Sound Therapy Courses, Retreats & Workshops in Cornwall UK

Specialist in Tuning Fork Sound Therapy Training


 I am Debbi Walker the founder of 
Suara Sound Academy

Do you fancy a change of career?  Do you want to bring another dimension of healing into your practice now?  

Tuning fork sound healing compliments all other modalities and reports are suggesting results are being achieved faster with clients as they are able to go into a 'deeper' meditative place.

I am looking for people all over the country and the world to take my method of tuning fork sound therapy 'out there', so if it's something you think you maybe interested in - come and do the course and change your life.  Details on the course can be found on the Tuning Fork Course page and there are testimonials you can read about the course. 

As well as teaching I have been doing fayres and festivals all over the country and am always looking for good places to promote my sounds so if you are reading this and know of any good festivals in your area, please contact me.  


"Change your Vibration Change your Life" 


I focus on Sound Therapy in the form of Tuning Fork Sound Therapy. To read my personal Journey - click here

I use and teach the method of Tuning Fork Sound Therapy for Health, Well-being and Transformation of Mind, Body, Spirit and Soul.  This may in turn potentially allow your 'reset' button to be switched on for optimum health and Well-being to be achieved.

I am very passionate about bringing these sounds to people and have seen many remarkable results.  All results are subjective and experimental and does not replace medical opinion.  If in any doubt please contact your GP. 

I have been working hard over the past years to promote the benefits of tuning fork sound therapy. I do workshops all over the UK and have done work in Germany, Egypt and India to date. 

I teach a certified and insurable course and now have many 'Ambassadors of Sound'. Some people have used the course as a personal journey and some are qualified therapists. More courses are being taught in the forthcoming year in Cornwall, Hampshire and over the UK. If you have a group of like minded people who would like to train as a Tuning Fork Sound Therapist I will also consider coming to your town to teach.  Minimum numbers apply of 6 people.

To find out about my course Click Here


What is Tuning Fork Sound Therapy?

Can vibration change matter?

Can Sound Vibration change us and the way we feel?

"Energy cannot be created or destroyed, only changed from one form to another

Einstein 1879 - 1955

This is the image of an OM tuning fork captured by camera after being struck with the mallet.  Here is the video of the same time - quite amazing.

*Sound is the Medicine of our Future* Edgar Cayce (1877-1945)

This was said maybe 100 years ago. So how far have we come to allow this projected insight to become a reality?

Some people may believe they are stuck with health challenges for life. Nothing is permanent. What has happened can unhappen. If you change the way you think, you may change your health. Everything is energy, everything. As energy it will carry a vibration and that vibration has a frequency. All thoughts create fields of energy. Whatever thoughts you hold inside of you, your body will express (feelings, sensations, pain, and disease) and vibrate and attract, like an antenna, more of the same from the universe. Unconsciously you practice and make stronger what you hold within, every minute of every day. What energy are you producing and attracting to you? Change your vibrational frequency using the power of sound.

Please call before booking to ensure there is a space on the course available