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Testimonials from clients following 1 to 1 appointment

"Good morning Debbi, here is my feedback...

I had hit a crisis point and decided I needed help. An accumulation of low mood and a feeling of not being in control of my own life, that the demon of depression was controlling me. I asked Debbi for help which she offered but I was unable to accept it at that time. A few days later the crisis point had past I was feeling better and my mind cleared. I was driving to work it was a nice sunny cold morning. The radio was off, I started to sing a prayer to God asking Him to hear my prayer. My prayer was asking for help so I can be strong to help others, to help the families I support, the vulnerable people who depend on me to do the best I can in my job. Debbi called out to me that day as I came through strongly in her mornings meditation. It must have been while I was singing.

She invited me to see her for healing, I am not used to receiving help and she helped me to give myself permission to receive it. I was a little skeptical although open minded and grateful for such a gift. Debbi accepted me exactly the way I presented, with non judgemental open arms, I was able to be honest and felt I could say anything.

The treatment itself was an amazing experience, a beautiful calm room, I can still remember the smell of the sacred wood. After the session I immediately felt like I was ‘whole’. It was a whole body correction and I was left feeling bright, energised and at peace.

The help Debbi gave me has given me a rebalance of my being, a treatment of sound healing for the chakras. I have never been fully aware of the chakras but now it makes complete sense. Debbi says there was a resistance in my sacral chakra but eventually it did rebalance. This was consistent for the struggles I’ve had in my past.

As a health professional used to looking for the ‘evidence’ I certainly entered the world of sound healing with a critical eye, and my understanding remains that of a lay person but the evidence is that of the aftermath of the treatment. That I feel strong and whole. God did answer my prayer that morning and the help I needed was given. Thank you Debbi xx" 

I have just received this testimony from a new client I saw this week. I have permission to share:

" I slept a lot for first few days now I feel energised. I notice my body posture is even different and I have had some clearing in my right ear and jaw where I previously had trouble toothache abcess loss of hearing .

Generally, though I have not been this relaxed since returning from India last March. Nothing has changed in my outer world but watch this space with interest.

Thank you for the treatment I love the way you are so honouring of the process. I am so much more grounded too. I can always tell as my sense of smell becomes more acute, not always a good thing! unless its bluebells."

T. Cornwall

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