience, which, prepared my body and mind to heal! Really heal.

Right! Now I am off to the gym because I have to do weights for my arms, Pilates, then swimming!

I am loving my life at 51.

And I love you Miss Walker.

"Thank you Debbi for your healing time spent with me this afternoon. The session was so focused on really acknowledging my chronic pain, whilst I relaxed and "tuned" in to communicate with the pain and with your beautiful guidance and support, to lovingly unfold what was happening. I felt a gentle unfolding and dispersing of my pain levels and left the session with continuing healing and with new tools.. things I can continue with. thank you Debbi" T.M.B x x x

Thank you Debbi for your wonderful forking. The pilot trial for pain relief is fantastic. I started with huge emotional pain, head spinning, heart aching & stomach churning. Following the work of Debbi with her tuning forks removing bad energy & refilling with new calming energy filled with love & healing I am feeling calmed & clear headed & able to deal with day to day life again loving myself & moving forward with clarity. Amazing results from such a short period of time. Highly recommend this healing method. Xxx

I want to say a huge THANK YOU to Debbi for today, and for asking me to be part of the trials. My chronic Osteo-Arthritis has been with me for over 30 years, I also have been on very strong Opioid Meds, more to help me sleep, and more again as I cannot cope with life at the times when the pain is so bad. But today after the Amazing Sound Healing Session with Debbi, almost all of my pain was gone & the rest much reduced......something the NHS has never been able to achieve.......All they have ever done is throw more & more prescriptions, masking the pain I have to endure! I was Amazed at after a difficult releasing of many layers of grief that my pain eased and felt so much a weight was lifted from my body. I would recommend this to anybody...... my coping strategies have felt upgraded, I feel Ican cope with things more ably, I have found this out already which is great. I will use the information to keep me on my path (The Right One) Blessings to you Debbi xx I walked in with the usual Crutch I use to help me walk when my pain is bad, but walked out after the healing with out using it!!! How about that!

Thank you to Debbi Walker for a deep and transformational day yesterday, it was lovely to meet you properly and to feel the blessings of your divine sounds and voice, and to partake of your, Trevvi and Max's hospitality. I have gained a great release of old stuckness already, which has made way for more Love and Light in my being. My Soul had obviously asked for powerful cleansing and release, and this was facilitated through your channel. This morning I am flooded with new life, love and guidance, to build anew on the ground of Divine Love. Xxx With thanks to you and All our amazing friends. xxx

Hi Debbi, this is to tell others of my most amazing experience which to place on Thursday 2nd July 2015 I messaged Debbi and asked if she could help me with the severe pain in my shoulder and neck, I have been on very strong painkillers and muscle relaxers for over 3wks and nothing was changing just feeling like a zombie with so much tablets inside me so I visited Debbi on the 2nd I was opened minded and I was climbing the walls with the pain when I arrived Debbi sat me down and I felt so relaxed then the session began the pain score when I first arrived was 9 to 10 after just 15 minutes the pain had eased to a 5 to 6 then by the end of the session the pain had gone I could not believe I had been in pain for so long with no sleep day or night and I admit I cried when I had finished because this is an amazing feeling that you are controlling your inner self the cd is amazing this should be on the NHS for severe pain it would save the NHS so much money. All I can say is thank you so much Debbi for giving me back my life and helping me find myself to help myself heal from inside out. You are the best.

I would like to say a huge THANK YOU to you Debbi, I had been in excruciating pain in my gum for 10days, 2 trips to the dentist and 2 lots of anti-biotics, and nothing helped. You came forward and sent me a 528 Healing Fork, and worked with me via the phone, tuning in with me, using your healing forks and talking me through it all step by step, helping me to see, understand, and then sending Peace, Love and Thanks through to my pain. My pain score was at an 8 today when we started, and ended on a score of 2 wow that is amazing after 10 days of sheer agony. After we finished, I then tuned into your Peace Process Music that I downloaded, this was various tuning forks, music, deep relaxation, so Peaceful, half way through, I fell asleep hehe. Now I am just Me, nothing else matters at the moment, this is quite remarkable for me I can say. I can't wait to use the fork and music again, and need to come to your workshop in Bristol now, can't wait for that one. Thank you special lady, I love you


Ambassador of Sound Case Studies.

Case Study 1 - By TE

Here are some testimonies from the Ambassadors and their case studies:

I went along to the Sound and Body Acoustic Intelligence CPD day as recommended by Debbi to learn this new technique and I am so pleased that I did.

My vibration energy was a 3 when I began and I was tired. I was disconnected from the sounds and the unconditional love the universe has to offer. If you can imagine going 27 years of your earth life with no real beliefs, then finding a very strong connection with the universe through the sounds, then waking up one day and realising you hadn’t had that connection for a while… that’s where I was. I had lost my faith. And it was over whelming to think I had to try and reconnect because what if it didn’t work? So I put it off; for over a year.

Being an ambassador for Suara Sound I understood immediately where Debbi was with her technique.

I immediately started thinking of people that would benefit from this and was very excited. But of course I had to reconnect and that made me feel very apprehensive. I knew there was a lot to shift; I knew I would cry and I didn’t want to take away from anyone else’s experience. All of these thoughts were barriers in a feeble attempt to duck out of doing the CCB let alone the pain removal technique! But I made myself listen and so the clearing began…

Debbi talked us through the process and after I worked on myself, under Debbi’ guidance, she then took my pain on 1:1.

