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Sound Healing Courses, Workshops, Retreats

"At the Heart of Holistic Excellence" 

Established  2011


This page is dedicated to the amazing results the Ambassadors of Sound have achieved with their case studies. Following the tuning fork sound training the therapists have to do case studies. Some of the case studies and are one session and some are three. I have been given written permission from the clients and confidentiality and anonmity has been maintained.

All therapists featured on this page are fully qualified and insured. Please take some time to read through these client case study testimonial. They are remarkable indeed. Initially the session started with a focus on maybe one thing from the client, as the treatment continued the body seemed to do what was needed at the time for the greatest good, be that for physical, mental, emotional or spiritual health.

Client testimonials were used and there were multiple positive effects noted throughout the tuning fork sound treatments and for the days/weeks to follow. In line with the other studies I have looked at regarding how relaxation may improve health (please see Epigenetics and Sound page), this collaboration of quantative data does seem to support the findings.

Here is a summary of areas a difference was felt;








So have a good read for yourself and see if anything here resonates with you :-)

Amanda's Client's Feedback Over Three Sessions (Liver Cancer)

Every time I have received a session with the forks, it has left my mind clear and relaxed.

Since my illness I've had problems sleeping, but I find this therapy has helped me to sleep deeply. I am not walking the floor at night stressing out any more. 

It keeps me calm to be able to cope, not only with my illness, but with my family also.

Recently, I received some devastating news. In January 2013, the doctors stopped all chemo sessions and told me I had three months to live. I was told to go home and put my affairs in order, and prepare myself for the hospice and death. How does one prepare them self, when they want to continue living so desperately?

However, despite their words I was not about to give up that easily. I continued with the healing and fork therapy with Thelma, because I had 100% faith in her and her methods. I wanted to live to see my girls settle down, maybe even see my Grand children. I was not giving up. At Thelma?s suggestion I requested an MRI scan and anything I could cling to for another chance. I was sent to Bristol for my scans, and last week returned there for the results. The surgeon told me that suddenly my liver had grown on one side, and seemed perfectly healthy. He also said that the remaining ventricle of three, (two of which had already been tied off in previous operations), had split into two and a new ventricle had managed to make its way into the new healthy liver part.

The surgeon has now told me, that the tumour that was attached to the main artery, has detached itself; leaving a gap between the artery and the damaged liver. This, he suggests, makes an operation possible. He recommends he performs this in the next few weeks, in order to remove the damaged part of the liver that holds the tumours. Six months ago I was told I had five large tumours, now the surgeon only finds two. He hasn?t a clue where the others have gone!

The surgeon thinks at this time I may be able to survive with the new part of the liver, the part that is healthy and still growing. He says, the ventricle splitting in two and feeding the new side of the liver, offers a chance. I believe this is due to Thelma?s healing and the Fork therapy and will definitely continue my sessions. I pray others will be as fortunate as I have been for that second chance.


BREAKING NEWS from Thelma in Sepember 2013

Latest fantastic news! Operation was a huge success, and for the first time in six years, Amanda has been declared cancer free!! Thelma


I am a sceptic but open minded so I said I would ?give it a go?. There were times when I almost felt as though Thelma had somehow got inside my body and I felt as though I was being massaged internally. My throat feels clearer and my feet feel more relaxed too. I found the sounds to be really relaxing and felt really light at the end. I am an advocate and have shared my positive experiences and outcome with others. M. Somerset


My feeling of tonight?s session, is a whole new feeling. I feel like ?ME?, a new me and an old me, I?m not sure. It has been an incredible experience and journey, of new wonders and of past hurts, emotionally and physically. I felt such inner peace about myself and I have not felt this for years. In fact, I can?t remember when I ever felt like this. I?ll never forget this. A. Somerset


The first fork was a bit loud in my right ear then it felt like it was resonating through my head and I felt very relaxed. As it moved down to my tummy area, my tummy was gurgling. The ice cold water rushing down my leg. I had mentioned pain in my big toe which was purple to begin with and after being touched by the forks it went straight back to normal. M. Somerset

Louise's Client Case Studies


The tuning forks allowed me to get in touch with my dead relatives. It has helped with my anger issues as I am a bit more calmer and focused. There was a weird feeling during the treatment where I felt very light and it took me to a more calmer atmosphere. D. Oxford


I really enjoyed the first session and although there were slight noises around us I was unaware of it through the session. During the session I felt like I was sinking and my body was tingling. I kept getting a bright light switching on and off, which I thought was strange. I definitely recommend this treatment to family and friends. Folllowing the three sessions my IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) is a lot better and the infection in my breasts are now gone and are healing nicely. N. Oxford


