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New for 2018

Sound Healing, Metaphysics and Meditation with Debbi Walker of Suara Sound Academy

Come with me to study for yourself the world of Sound, Metaphysics and Meditation in this 6 session personal study course. 

Beginners and experienced people in Sound Healing and/or Meditation are all welcome as we go right back to the basics of our existence. By taking it right back to the seed of our consciousness, we will go on a journey of deep integrated connection to your Mind of the Universe within. Sound and Meditation will gently guide you to this place and you will practice techniques you can use at home, inbetween meetings. It is important to know that personal practice at home will achieve the best outcome for you on this personal course.

ALL the answers we seek are within us and this Opening to Universal Mind Consciousness will allow access to our innermost guidance and understanding. 

We can indeed shape our reality and this time of the deepest connection in Self will allow you to experience this as you bypass the thinking mind to become in tune with the Universal Mind, the Om-nipresence. 

The Universal Mind Consciousness of areas of your life will be explored, these include (subject to change if required):

*Love and Relationships

* Prosperity and Abundance

* Health and Well Being

* Work and Success

* Environment and Habitat

* The Metaphysical Laws of the Universe

Higher intuitive guidance and direction with understanding to all areas maybe explored in full as you feel within your flow and great inner wisdom is accessed.

The changes you make are from your own Source of infinite Metaphysical Vibrational Energy for your own good for your life. You take back and create your own reality as you gain clarity and focus with a peaceful intent for your life, living in the Now much more. Having more joy, laughter and fun as you know all is as it is for your Highest Good.

Includes a Sound Immersion with sacred vibrations, so please bring your mat, pillow, blanket and water.

Bring a journal and pen

Dates to be confirmed:

10am - 12pm


7pm - 9pm

8 places only - closed group 

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