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“Earth and Self Healing for the Wild at Heart" 

I am the rhythm that flows through the land

Pulsing heartbeat through my feet as I stand

Arms outstretched as I celebrate true wonder

With the wind through my hair awoken from slumber

I merge with my Others, the Maiden, Mother, Wise Crone

The years have passed and the way forward has shown

That a new pathway awaits as new growth reveals

A change in destiny the sensitive heart does feel

The signs are gifted from Mother Gaia's hands

The door is opened to help me understand

Walking forward slowly, releasing the past

Sure footed in my Truth, Home at las

Debbi Walker 2019


The cave is familiar, I have no fear

To heal deeply within all I hold dear

It is a place where peaceful darkness decends

I touch the inky blackness becoming friends

For within the darkness I see my best light

I see my loving Soul, so no need to fight

I find my worth in the stillness of midnight

Feet planted firmly with warriors plight

I rise, I fall and I rise again

Knowing my life can not be the same

For being at home in the dark, a new strength belies

As my Soul hears my ancestors so wise

They say, "Follow your path and all you hold dear

Your light is strong and your way is clear

You have built your house on solid ground

Within your heart ALL your answers are found"

I find comfort in the words of my ancestors around

I hear their voice in every sound

I feel their love in every natures kiss

In every spark of natures bliss

So on the winds of change a stillness comes

As the rain it flows I am at One

With all creation, the peace within

As a new Light of Life begins

I step forward with my arms open wide

Embracing such happiness bubbling inside

For exciting adventures and horizons new

Holding deepest Love for me and for You

Debbi Walker Copyright April 2019


"The Enchantress"

The Enchantress breathes fire through her skin

The heat rages untapped

With the passion of the Goddess of Change

As the seeds of Life begin to cease

The Tsunami of emotion weaves a myriad of light and shadow

Stop love, stop still

Be in her flow as the floods of the Mother doth cease

Celebrate this time of Life

Honouring this precious time

Ease gently in fluid harmony

Respecting her body Temple

As her womb knows the ancient secrets

Of the Divine Feminine across the ages of womankind

She is unique

Beautiful in her transformation 

In love for all Enchantresses

Debbi Walker Copyright April 2019


As woodland nymphs dance around with glee

Hop, skip and jumping from tree to tree

Their magic tinkle can be heard by all

Their sparkle for life, having such a ball

As I walk on the soft earth I connect to the elves

Of forest folk telling their tales

Of ancient times when seen and heard

Minds too busy now to hear their words

Walking freely with peace I hear them call

To my heart who lovingly knows them all

From all Elementals who dwell in forest groves

Looking clearly out at our Mothers treasure trove

We can see all of natures treasures so true

Opening ears and eyes connecting to you

Breathe in the air of the forest scents

Of bygone days and sweet laments

Let nature call you to reconnect

To stir your Soul so you do not forget

The beauty of our sacred land

Of elementals here since time began

Copyright Debbi Walker 2016


Life O Pause

Dedicated to all my Silver Sisters who are experiencing their time of change

In every breath

In every heartbeat

I feel me

I feel my pain and sorrow

I feel my love and joy

I see the shadow

I see the light

In every moment of existence

The diversity of my life

Proclaims "LISTEN to me"

I do my best

Of course, no doubt

Yet I hold my head low

Eyes to the ground

Beaten in grief

Where did 'I' go?

Was I stolen in the night?

NO, I say "NO"

Hold my head high

Rise like a Phoenix

Roar like a Lioness

Fly to the stars on Eagles Wings

Let moonbeams kiss my cheeks

Where once tears fell

And let the stars sparkle

Reflected in my eyes once dull

I rejoice in my freedom

To have loved beyond measure

I have cried a river of tears

I am no longer the girl of folly

The mother of blooming ripeness

I am not the echo of my past

I am rewiring


Getting to Know my Silver Self

My world has changed

I am a new inner Universe

Who shook the snow globe?