I really enjoyed the three sessions with Louise. I can?t get over the feeling it gave me. For the first time in my life my head was clear. Will be recommending. C. Oxford


So far I have had one session with Louise and it has done my knee so much good. It is hard to believe that something as simple as vibration can have such a big effect on something that was causing me pain for so long. I would highly recommend this treatment, especially if you do not want to take medication. I am looking forward to having more treatments and would advise anyone to try this. A. Oxford


Lou, that was amazing. I was so sad at the start of the treatment and by the end of it I couldn?t even remember what I was upset for. That was the wierdest thing I ever experienced. I was there, but not there, aware but still somewhere else. H. Oxford

Graciela's Client Case Studies ( December)


When I arrived to Graciela?s house, my state of mind was very bad, as my depression didn?t allow me to see a way out. I had suicidal thoughts, wanted to end my life there and then. At the same time I had had an operation recently which went wrong and I had to have three more operations this depressed me more. Graciela did treatment with tuning forks for an hour and a half. During it I saw different dark colours, had a big anguish feeling and I cried for a long time will stop when I had the chime on my chest I had a feeling that I had a dark shadow leaving me. I carried on crying but with relief without anguish. G. London


I came in feeling tired and stressed. After the session, I felt great, I was awake and felt relieved, as if a weight had been lifted from me. Would definitely recommend sound treatment others. T. London


I was very relaxed and can feel myself drifting. I felt and saw waves of colour when I had my eyes closed. My body felt heavy and totally immovable. I was conscious of something really happening. I came to as Lee and completely calm place and felt amazing. During the day I had so much energy walked a lot, laughed a lot still relaxed and laid back will stop felt ready relax the beds. I slept very deeply so much more than usual. I awoke refreshed and energised. S. London

I find every session I undertake a very memorable experience stop lots of colours, trans experience colour past life experiences. I find it very relaxing and insightful. T. London


N today explained that she felt calm after the session. She had a headache and it helped to relieve it and she felt light during the session. After the first session she explained she felt different. Her mother noticed she was less argumentative and able to calm her moods down, and she is more relaxed and happy. She rested more and was relaxing more. N is sleeping better. She is feeling light and calm her head feels clear she explained that the OM makes her feel tingly. N. London

Linda's Client Case Studies


When Linda does the tuning fork treatments, she does so with the upmost compassion. I instantly felt relaxed and was able to explore the sounds in my mind, but also I felt safe enough to enable any emotions to surface. I didn?t want the treatment to end. It was so powerful and shifted emotions and blocked energy quickly. M. Cornwall


I have had breast cancer from which I recovered, then two years later I got a secondary tumour, which was diagnosed as terminal. When Linda did the forks I felt so deeply relaxed or I can also feel full of energy, or even a mixture of both. They certainly lift your spirits and fill you with joy. Since I have been having the therapy my appetite has come back, my energy levels have risen daily, mentally a great improvement. M. Devon


After one treatment I have had the best week ever. I had not felt tired and allow unsavoury things to go over my head instead of reacting to them. I have been sleeping well and put it all down to the treatment Linda gave me. L. Devon

Norma's Client Case Studies


I found the treatments very relaxing and I did experience different sensations during the treatment. I felt positive benefits of relaxation, improved well-being and overall I did notice a difference in my energy levels and sinuses. My sleep was more restful, with less dreaming. I will have more sessions with Norma. N. Somerset


Since seeing Norma I feel different, lighter. I feel that my sleeping has improved. I feel that seeing Norma has really helped me to feel better. I feel less tired in the day. My headaches are very mild since and so are my back problems. P. Somerset


I was very nervous when I went for my first tuning fork session, but Norma was able to soon put me at ease and I started to enjoy the sessions. I am thrilled to have a major improvement with sleeping and am now able to sleep on my right side for the first time in ages. The pain in both my ribs and collar bone has completely gone and my right shoulder is also improving. I have found great improvement in being able to express myself more easily in many different situations. This therapy has been amazing in helping me physically and emotionally and I would recommend anyone to give it a try. B. Somerset


