Sound Healing Courses, Retreats, Workshops & Gatherings at Polhilsa House Retreat in Cornwall UK                                     

Specialist in Tuning Fork Sound Therapy Training and Relaxing Retreats for Self Care & Nurturing

£75 plus £4.95 p & p (UK)

OM Shri Ganeshaya Namah

OM, Salutations to the Illustrious Ganesha

Sound of Ganesh Gift Set £75.00

Lord of Removing all Obstacles and Lord of New Beginnings.

Included in the Sound of Ganesh Gift Set

Sound of Ganesh Gold coloured Tuning Fork

The Sound of Ganesha channelled and made into a gold tuning fork so you can hear the tone when struck with the mallet and use it in your Auric field and chakra energy centres. You embody the vibration, tapping into the vibrational collective consciousness of all the millions of people who call upon the deity of Ganesh across the world.

Sound of Ganesh music CD

The Sound of the Ganesh tuning fork interwoven into this melody. Relaxing sounds for meditation and chilling out to.

Ganesh Journal

A 144 page journal, spiral bound with 90gsm paper

An especially created journal to write your ideas, inspiration, musings, dreams and goals. Every page is infused with the picture of Ganesh so your words carry the vibration of Ganesh's sacred influences.



Journey, venture or life change

Guidance and protection given

Embodies wisdom and judgement

Force of change, overseer of karma

Offers pearls of wisdom

Balances out every step we take

Inspires realisation behind all life’s circumstances

Joy of living life in concert with the whole of life

Reigns over Divine and not Divine

Emblematic of truth, all encompassing

Teaches us to be truly human


Smooths the road ahead

Can put obstacles there for growth and learning and when obstacles are moved balance can be maintained


Keeper of sacred spaces, entrance of temples

Threshold of old and new, sacred and profound

Importance of guarding our space and setting boundaries. In truth boundaries become our absolute truth. So there are no longer boundaries

Bridge connecting a fruitful way of living or Dharma, from the distant past to the present


Dharma is the very essence of life and All things the in total harmony. This is the field when we discover the reason for our creation and live truthfully. Not just the fulfilment of self and others to in this is shared with family, community and God.

Spiritual transformation requires a profound turn within. Focus is on being on the right path of truth and the power of devotion and dedication to overcoming challenges in our lives. Ganesh signals us to be clear and responsive to our hearts core and to honour the duties we are granted. When we reach a crossroads in life Ganesh teaches us that these junctures are the time to visit our lives and make decisions, embracing any changes that are necessary to move forward

Price £75