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Sunday 5th November 2017

£33 until 31st October

£40 thereafter 

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Sunday 5th November 2017

10am - 2pm

£33 until 31st October

Bringing a Shamanic Sacred Cacao Journey and Ceremony with the amazing Peace Ravenwood.

Sunday 5th November

10am - 2pm

£33 early booking (before 31st October)

Thereafter £40

I am delighted to be hosting Peace Ravenwood who will be facilitating this beautiful Shamanic Sacred Cacao Journey at my beautiful retreat in Cornwall. A peaceful sanctuary in nature with far reaching views over the moors. Bring you drums for sacred journeying (we will have some here to borrow too) and any other precious things you work with.

Such is the journey with the Cacao Deva you may feel:

Unconditional love

Being wrapped up in warm embrace

Emotional shifts

Heart opening

Laughter and joy

Empowerment on this journey of self enquiry

Walking the path of Medicine

We carry the keys to many realms of awakening

Opening doors within our soul journey

Remembering the feel of our true calling

The return of our wings

As our heart opens to be filled with such immense love

This is our journey with the Cacao Deva and Her Allies.

Working with Ceremonial Offerings of a specifically prepared cacao sacrament (warm spiced drink and chocolate pudding) to our own Divine Soul, We will take a Shamanic Journey to meet the Spirit of Cacao.

Meeting and working with Mugwort, Salvia Divinorum and Damiana: 3 very potent plant allies who combine incredibly well with Cacao’s wisdom and nourishment.

Working with such wise plant teachers enables us to melt into the most nurturing meditative practice of radical rest, surrendering our physical self to enable our Soul Self to lead us unhindered for a while…

As we walk deep into another Shamanic Journey to speak with Cacao in Her realms to ask Her questions about Her medicine and what She wishes to share with you.

The whole day is a working Ceremony, full of deep wisdom which we all have within us, and space to share this medicine with each other.

From the moment you enter Ceremony you will be in an altered state of consciousness, mindful of every thought, action, response, spoken word, all pouring from deep within our Soul being.

What to bring with you:

Note pad



ANY of the tools you choose to work with during our day: crystals, oracle cards, tuning forks, drums etc.


Warm clothing for outdoors

Here is Peace' s website:

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