I saw Norma for tuning fork therapy in January ? April 2013. I had been suffering with breathlessness due to COPD with lots of phlegm in my chest, anxiety, panic attacks re going out, and depression with some aches and pains in different places, such as my hip and knee. I felt the tuning fork therapy was very relaxing, helping to settle my breathlessness and anxiety. It was very uplifting and helped me to be more assertive with some of my relationship difficulties. It helped me to cough up more phlegm more easily and took away pain from my head, neck and hip. It settled my breathing. This therapy has helped me to cope with going outside for the first time in months due to panic attacks. It has given me more energy. It has helped me to sleep and worry less. I feel more connected spiritually and relaxed. I would recommend this to anyone. M. Somerset


From a chance meeting with Norma I said I had a pain in my left shoulder. She then placed the weighted OM tuning fork on the area. After about two minutes the pain had gone. I had had the pain for about three weeks ? it did not return again. R. Somerset


I enjoyed the tuning fork therapy Norma gave me. When I arrived my ribs were hurting and I had a lot going on in my head. The forks helped me to relax, energy and physical stemming was nice. I felt feeling calm, very relaxed and pampered, with no pain. I slept very well that night and had no chatter in my head. C. Somerset

Various Ambassador Client Case Studies


After the treatment felt calm and relaxed and would like to continue with the sessions. L. Kent


The best part of was ?letting go? and being ready for what was going to happen. I was amazed at the sensations that I experienced whilst I had the therapy. These sensations were different every time. In the three sessions I had total peace and tranquillity and slept well for several nights afterwards. Whilst having the therapy there was a sense of ?detachment? from the real world. There was nothing that I didn?t like ? I suppose I could say ? when it stopped. I loved having this therapy and will have more. S. Kent


I honestly thought I wouldn?t settle as quickly as I did and I thought I would laugh. I initially was thinking on how to clear my head instead of concentrating on the sounds. Linda reminded me to breathe and focus on the sounds. As Linda did the treatment I felt as though my body had melted on the bed but the mind was still able. Afterwards I felt really relaxed and my body felt heavy. Half an hour after Linda had finished I had my first period after all the problems after labour (6 months ago). When Linda was doing it I felt strong vibrations over my belly, it felt like knots and then it went away. C. Devon


The sound healing exceeded my expectations because I felt as relaxed as I had when I have a full body massage. This did surprise me in a good way and has made me more intrigued about sound healing. I. Devon


Very relaxed and chilled and really enjoyed it. Made me comfortable and carried on feeling good for a few days. My chest felt really good as I suffer with COPD and it opened up my chest and took away the tightness. L. Devon


During the treatment the pain in my shoulder increased initially then it seemed to really get into the muscle and the joint and gradually got better. I found the treatment mystifying, as I didn?t know how the tuning forks worked, although they definitely did work. After 10 minutes of Pippa using the fork on an open wound on my leg, we could see the wound healing over. P. Somerset


I have felt physically better gradually over the last few days since the healing and I do feel there has been a big energy shift in me, which I feel very positive about. R. Somerset


Karen has been working on Rocky (our German Shepherd dog) with the tuning forks for a few weeks now. He thoroughly enjoys it, he is flat out and takes deep sighs. We have noticed with Rocky since having the tuning forks that he has more energy, his back legs are not always so stiff and his coatis looking healthier. S. Essex


I went into the session with an open mind and not knowing what to expect. To be honest I had not come across the tuning forks before but once Jackie had explained what she was going to do, it all made sense. Having fallen asleep during the session I felt totally relaxed and open. It helped me in many ways and the best way to describe it was as if I had been reset in my feelings and pains. D. Oxford


After the session I got off the couch and my world seemed bigger, almost like someone had pushed my stress away. N. Oxford


Before the session I felt aches in my shoulders and back and was very tired. I was also feeling flat. Immediately after the session I felt wide awake and ready to party. I also felt lifted of a weight, light hearted even. The next day I was in good spirits, singing away to the radio on my way to work. L. Oxford


Before the session I felt I had a heavy chest, was short of breath, congested nose and felt I was heading for a chest infection. I am using my inhalers double the amount. I had the start of a headache. Afterwards I felt completely relaxed and my chest felt a lot less achy. After a few days I felt the heaviness had gone. Thanks Jackie. L. Oxford


Before my visit I was in a lot of pain in my shoulder/neck area. It took me a while to relax but after I felt as though the stress had been taken away. My shoulders dropped and felt much easier. Emotionally I was more relaxed. It did ache a bit the next day but was bearable. Following the final treatment, at the end I felt like I was ?floating on air?. That night when I went to bed I could feel activity in my back, it felt like it was popping. I would thoroughly recommend Su as she is very calming to be with. T. Somerset


