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Membership with both the Suara Sound Energy Medicine Association (SSEMA) and the British Complementary Medicine Association (BCMA)with certificates of registration for you to display;

Use of SSEMA letters after your name, demonstrating your competency standards;

Being part of a legitimate gold standard organisation with guidelines for good practice;

Being able to use a logo for your business;

Having peer group support as well as the opportunity to meet with like-minded people;

Potential new business - your details are advertised on the site offering you a marketing opportunity;

Confidence by clients because we have vetted and approved your registration;

Access to various relevant information such as new laws that could affect your business;

Insurance at discounted rate through Holistic Insurance Services;

A voice to represent the Sector and industry and to raise the profile of the sound and energy healing sector;

Annual conference;

Promotion of approved therapies and workshops;

Providing Continuing Professional Development (CPD) to help you maintain your qualification and keep you up to date;

The team is here to support and mentor you so you are not alone in running your business.


The BCMA is the international umbrella organisation

for the benefit of therapists and their clients.


validates therapies and their standards of training in accordance with its codes of ethics and discipline

shares ideas and resources and encourages freedom of expression

supports safe and well founded regulatory parameters

protects the holistic values of complementary therapies.

is led by volunteer therapists to ensure our decisions are for YOUR benefit


"at the heart of holistic excellence"

Hello and welcome to the Suara Sound Energy Medicine Association


1. Sound Energy Practitioner

Are you trained by Suara Sound Academy?

Student membership and qualified practitioner membership is the same fee ( you will have student Ambassador of Sound on your profile page)

For insurance please contact Holistic Insurance Services quoting your SSEMA membership

Sound Therapy Teacher Trainer

Are you trained to teach under license by Suara Sound Academy?


"To establish, develop and maintain Suara Sound Energy Medicine Association (SSEMA) as a world class professional body that provides a platform for the delivery and growth of the movement of complementary sound and energy medicine services, ensuring that its Members are committed, qualified and experienced Sound and Energy Teachers and Practitioners. A member association of the British Complementary Medicine Association (BCMA), we are a not-for-profit organisation developing procedures, practices, educational information and the setting of gold standard training. We seek to act as a voice for the Sector, raising awareness of the benefits of sound and energy healing as being the medicine of the future."

AIMS OF THE ASSOCIATION FOR AMBASSADORS OF SOUND - Trained by Suara Sound Academy and current teachers of the School

Set and maintain the quality standards required by its Suara Sound Members;

On behalf of its Members, represent the industry, and be the voice of the Sound and Energy Sector;

Maintain an up to date register of qualified and experienced Teachers and Practitioners available to clients seeking treatments, courses or training;

Encourage the development of sound and energy work so that we really make a difference to lives and the planet;

Grow the Sector by encouraging new Practitioners to train, qualify and become experts in the field of sound and energy healing;​

Promote the creation of sound, vibration and energy to enable self-healing.


‘Joi de vie’ returning for your own precious life and people in your life with a new vitality and sense of wellbeing

Ability to be flexible

Feel relaxed thus helping to relieve tiredness and stress

As deep relaxation is experienced, anxiety maybe relieved, ending unwanted thought patterns and lifting mood

Awareness of self and others and increased creativity and mental capacity as things become clearer

Energy , focus and personal performance increased, feeling more happy, uplifted and ‘light-hearted’

Feeling restful with a deep, beneficial sleep and decrease in insomnia

May sharpen hearing

It may help not only with hearing, but also with ‘listening

May relieve tinnitus (ringing in the ears)

Clarity, focus and a sharpness of mind, with improved concentration and learning ability

Sound therapy can be preventative and therapeutic

Cortisol levels maybe reduced as there is less feeling of ‘fight or flight

Homeostasis of body may occur as the body settles down to relax

May improve behaviour and communication in children, especially children with ADHD, Autism and Asperger’s

May increase voice quality, vocal range and strength in tone

Better relationship with yourself and greater family harmony

Change your life for the better as you find what truly makes your heart sing

Changes your internal vibration so you are resonating at your authentic frequency for you. You then attract more of the same vibration to you



SSEMA membership of £35 per year

BCMA membership of £40 per year


includes BCMA Registration with a listing on their website, use of the BCMA name and logo as well as all the other benefits of belonging to a large well-regarded organisation.

SSEMA membership fee pays for this registration, and your details will be passed on automatically to the BCMA so no need to fill in extra forms or provide the same information again. This is a yearly membership fee for the BCMA and BSEMA.

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