Letting it settle

Unfamiliar, yet familiar

Home, rebuilding


I am no longer who I was

Life made that possible

I embrace the new

I smile gently

I am Free

Debbi Walker November 2018

The Rhythm of Gaia - Cycle of Change

Based of the Schumann's Resonance - the heartbeat pulse of the Earth 

Polhilsa House Retreat

Stoke Climsland, nr Callington

East Cornwall

On this page you will find


*NEW FOR 2020*





On this 9 Month Programme based on

The Schumann's Resonance - the heartbeat and pulse of Mother Earth and YOU

Tuning Forks * Singing Bowls * Tubular Chimes * Percussion * Gaia Drumming

Voice * Flute

There comes a time in life when you may raise the question of;

“What am I doing here”?

"What is important to me"?

"What is my life purpose"?

"What do I really want in my life"?

"Am I happy?"

Change can be a daunting process. By this time of your life you may be in a job you don't enjoy, have outgrown. Or you may be in a relationship that has lost its spark or be in an environment that doesn't suit you any more. You may even wonder where YOU have gone, not recognising yourself anyone. Your ever changing Cycle of Life becoming unfamiliar. You may even just decide you want something different, something new. A different direction or career.

The newly channelled Rhythm of Gaia Tuning Fork is based on the Schumann's Resonance which is a very powerful vibration, normally at 7.83hz yet can vary immensely. It has been shown to affect the earths and our own electomagnetic field. Using this frequency vibration with your auric field and chakras can help to bring about a gounded balance and creates flow and harmony. On this course you will be mapping your relationship with the Schumann's Resonance. About the Schumann's Resonance click here

Using all your natural senses within nature over this 9 month journey of self discovery and empowerment through Sound Healing and Nature it will bring about great change in the lives of all who gather. This is about doing Earth Healing in it's most authentic form with you as the conductor of the orchestra of life and for our beloved planet and her people. No matter where you are in your own Cycle of Life, the Rhythm of Gaia calls to you. The Golden Sound of healing is based on the heartbeat and pulse of Mother Earth.  

This will bring balance to the Divine Matrix of the Feminine and Masculine aspects of Self and in doing so sets a harmonious balance. You can join this course for your own personal journey or you can become a Rhythm of Gaia Sound Practitioner by completing 5 weekends for certification status.

Where to begin? Well, thats simple. At the beginning, shrugging off the heavy mantle of life and begin to live. And that is where The Rhythm of Gaia Course comes into your life with spiritual mentoring and friendship along the way. You will have a sense of belonging to a tribe of like minded people. You will have an adventure and gain life skills along the way. The course includes 1 Zoom, Skype or telephone session per month inbetween the weekends we meet face to face.

The Rhythm of Gaia will put all the areas of your life into perspective and together changes can be made to enhance the quality and richness of your life, leading to lasting and fulfilling change. When you commit to that change, there is a natural flow. Full commitment to the pathway is needed and every weekend attendance is required.

You will be working with the Sounds of Mother Nature, and bringing in tuning forks; the Clear, Cleanse and Balance System bespoke to Debbi Walker and the Rhythm of Gaia Tuning fork and the Spirit of the Land sounds. Also we bring in tubular chimes, Gaia drumming, rattles, flute, singing bowls, percussion and voice for Earth healing which is in turn is Self healing. The Goddess of the Land and the Goddess of the Ocean will guide your heart.

You will be working with the ancient woodlands and seascapes of Cornwall and your human senses and the core elements of nature and the gifts Mother Earth generously brings you. This will bring about balance and you will discover your own unique harmony and Soul tone, tuning into your Life purpose using the Sounds, deep listening, Gaia breathing and your voice.

All your senses of hearing, seeing, smelling and tasting, touching and sensing and knowing will be enhanced and renewed. You will be fully immersed in Nature which will gift you all this sensory enlightenment. You will be journalling, scrapbooking and creating your own vision quest over the 9 months on this Rhythm of Gaia Discovery and Empowerment journey.

