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Home Study Level 1

Welcome to the Suara Sound Academy Home Study Level 1 Tuning Fork Course and to you, new Ambassadors of Sound (that’s what I call you). I am delighted to be bringing this Level 1 Home Study Course as an introduction into the world of tuning forks and even if you have used tuning forks before, because the focus is on YOU and integrative practice daily, the effects will be amplified. You may not have used the tuning forks this way before. All I ask is for you to be open to this new way of experiencing them.

You have made the first step to changing your vibrational energy and in turn, changing your life. This course is for YOU. It will give you good grounding knowledge of how to use the OM, weighted OM and 528 tuning forks for tuning your Mind, Body, Spirit and Soul and in doing so you may find a balance of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health and well-being. Results will of course vary and it very much depends on how much time you give to yourself. For best results, using the sounds for at least 30 minutes every day will give optimum benefits. This can be done in the morning or the evening, or both, in fact any time in the day. There are 1440 minutes in a day and let’s say you devote 30 minutes to your own practice daily, you still have 1410 minutes in a day to do whatever it is you do. 

The course is a 28 day programme, however, once started the sounds become a way of life, especially when you see the changes it brings to your life. You would clean your teeth and have a wash at least once daily, so we are looking after our energy field every day.

The other day I was pondering on a question someone asked me recently. They said 'Debbi where do you get your energy from to do all you do?' I thought and reflected on this and realised my daily practice with my sounds, linking into the Divine Source, so going into deep mediation allows me to reset my energy button for the day. So I go into each day fresh with renewed energy. No residues of the day or days before. No forward thinking of the tomorrow ahead. Just in the day I am in. Of course I make plans, have goals, wishes and dreams. Then I set them, and put it 'out there', putting energy towards it as needed. If it doesn't work out for me, I don't waste precious energy 'making' it work, just knowing the timing is out for that moment. If I wish to rest I do, if I wish to withdraw, this also happens. Giving myself the freedom of choice, I readily go with the flow of life therefore so does my energy. You can too.

For the home study course you will require:

A set of Clear, Cleanse, Balance Tuning Forks which is the OM, Weighted OM and 528hz – These can be purchased directly from me

Included in the home study course is:

A transformational workbook

Audio CD of OM and 528hz & Still Point Peace Process CD

DVD of How to Fork Yourself

A Skype sessions with me (Conditions apply). One Skype at the beginning of the course at a mutually convenient time. If additional Skype sessions are required, these are charged at my consultation rate of £30 per 30 minutes.

This is a self-empowerment workbook and is totally experiential and experimental for you. It is your sound journey with yourself, your Core self, using the individual frequencies of the OM and 528hz tuning forks. If you wish to potentially change your vibration and thus your health and well-being then this is for you. You will find that the energy around you starts to change and the people in your life respond to your vibrations.

I will share with you how to use the tuning forks to release old chi/energy from your mind, body, spirit and Soul and replace the old chi/energy with the resonant vibrations. This includes how to use the tuning forks with pain. I will also share with you how to use the weighted OM tuning fork do give yourself a sonic massage using energy centres and meridian points of the body. You will be shown a way of releasing past patterns, be the patterns to do with Karma, past lives or ancestral memory patterns, using a vibrational energy release technique using the tuning forks. The workbook is your journal of the journey leading you into transformation.

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