I had the most amazing feeling during the session, I felt as though I was floating ? total relaxation. I felt so chilled and relaxed and felt as though I didn?t want to get off the therapy bed. During the session I could feel tingling in my face, ear and lower back. There was definitely a considerable amount of improvement. As a holistic therapist myself, I found the therapy very beneficial and can thoroughly recommend her treatments. M. Somerset


When Su came to visit me for my treatment, I had been experiencing over the past week considerable pain in my neck, back and whole body. I had been feeling very sorry for myself and at times, very low. During the session I felt very relaxed and could feel the vibration going through my body, which was soothing and seemed to disperse the pain, and I nearly feel asleep. I had been suffering from a headache, and when I got off the bed, I realised I realised it had gone. Overall I must say, I did feel different after the treatment. Over the next few days the pain had eased off, and I was able to move around a lot easier and I found I was able to cope better. G. Dorset


Over the years I have experienced many different therapies. I suffer with severe menstrual problems to the extent I take medication at times and also have painful knee joints. At the time of visiting Su I was suffering with a headache, knee pain and feeling generally fatigued. During the treatment I was so relaxed I knew I was laying on the couch but couldn?t actually feel myself, as I felt I was floating. At times throughout the treatment I experienced heat in different parts of my body which I believe were my head, knee and ovary. It has been 5 days since my treatment with Su and I have yet to experience any knee pain or headache. I cannot comment on my menstrual cycle at the moment as I haven?t reached that far in the month. Over the past 5 days I have more energy, not fatigued and generally more emotionally well balanced. I would definitely recommend this. K. Somerset


Since I have been introduced to the tuning forks I have noticed a considerable amount of difference in my health. I have diabetes type 2 but since having the healing with Su I do not need to take any other medication. I would introduce my friends to Su for sound therapy. S. Somerset


I feel much stronger in myself and am seeing situations around me with much more clarity. I feel that I want to spend more time with myself and nature. I had been keeping myself distracted and busy since my operation. Previous to my operation I was extremely connected and in tune with nature, now I am slowly choosing this connection again. The IBS cleared after the first treatment and the pains in my hips and feet are improving. I feel that my connection with Spirit is now improving and my work is slowly picking up. A very safe and nurturing environment was provided and I felt supported and listened to throughout. I really enjoyed the vibration and sounds of the therapy. Thank you all very much Claudia. L. Kent


The weeks before my treatment I had had a very bad cold which left my sinuses really painful and blocked. I also suffer with Lymphoedema and bad circulation in general, so I was in a low condition mentally and physically. I found the treatment very relaxing and was surprised to actually feel my body ?unblocking?. I was able to breathe easily and my head felt clear. After the second session I felt the tension in my stomach move,

it was an amazing experience to feel in total harmony with the sounds and after my third treatment I was so totally relaxed that I went into quite a deep sleep. I thoroughly enjoyed my treatment, definitely benefitted from it and completely recommend it to others. M. Kent


I had never had a ?fork healing? before so was eager to try one when Jan mentioned it to me. She explained the science and reasoning behind the process, which made sense to me, and then checked each of my chakras before she began. I felt very safe and at ease with Jan, she has a really lovely quality of compassionate awareness. As soon as she sounded the first fork, the Om, I felt a real sense of inner connection and relaxation. Then as the session progressed, the only way I can describe the feeling I had was ?sublime? as if all of my channels were being opened and cleansed, in order to vibrate at a higher frequency. Jan mentioned that my giving hand was extremely open but my receiving hand was closed. At the end of the treatment she checked it and said that it had opened. I had also had some pain and tenderness in my left breast but after a few days this went. The feeling of peace and beauty stayed with me after the treatment was over and I look forward to my next session! C. Cornwall


Being a therapist myself, finding someone who could help me with a painful shoulder was not easy until I came across Jan and the Awakening Sound Therapy. After a single treatment my shoulder was pain free. A. Cornwall


Since having sound healing with Jan I have been feeling more motivated and energetic. I have also found it very relaxing and grounding. I would recommend it to anyone feeling a bit unbalanced. K.Cornwall


I?ve had some sound healing with Jan and found it very relaxing and it put me into a meditative state. I have had it done for my anxiety and I did feel an immediate shift. I think that I have been more grounded and ?in? my body since having it done. I also used the forks on sunburn and scalds very successfully. C. Cornwall


I have had 3 sessions for elbow pain with Jan and it has been so successful that I have been using my wife?s? forks regularly because it definitively reduces the pain. We have also used the forks on our son who is 1 yr old it is good for teething and general calming. J. Cornwall