You will be going into nature, at times we will be camping and learning skills of being within an outdoor setting, working with the Sounds of Nature especially with the elements of Air, Water, Fire, Earth and Spirit. You will harness your connection to the elementals, spirit devas of the earth, earth education and meditation walks, nature study, tree breathing, Gaia heartbeat synchronisation, ceremony and earth rituals. Your imagination will be stimulated by story telling, creative writing, animating nature play, natural creativity and heightening of your sensory awareness. 

You will gain a stillness within as you come to your Still Point daily. This practice you take with you into every day life, seeing clarity and focus in all you do. You get out of your head, banish the Ego and delve deeply into your heart.

In the warmer months we will sit around the camp fire as our ancestors will have done in bygone times. Sharing stories, poems, songs, drumming and ceremony. Just staring into the flames can bring such peace. Fire can bring great purification.

Through Sound and through nature you will tap into your life as it is, leaving behind all that serves you no longer. As a snake sheds it's skin, you shed what is holding you back. Able to appreciate and to fully see your future.

This journey will take place in Cornwall, inside at Polhilsa House Retreat and outside in various locations. Harnessing the landscape and the elements to connect to the Dragon lines of this Celtic land. We will visit sacred sites and many of Gaia's treasures along the way. Wherever we tread we offer thanks, offerings and healing to our beloved Mother Earth. You will have time for stillness, connection and reflection.

Some of the places we will visit over the 9 months are:

The Hurlers - a 5000 year old sacred circle * The Cheesewring * St Clether Holy Well and Chapel * Dupath Well * Brentor Church * Golitha Falls * St Nectan's Glen * Rocky Valley

Lady's Well * Castlewitch Henge * Kitt Hill Barrow * Hombush Mine and Woods

Boscastle * Tintagel * Merlin's Cave * The Atlantic Ocean Beach of North Cornwall

Cornish Coves and Caves * Ancient Woodland

Plus many more not very known sacred sites of Mother Gaia which remain a special secret.

Your intuitive guidance will grow and flow into all areas of your life throughout the stages of this journey. You will gain Peace, Harmony, Love, Happiness, Connection, Clarity and Focus, Wisdom, Freedom and Completeness. 

The Rhythm of Gaia Sound Practitioner Training takes place in Cornwall, the Celtic land of the Dumnonii. An ancient Warrior tribe.  

The Cycle of Life - birth, life, death, grief, life, rebirth

Tuning into Earth Energy and the Song lines of the earth

Vibrational Energy Nature Medicine

Elements of Self * Earth Chakras * Tree breathing * Ancestor honouring * Ancestral memory pattern release *Ancestor Ceremony * Nature Speaks * Nature Sounds * Nature Symbols * Nature's Shadow and darkness * The natural rhythm of trees, rivers, seas, plants, flowers, herbs, water, food * Natures Art * Nature Mandala for Meditation

Past life remembrance * Soul Sounds * Heart Sound * Sleeping under the stars * Fire ceremony 

Rhythm of the Heart - Rhythm of the Soul - Rhythm of Writing - Rhythm of Voice

Rhythm of Sound - Rhythm of Colour - Rhythm of Senses - Rhythm of Breath

Rhythm of the Elementals - Rhythm of the Universal Laws 

Gaia Metaphysics

COURSE - The Rhythm of Gaia Sound Practitioner Course is 5 weekends over 9 months:

Starts In February 2020

Weekend Title and Dates

Rhythm of Air FEBRUARY 7th - 10th 2020

Rhythm of Water APRIL 3rd - 6th 2020

Rhythm of Fire JUNE 12th - 15th 2020

Rhythm of Earth AUGUST 18th - 21st 2020

Rhythm of Spirit OCTOBER 9th - 12th 2020 Assessment Weekend

Friday Arrive 10am - evening

Saturday 10am - evening

Sunday 10am - evening

Monday Leave 10am

Food and refreshments included

The Rhythm of Gaia Sound Practitioner Course is certificated, accredited and insurable with Suara Sound Academy, a registered training organisation with Holistic Services Insurance Ltd, The Complementary Medicine Association. All courses are accredited by the International Institute of Complementary Therapists. 

