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MARCH 28TH - 29TH 2020 (postponed)

New Date: Saturday 26th - Monday 28th September 2020

Doors open at 8.30am for registrations and stalls will be open

9.30am - 5.30pm

Day/Weekend Rate from £97 - £190

Some of the presenters and timings will change TBC

FULL WEEKEND TICKET - Includes Violet Ray Tuning Fork, CD, DVD (worth £50)


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Please state either Saturday or Sunday - includes a CD


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WEEKEND TICKET includes CD only


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Deborah Clayton

Bards of Avalon - Bea and David

Jayson Stilwell


Founder and Director of Suara Sound Academy and The School of Sound and energy Medicine UK

Debbi lives in Cornwall, UK with my husband Trev and Westies Maxie Woof, Radley, Ollie, Snowy and Gus. Her Suara Sound Academy was founded in 2011, teaching and empowering others to use the Clear, Cleanse, Balance System of tuning forks she developed. She also has channelled bespoke tuning forks. She is very passionate about empowering people to take their own health and well-being back into their own hands and believe in a metaphysical approach to health and well being. She is a Life Doula, supporting people through change and birthing through transition. Following a 13 year career as a district nurse, then being diagnosed with ME, she embarked on firstly a ‘mission’ to get better (which she fully achieved) and now is passionate to share the vibrations for self care for optimum healing and well being for women from Menarche to Menopause and beyond.


DEBBI WALKER – The Use of Tuning Fork Sound Therapy for the Health and Well Being of People, Animals and ALL Nature. Learn how to Fork Yourself. Using Tuning Fork Sound Therapy as Vibrational Energy Medicine for Healing

These presentations will be experiential as you will find out first hand just how the Clear Cleanse and Balance System of Tuning Forks of the OM, Weighted OM and 528 vibrations work with your Mind, Body, Spirit and Soul for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and well being.


Jayson Stilwell is an overtone singer and drummer who has over 25 years experience working in healing sound. He has worked in the UK, USA and Europe as a healing sound practitioner, workshop facilitator, performer and public-speaker. Jayson has demonstrated his work in diverse environments including Guys Hospital in London and the Noetic Sciences Conference in Los Angeles as well as hostels for homeless adults and schools for children with special needs. Jayson has released 2 albums “Brand New World” and ‘On Earth” on Amazing Feet Records and his work has appeared on national tv and radio on several occasions.

“Jayson produces profound vocal harmonics that transcend culture and tradition” Jonathan Goldman.

JAYSON STILWELL - Channelling your Authentic Voice


Channelling your Authentic Voice

During this presentation Jayson will discuss, demonstrate and create interaction around the idea of coupling intent with our natural vocal sound to create change and healing in our daily lives. We will explore some ideas of how to find your authentic voice, how to incorporate an experience of it in your daily life as well as looking at ideas from the modern and ancient world that underpin using the voice as a tool for personal, community and planetary transformation.


AMMAPREMA Is a Sound & Vortex Healer living in South Devon. She has been working with Tibetan Bowls for over 25 years, and has developed ways of integrating them into her healing practice. Ammaprema works with many guides and teachers from different traditions and will help you to identify your own guidance and facilitate your own journey with Sacred Sounds. Ammaprema is a Sage of Sacred Sound. She works now mainly with Apprenticeships through her apprenticeship programme which is tailored individually.

AMMAPREMA brings her 30 Inch Symphonic Gong & Crystal Bowls.She will share stories about her 25 year journey travelling with Sacred Sound. We will also do an energy activation and you will experience how the Gong can be used to amplify intent.


AMMAPREMA - Tibetan Bowls & their healing possibilities

AMMAPREMA - The Sacred Potential of Gongs and Crystal Bowls and Soundbath

In this workshop you will learn ways of using them in your work, and get an opportunity to try them, and experience the possibilities for using them. You will also learn about working with Sound and Intention and the importance of integrating Sacred Sound with work on yourself. We will do a visualisation that will introduce you to your inner sanctuary, and show you how to ground frequency into your body.


Crow has been learning the art of Birthing the Shamanic Drum, a tool of healing, for over 5 years.

He is completely self-taught, constantly researching new techniques, assembling and reassembling his work until he is completely happy with the Drums voice. There are very few drum makers that actually work the whole process from start to finish. Prepare the hide, by soaking, de-hairing, de-fleshing and, more soaking, neutralizing the Ph levels and then stretching to dry, before then soaking again for use.

Steam bending his own frames with ash or oak, all before he actually gets to birth a drum.

