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Sacred Sound Journeying - Honouring You and All Ancestors

31st October 2018


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Sacred Sound Journeying - Honouring You and All Ancestors

Tuesday 31st October

7pm - 10pm


When this time of year comes, the evenings have drawn in, the trees are beginning to slumber, everything is slowing down, it's a time for reflection and remembering, coming to Still Point. Samhain denotes the beginning of Winter and for some the Celtic New Year.

On 31st October the veil between the paradigms of the world's is the thinnest. It allows us to honour all those that have gone before us. We remember and can honour our Ancestors through prayer, and Sound. We will be doing an Honouring our Ancestors ceremony with illumination and Sound.

So on this night I will do a Sound bath journeying for people to come, maketheir cosy nest, allowing my sacred sounds to swirl over them, and blend with their hearts becoming so very deeply relaxed and peaceful, feeling held and nurtured in my Red Temple. Everyone receives their own personal Sound experience within the collective setting too.

It's time to take time to just BE for the precious time you are with me. Bring a mat, blanket and pillow.

Investment £20.

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