By October 2019 Debbi will have completed her Environmental Outdoor Leadership Training

Debbi is Principal of Suara Sound Academy

What will this course give you?

A recognised Sound Therapy Practitioner Certification

One to one treatments bringing Gaia healing

Group sessions

Conducting a Soundbath

Gaia Sound Ceremony for groups

Earth Healing

Nature bathing for clients

Gaia Healing Attunements 

What you Learn:

Tuning Forks - Singing Bowls - Gaia Drumming - Rattles - Tubular Chimes - Voice -

Percussion - Flute

Self Awareness - Time for you - Self care - Deep connection to nature Ecology




Rhythm of Gaia Tuning Fork

You will need the Clear, Cleanse and Balance Tuning forks ~ OM, Weighted OM and 528, a drum and a singing bowl. I will have some spare to borrow or purchase. There are other tuning forks that can be purchased separately.

15 days training over 9 months

All food and refreshments included

Payment plan is available, please discuss this with me

Payment options

Option 1: In Full


Option 2: Deposit £596

Installments x 3 of £333

Total £ 1595 

Please note: This Course Does NOT include accommodation.

Residential Option is available for some weekends:

3 x Double Room (single use) £60 per night

2 x Twin Room £40 per person per night

Shared large bathroom 

B and B is available locally, 5 minutes away (details on request).

To find out more about the Schumann's Resonance click here





Women's Retreat - The Silver Years

23rd - 26th August 2019

Retreats include the following:

Fresh Juices * Smoothies * Chakra Nurturing Homemade Soups * Rainbow food * Picnics

Sacred Sites * Sound Healing with Tuning Forks and Singing Bowls

Gaia Drumming * Soundbath * Movement * Sit Spot *Meditation & Relaxation

Nature Bathing - Ocean and Woods * Gaia Healing * Tree Breath

Mentoring * Coaching * One to One Gaia Sound Healing * Journaling

Freetime * Stillness * Silence


(all retreats are the same cost):

6 places available 

3 x Double room - for single use £395

2 x Shared Room - Twin beds £325

Large shared bathroom

All Inclusive 

Debbi will contact you before the retreat and your experience will be taylor made for your individual needs

A welcome gift pack for all Polhilsa House Retreat Guests on arrival

Friday 4pm - Monday 10am

Deposit of £195

Full payment 6 weeks before arrival


Women's Retreat - The Silver Years

Peri Menopause, Menopause, Post Menopause

Friday 23rd (4pm) - Monday 26th (10am) AUGUST 2019

The Definitive Life 0 - 7

The Child Within 0 - 100

The Curious Maiden/Mother 12 - 30

The Warrior Light 25 - 45

The Dragon Force 45 - 55

The Wise Woman 50 - 70

The Awakened elder 65 - 80

The Bright Star 85 - infinity

This is fluid, never still, ever changing

Women's Retreat - The Silver Years

(for women in Peri Menopause, Menopause and Post Menopause)

Do you feel you lost your way?

Are you feeling disconnected from your life and people in your life?

Do you feel there is more for you 'out there'?

Do you crave to feel 'normal' again? Your normal?

Are you having a difficult journey through your Menopause

Is everything unfamiliar?

Has your confidence left you?

Is your self esteem low? 

No matter where you are in your Cycle of Change this Retreat is for you. It is bespoke personal journey retreat Just for you. Debbi will contact you before the retreat and your experience will be taylor made just for your needs. Alongside that you will be in the company of like minded women, finding your tribe and forging lasting friendships.