My pain was easy to connect to; it was emotional pain in my heart chakra.

When asked what colour it was? It was steely grey, quite dark.

What shape? It was an out crop of rocks.

How does the pain feel? It felt barren; barren of any emotion. No feeling was allowed to grow there.

Why? For protection against feeling guilty about feeling loved.

Why would feeling loved make you feel guilty? Because I didn’t deserve it

Why do you not deserve to feel loved? Here my head kicked in and I thought of all the people I let close that have let me down, I thought of all the things I’ve done wrong. So I lost connection with the pain and started attaching memories to it instead.

Debbi bought my attention back to the pain; what colour is it? Hazy blue

What shape is it? The same but smaller

Debbi then asked me, what does the pain need? My head immediately chimed in and said “answers and understanding”

My pain said nothing, I told Debbi I don’t know; I can’t access it.

Instantly Debbi knew this must be a past life or ancestral energy.

Using the ancestral, past life and karma mantra to take out, Debbi said the words out loud and I spoke to the pain internally. We removed this pain. We removed this blockage which had always – for as long as I can remember – been there.

My behaviours have always fed this energy. I have always attracted the same sort of people and always dealt with them in the same way. It’s only in the past few years that understanding has come through the sounds and my awareness of negative energies and how they impact has become apparent. The last year therefore has been awful because I have been painfully aware that I had the tools to make a huge difference and yet seemingly willing to sabotage myself?!

Debbi then asked me how my pain felt, its memory if you like, felt honoured because I had finally acknowledged it and listened. When Debbi asked me what colour and shape it was now, I could feel white light and although I took a beat to do a double take in my head in case I was just saying this to make Debbi happy (that’s a behaviour my earth self often does!) I was overjoyed to be able to tell her that it had no shape anymore, it was gone!

My vibration energy had soared to 80! I am back!

So the session Debbi had intended to show us her new technique was absolutely meant to be!

I learnt a new very powerful technique to using the sounds and I have first hand experience how it works.

I look forward to my own case studies where I can see it working on physical pain too! 

Shared by TE

Case Study 1 - By CG

Mrs A has had foot pain for about three weeks, it came on suddenly but she suffers with other aches, pains and medical conditions which have been present over the past nine years. Mrs A relaxed quickly but she is used to hearing the tuning forks and chimes. She identified the pain as an orange triangle. She found it hard to give it an emotion but said that it was pressure. The pain was telling her not to put so much pressure on herself. I asked her on several occasions to check what the pain was doing had it moved or had the colour changed. It didn’t move but became flatter and changed to yellow to start with. After asking if the pain was happy for her to say she would try and find ways to put less pressure on herself. The pain dispersed leaving a clear circle in the centre and fuzziness around the edge.

I then starting putting the energy back in and asked her to also send unconditional love to it. I cupped my hands around her foot and it felt as if the foot was filled with a white light. Mrs A also said it felt as if there was a clear white void that was being plugged.

I then asked how her foot felt and did she have pain anywhere else. She said she had no pain at all. So closed down with the om. She was still very relaxed and said she felt funny. After a few moments she was keen to stand up to see if the pain had really gone. It had gone in 14 minutes.

Case Study 2 - by CG

As soon as Mrs S connected to the pain in her back the tears started to flow. To start with she couldn’t give it a shape or a colour but the emotion was sadness. She then said the colour was dark blue. She just felt sad but could not get a message from the pain. I continued to ask her to connect with the pain. The pain did not move or change colour she just felt such sadness the tears where really flowing but no message was coming. I then thought this could be a past life pain. We decided to ask the pain if it would be happy to release now that we had acknowledged it. Had it served whatever purpose it needed to? It was happy to be released. The colour changed to red as we gave the pain to God knowing that he was happy to take our pain (I knew Mrs S’s belief in God and past life) as we checked back in with the pain it had become “calm” and the colour was white. The tears stopped.

I then started putting energy back in and we both sent unconditional love to the pain. I then put my hands on her and we flooded the area with love and white light to fill the void.

Although the pack pain didn’t go it only reduced slightly her other pains did go. She has a lot of physical damage to her back in particular the lower spine and coccyx which has gradually progressed over the past forty years.

This took 24mins.

Case Study 3 - by CG

Mrs J’s focus was on her legs. The shape was like the inside of a pepper. The colour was dark mustard. The emotion was to about letting go, and moving on. The pain moved to her left wrist, this time it had a flat shape and was purple. Again it was about letting go of past events. The pain moved to her neck. This time it was multi coloured and in the shape of a butterfly. This time the message was about realising the connection between the pains and illness and the emotions that have not been acknowledged or dealt with. The pain then moved to her right hand. This time it was like electric sparks in different colours. The emotion this time was anger. The anger was to do with her mother. She settled on a plain of action that would help her move forward and the pain then moved back to her legs. This time it was more leg shape and pale pink in colour. She now seemed more settled said her legs “look and feel normal.” The pain was happy that she had accepted it was there for a reason and that it could go as she was now moving on in her life.

I then started putting the energy back in, starting with her legs and asking her to send unconditional love. We then went to her left wrist, neck, right hand and back to her legs. Then placing my hands on her legs and sending more white light to fill the void. I finished with the om to seal it all in.

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