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Tuesday 11th April 2017

10am - 5pm


Lunch included

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"From the depths of the Divine Feminine Womb; our Sacral Temple; hear the Sacred Call of your heritage as a Woman...of Maiden, of Mother, of Crone.

“Hear the echos of your ancestors deep within your maternal root as you honour your maternal ancestral memory heritage since the beginning of your time.

“We celebrate each sacred stage through life with sound, using my channelled tuning forks and bespoke way of using them to introduce the Divine Feminine vibrations of the Egyptian Goddess Isis who is the Mother of All; the Crone of Death and Rebirth, of Venus, the Goddess of Love and Beauty and then blended with the Goddess Moon with her Luna influence on our Cycle of Femininity.

“We take the Sacred Cacao Elixir in gentle reverent ceremony to nurture and nourish our very essence of Self, honouring our womanhood, stepping forth into our power as a Source of Love for all womankind. "

Using Sacred Sound, Herbs, Fire and Cacao Ceremony within the bosom of Debbi's beautiful retreat in Cornwall, the Goddess Trees call for nature's union with you. You will feel held in such love by Mother Nature and her gentle embrace will be felt to the depths of your womb.

Cacao (raw chocolate) is a powerful plant medicine that has been used ceremonially for thousands of years across Central and South America. The people of ancient Meso-America attributed a sacred status to Cacao and would drink it ceremonially to commune with their gods.

As a sacred teacher, cacao has a very deeply feminine energy, and a gentle invitation to open up to her wisdom and teachings, she will love you back to your true purpose in this lifetime when you are open to the journey she offers you.

We drink Cacao in ceremony to reconnect with our deep inner guidance. Using guided meditation we journey within to discover more about ourselves, release blockages, finding peace and clarity.

A Cacao Ceremony gives us time for ourselves in a hectic and stressful world. It is the perfect space to switch off the outside chaos and journey into the silence, so that we can become clearer of who we are, where we are going, and the opportunities available to us.

Whether you are looking for help shifting an emotional blockage, needing to let go of a past experience, dissolve old stuck chi or you simply want to lift your spirits, these ceremonies can provide the focus you need to re-align with who you really are, and get back on track.

“We do not go into ceremony to talk about God. We go into ceremony to talk with God”

— Quanah Parker Comanche

Please bring a mat to lay on, blanket and pillow.

We will be going out into the garden, weather willing.


Polhilsa House Retreat




PL17 8PP

To Book:


01579 370937

Or click on link 



Lunch included


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