No matter where you are in your Cycle of Change , past, present or future this Wise Women Retreat will give you tools to help you. 

A Retreat for all your senses to be stimulated and complete nurturing for your mind, body, spirit and Soul.

This retreat is open to 4-6 women who wish to make long lasting change within their life. They can be in any Cycle of Change, yet the willingness to roll up their sleeves and go deep within their own wisdom is the only requirement.

The retreat will begin their journey back to them selves. Their own Truth. Not a wife, mother, daughter, colleague, friend etc - you find the essence of YOU before all of that began.

The Rhythm of Gaia Retreat is 100% about you. From the minute you arrive you will be nurtured and cared for.

You will take away tools to be able to use once you have left the retreat, or you can carry on your journey by investing in a taylor made Rhythm of Gais's coaching and mentoring programme for your individual needs.


Fresh Juices * Smoothies * Chakra Nurturing Homemade Soups * Rainbow food * Picnics

Sacred Sites * Sound Healing with Tuning Forks and Singing Bowls

Gaia Drumming * Soundbath * Movement * Sit Spot *Meditation & Relaxation

Nature Bathing - Ocean and Woods * Gaia Healing * Tree Breath

Mentoring * Coaching * One to One Gaia Sound Healing * Journaling

Freetime * Stillness * Silence


(all retreats are the same cost):

6 places available 

3 x Double room - for single use pp £395

2 x Shared Room - Twin beds pp £325

Large shared bathroom

All Inclusive 

Debbi will contact you before the retreat and your experience will be taylor made for your individual needs

A welcome gift pack for all Polhilsa House Retreat Guests on arrival

Friday 4pm - Monday 10am

Deposit of £195

Full payment 6 weeks before arrival


Please see details Polhilsa House Retreat here


This beautiful Victorian Country House is in the parish of Stoke Climsland, near Callington in Cornwall.

Debbi and Trev Walker are the 4th family to have owned the house since it was built between 1890 - 1900. The house still retains many of its original features and has been sympathetically refurbished by Debbi and Trev to create a tranquil haven to all who visit. 

Polhilsa House, our dream home from home welcomes you and it really does feel as though you are being embraced in something gently magical when you walk through the gates. The well established garden has all varieties of trees, bushes, shrubs and plants and nature’s art alchemy can be fully appreciated, to the fallen trees, a home for the micro animal world, to the far reaching views across Bodmin Moor. As you walk through the door and gaze at the ornate grand staircase and original tiled hallway you will get a sense of welcome and home coming.

The are many places to sit and listen to the birds chirping and the country sounds, watching the sunset. We have an olfactory sensory area and a sunken garden with a firepit, surrounded by scrubs and bushes, immersed in nature.


Wednesday 1st May 2019

9.30am - 4.30pm


Rhythm of Gaia Retreat Day for Rest, Relax, Recharge and Restore

This retreat day is a time where you can come and relax, rest and restore. Nestled in the hamlet is Polhilsa House Retreat with its far reaching views over Bodmin Moor you will spend time with like minded people and be nurtured on all levels. If the weather is kind to us we will be outside for most of the day

We will begin the day with a Soundbath and meditation, settling the intent for your day.

A delicious lunch of organic soup, salad and cheeses will be shared together.

The afternoon will consist of you taking some time out to relax, read, bring your own artwork or project to do. We will then gather for story telling and song around a fire.

Investment £55

All proceeds go to The Golden Bridge Retirement Home for Elder Westies and Animal Charity Donations

Rhythm of Gaia Gatherings

Dates Coming Soon

In Western society many people are isolated and feel alone. The kinship has gone from people's lives as they are so busy, family is scattered and women have no heart tribe to soothe the weary Soul.

Come and spend the weekend with like minded women. To sing, dance, drum, sound and be free of all your earthly duties and confines for the weekend. We will celebrate the longest day and shortest night.

No where to actually be, except totally in the rhythm of flow with a relaxed approach to offerings over the weekend.