Taking part in this process allows him to completely connect with the deep energy of the animal he is working with, inviting the Spirit of the animal back into the drum, with love, understanding and compassion.

He happily shares his gathered wisdom with many, through workshops, drumming circles and presentations, the true art of Drum Birthing, how to connect with the Spirit of your Drum and how the sound of the drum can be used as a healing tool by moving congested energy within us.

CROW FURGUSON – The Art of Birthing the Shamanic Drum, Drumming for Healing

Shamanic Percussion


How the Drum is created

How the Shaman of days gone by would use his drum

How to hold, use and take care of your drum

The different tempos for the 3 cauldrons/energy centres

How the sound waves affect the body, the power of drumming within a group etc.



Deborah Clayton is an international clairvoyant and sound therapist. She has been channelling light language and ancestral singing for over 15 years. Her singing frequency helps to clear blocks and bring about deep healing in people.


DEBBIE CLAYTON - Harmonic Alignment through our Ancestors.

Bards of Avalon are Bea Martin and David Johnson first met in 2003 en route to Stonehenge for a sacred sound workshop with Jhadten Jewall. We’ve been singing together ever since!

Bea was introduced to toning in 1990. Just five minutes chanting “Om” produced a profound heart opening and a desire to explore sound healing in much greater depth. David has been fascinated with sound since a child. His introduction to sound healing came via a gong bath which he won at a charity auction in 2002!

We have trained in a variety of healing modalities, however, we both found that sound healing has had the most profound impact on our lives.

Our explorations of sound have led us to learning directly from some of the world’s finest sound healing practitioners including Jonathan Goldman, Tom Kenyon, Chloë Goodchild, Jhadten Jewall and Lyz Cooper. We are both qualified British Academy of Sound Therapy Community Soundworkers.

From the day we met, we've travelled to sacred sites throughout the world, co-creating ceremonies using sound. This follows the ancient mystical tradition of the Songlines/Perpetual Choirs: to chant praises to the land to enchant it! Whilst travelling, people would ask us to make a recording of our sounds. Eventually, with divine help and inspiration, we produced an album in 2010, “The Archangel Transmissions”. We love to share our experiences of sound through workshops, sound baths, and presentations. We enjoy providing practical tools and techniques to help you move through your life with greater ease, grace and joy. Our mission: to inspire you to be the magnificent being you truly are.


BARDS OF AVALON – BEA AND DAVID – How to conduct a Soundbath: A experiential workshop


Landa is a highly resourced yogini, life coach and bodymind therapist with a rich tapestry of life experiences and trainings to draw from; highly spiritual, yet grounded in the world with a balance of masculine and feminine qualities. She teaches Advanced Tantra Yoga, Tantra Dance and Kirtan (and, in her spare time, is an Authentic Marketing Consultant/Coach). Her aim is to facilitate others to fully express themselves and live full spectrum lives.

LANDA LOVE – KIRTAN - The Power of Bhakti Yoga and Kirtan

"Kirtan is a form of purification and liberation. The mantras sensitize us, polish away the clutter in our heads and melt the numbness in ourhearts, so we feel clear, awake, and brilliantly alive."

~ Sean Johnson

“Chanting is a significant and mysterious practice. It is the highest nectar, a tonic that fully nourishes our inner being” ~ Swami Muktananda

Bhakti Yoga is the yogic path of love and devotion and Kirtan is the musical expression of this. It facilitates a connection with the vibration of the heart and heartful expression.

During his musical yoga of the heart, we sing devotional songs and spiritually uplifting mantras which connect us to the ever present, vibrating field of love in a highly tangible way. As we co-create this field of sacred sound and share this experience of opening to love, the mind stills, we have a direct experience of our own energy and the energy field around us and can feel a sense of unity and oneness. 

The harmonium produces a unique sound which merges seamlessly with the voice, guides the chanting, holds the voices and encourages various harmonies to emerge within the group. As an acoustic instrument, played by the movement of air, it is the perfect yogic instrument; it becomes one with the musician and feels like a living, breathing member of the group.

This expression of Bhakti Yoga has a unique capacity to release long held emotions, blocks and trauma; Walls constructed long ago come crumbling down. Wounds that we never knew were there begin to heal. Long-submerged emotions come to the surface. As we sing, we immerse ourselves in an endless river of prayer. And we effortlessly move into a meditative state that creates a safe haven for the flower of the heart to unfold.

No singing experience is necessary to enjoy Kirtan; you are welcomed into a joyful, supportive environment, which is open to all.

COLLEEN TUCKER – Chair of The British Complementary Medicine Association


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