Jan gave me a treatment. I felt really relaxed but also revived afterwards. I love the sounds and am interested in how they affect the body. I am hoping to have more sessions, especially for stress. R. Cornwall


I had a session with Jan and found it very relaxing. I loved the feeling of the energies moving through me and felt very safe and in good hands with her. I look forward to having more sessions. I particularly loved the Om sound. K. Cornwall


After my treatment I felt deeply relaxed, in my body and had a quiet mind. I had a good night?s sleep that evening. I also felt a sense of alertness. There was a slight improvement in my psoriasis during the following 2 weeks. E. Sussex


Every session was fantastic and very therapeutic. I suffer from slight circulation problems in my feet and Jo made them feel much better. I have enjoyed my sessions and will have more. I will recommend her to my friends with confidence. The feeling of time taken to relax and feel the benefits of well-being has been wonderful. M. Sussex


I have a perforated ear drum and after the first treatment I found that my left ear, which is usually deaf, was clear. I found that after the treatments it was much clearer and I could hear out of it, even on the phone, which I never could before. I had the best night?s sleep in ages after the first treatment. Second treatment my hearing was much improved. I have had a really bad groin/leg problem and Jo worked on it to try and release some of my pain. I had also just had an eye operation and that was sore so I think that the treatments have helped me through. I am 80 years young and I?m very new to this kind of treatment so sitting in the chair and not only having the forks and some Reiki healing I feel I?m relaxing a bit more into it and like it very much. We have just found out that I may have a hip problem now so that was why I was getting so much pain down my leg. Thank you Jo for helping me with my ailments and I?ll probably have some more treatments, as & when. L. Sussex


I came to the session with some PMT symptoms (even though in menopause). During the session I felt a great sense of release. In areas such as my wrists, knees and ankles I felt like a popping sensation. Also during the session I felt like all the cells in my body were vibrating and I had lots of imagery and colours floating around in my mind. Afterwards I had some period pains for a few days and also had some vivid dreams. I slept very well. I came to the second session with less PMT symptoms than previously. I felt clicking sensations in my joints like they were unblocking. It was relaxing as well as invigorating. The sessions were amazing and nothing like any other treatments I have experienced. J. Sussex


I found the sound vibrations soothing and felt/experienced a tingling sensation within my body on the areas being treated. When working on my spine, I felt/experienced a ?pins & needles? sensation, like a pinching of the skin. This was only for a few seconds then it eased and felt very comfortable. I experienced seeing many coloured lights during the healing. That night I slept very soundly. I felt very refreshed the day after and was able to move around much more freely than usual, with a temporary reduction in pain. A. Somerset


For several weeks my feet have been very painful. They have got so bad that I could hardly walk; I couldn?t bear to put shoes on as the pain was so great even with taking pain killers. Claire gave me a treatment with her tuning forks and by the end of the 2 hours I walked to my car comfortably. After a week I still had no pain and 2 weeks later I am wearing soft shoes and my feet are very comfortable. During the treatment I felt very relaxed, I felt like a blanket had been wrapped around me. My whole body started to tremble and I felt like I was having little electric shocks right through to my feet and hands. Afterwards I felt so good. A. Somerset


The use of the tuning forks improved my ability to relax. I found the sessions useful as they made me feel very calm. After having the sessions I slept well and felt generally more energised. The sessions helped my heart palpitations particularly when the forks were concentrated in that area. I felt comfortable throughout and had no side effects. Since having the treatment I have been sleeping better, my heart palpitations have stopped and my hot flushes have been minimal. I would definitely recommend this form of therapy to friends and family. G. Somerset


I went for sound healing because I had lost the sense of smell due to polyps in my nose which had grown over the olfactory nerves. I realised from the start that this would take time to heal. The healing sessions proved to be very beneficial, not necessarily as far as my sense of smell went, but I felt extremely relaxed and totally well after every session. Along the way I had pains in the knee which Su quickly cured, pains in the shoulder caused by mild whiplash, this too was quickly remedied by Su. After quite a while, the sense of smell returned to me very spasmodically, perhaps just for a few seconds every few days; this was very encouraging. These few seconds are gradually increasing to perhaps a few minutes every few days so I am greatly encouraged. After every session I have different feelings. Sometimes I feel very alive, sometimes I feel as if I am floating, sometimes I feel like a dead weight. However different these feelings are, they are all lovely sensations. M. Wiltshire