Polhilsa House is on the Michael Layline and as so holds a strong connective energy to the Dragon lines of the earth. Great manifestation occurs here and we will be doing visioning to realise your wishes and dreams.

Campfires, sharing stories, poems, musings, songs around the fire

Camping in your own small tent in our grounds, or sleeping under the stars

Outdoor living, eating and gatherings

Crafting - Creating - Sounding - Drumming - Song - Dancing - Vision Questing -Ceremony - Tuning into the Songlines of the Land - Cacao Ceremony - Stillness

Nature Still Point 

We will be joined by my Westie Clan too. No children unfortunately at this camp.

Please bring a dish of food to share

All other food and drink is included

20% of proceeds will go to my animal work and charity


Silver Haired Wise Woman by Debbi Walker, the Silver Raven

She is within her cave, the inky darkness holds her in a comforting embrace. The flickering fire sees the shadows dancing on the wall. Unfamiliar visions of unchartered waters, unfamiliar feelings with new ways to learn.

Now a time where only stillness will do in that moment. No one, not a sound, no thing, only her heartbeat.

Her days are like delicious conundrums. One day she will dance and sing, with obvious abandonment, arms outstretched at the wonder of life and yet, another day she retires deeply into the place of the deepest solitude where only the whispering breeze stirs her memories of her womanly imprints on the land in ages past. Her footsteps have slowed as she takes in the beauty of all around her. She has no need to be anywhere any more.

She feels times where the heat rises like an inferno from the very tips of her toes to the last hair on her head, and other times where she wraps herself up against the chill wind that is not there. The cycle of heat and cold become her friends, she will greet each one with interest and objective viewing. 

Then the cascades of tears of happiness, tears of sadness, tears of pain, tears of joy. Which one is which as they merge, blending in each micro moment and the deeper into her cave she wanders, the less of everything she feels. The darkness cocoons her, the dark Mother sings her a lullaby and rocks her to sleep.

She can sleep, then she wakes, sleeps again and then not. No time is recognised as time doesnot exist to the Croness, only the Moon creates more magical moments as the Silver Celestial Goddess governs her womanly ebb and flow. Only - there is no flow now, only in the river of tears for the loss of the Mother of her fertile growth and in that moment the Croness sees the truth. A new dawn has come. A transition into the Silver light. She embraces this in her strength of the life she has evolved of maiden, the Mother, now Croness and looks forward to the wisdom of her full Crone years.

The Croness looks far into the flames of the fire she lit for warmth and comfort. She sees within the flickers of golden burnished orange a young maiden with hopes and dreams. Willow like, strong, beautiful in her innocence. Her laughter reaching the ears of the Croness - the memories of the folly of such youth brought a gentle smile to the Croness as she embraced the maiden in her arms, and whispered, "I love you".

Already the Croness is wise, as she knows what to do....she is in her cave, the inky darkness holds her in a comforting embrace.

The wolves sit at the door - three wolves who love the Silver haired Croness. They sit and listen to the echos of the cave whispers from the ancient ones. Their ears on alert, their bodies poised, standing guard, sentinels beyond the realms of duty, such is the love.

2 January 2018

Return by Debbi Walker, Silver Raven

The old woman of unknown years and unknown origin sat deep within the cave. Her silver hair glistening as it flowed down to her waist. Her hazel green eyes twinkled with happiness at being alone in her special place where she merged with the Celtic Goddess. The Wise Woman, sage to the ancestors of ancient soil and seer of the future.

The cave was inky black, except for a gentle glow of the fire the old woman had made made an hour or so before.

Shadows dancing on the walls and the only sound was the crackling flames, and the hiss as the sap released from the wood she had collected earlier that day. She is still. In the stillness she is able to listen to the Rhythm of Gaia. When Gaia speaks, the old woman listens. Not all can hear the heartbeat of the Mother, yet the old woman receives the messages and is able to interpret them to those that will listlistenen.

She was staring deep into the heart of the fire. Her eyes soft and dreamy. She was remembering. These days she forgot more than she remembered.


Never give up! Even when you are feeling in the depths of the shadow self, never give up on You. Know that all will play out in Divine Timing and all WILL be well. The Creator and your God and Goddess Self walks with you. The gestation period of New life leading to Rebirth on so many levels is a wonderful blessing yet can be SO unfamiliar too and gentle integration needs to be honoured every step of the way.

It was 18 months ago I had said this to myself . Of which 9 months I went deep deep into a dark cave where I was comfortable and safe. I stayed there in the dark, making peace with the shadow within.

Shutting out the world as I experienced the bubbling inferno of the Menopause was the only thing I could do to survive. Like an internal earthquake and Tsunami hitting my core time after time. Shaking and rocking my familiar foundations. What WAS familiar no longer was. WHO was I? There was a void of self. Hard to explain the depth of the emptiness as my body status changed from mother towards the pathway of my Silver Years. Hard to explain the non self.

By honouring, listening and withdrawing from everything and everyone I was able to give my energy time to settle. This was the time of my life where I could not be there for anyone else as I had nothing left to give. Every day was a day of quiet acceptance, sitting gently in the shadow self.

When I felt able to take small steps to the entrance of the cave I moved forward tiny step by tiny step. I had cancelled most of my work for 6 months and concentrated on me. A time of of self appreciation, not even self care, gentle self honouring every single day.

In that shadow place I almost gave up my business. I was thinking of selling it. My life work, my loving Dharma almost was too much. How could I carry on when I didn't even know who I was? Was I living a lie? Yet every day I immersed myself in my Sound Medicine and every day I became stronger and more aware of my part to play in humanity. To say my sounds saved me would be an understatement. It fuelled my resolve to rebuild slowly and steadfastly. 

So fast forward to now. Like in areas nature has created destruction, everything is rebuilt from the bottom up. A slow process yet one of that inherent steely resolve that so many in conscious humanity has.

These past few months I have been tuning in, channelling, writing, growing and birthing. New Sound Course offerings have come to fruition as I fully embrace what I am here to do. I am so excited to be sharing these alongside my work already. Am I OK to get on the busy bus again? Yes, because I have a good driver (My God Self) who makes frequent stops and rest times. It's all about balance on all levels.

In July 2018, I experienced a sound bath with my dear friend Sika. I had a vision, so real and so true, so prophetic. I share with you here:

"I was laying on a bed, dressed in white, underneath me a pyre had been made, all was quiet and still, I was alone taking my last breaths. As I reached out my hand it was taken gently by someone who stood close by. As she held my hand I felt such love fill my weary body.

"I gently opened my eyes and my eyes met hers. A beautiful wise elder with long flowing silver hair, twinkling eyes and a gentle smile on her mouth. "It's time beautiful child, it's time to surrender and let go," she whispered to me. And in that moment I took my last breath and the 'I' of me died.

"As I stepped out of my body I saw Debbi's Soul begin to merge and meld with the Soul of the wise elder. I saw the union of the two become One and as this happened the elder began to shine a luminence so bright I had to shield my eyes.

"I then witnessed the rebirth as both Souls came together as the wise elder in all her luminosity began to split open, a slow, deliberate birthing and Debbi emerged, vulnerable yet eyes open wide and inquisitive, like a new born baby. A core strength like no other. In that moment I realised I had been hiding for too long and again the words came, "IT'S TIME".

"I was merged with my ancient Divine wisdom. I could see the ancient DNA helix entwined. The wise elder was within me as it WAS me from my millennia of existence. I fell in love with myself again. No more alone. I was finally free to truly be in my powerful Truth. I finally 'saw' me. I was HOME"

I share this in my truth and my love for myself, You and all people on their life journey right now. Know that all will be well in Divine Timing always.

In Love

Debbi xxx

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