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Blog from Sue:

I am a holistic healer and work using sound therapy, Reiki and massage.

Trained by Debbi Walker of Suara Sounds, I am one of her ?Ambassadors of Sound? helping to bring these lovely sacred sounds to people to create peace and healing.

Along with the sounds I use elements of colour therapy, crystal therapy, EFT, Reiki and aromatherapy to create a unique experience.

I also offer massage which can be combined with sound therapy and Reiki.

I trained nurse and midwife with 15 years experience. I also have a biological sciences degree.

To find out more see

If you are interested in finding out more or having a taster session then please get in touch! Mobile 07818073660 (UK), or email me on


Jo Johnson - London and South East

Having recently trained and qualified in Tuning Fork Sound Healing Therapy with Debbie, I happy to go forward with this wonderful therapy and spread it's loving and powerful energy. My background is in Sports Science, teaching Health & Exercise in Adult Education. I am based in London and I am trained in a variety of other therapies, including Cognitive Hypnotherapy, NLP, EFT & Reiki. I am also the founder and creator of UlandaBlu, a range of natural products. All products have been charged with the frequency of 528Hz to amplify the benefits. Sunshine & Blessings

Jo Johnson

Tel 07538 267411



My name is Linda an I am the owner of Natural Magick, a business I set which is completely focused on providing you with a variety of different therapies and products to support your holistic health and well being.

I found sound sound healing in November 2012, and it made complete sense to me and the work I was already doing with Flower essences. I have a deep understanding of how the vibrations of the plants, intentions, crystals and sound can be fused together and used as a tool to change any in balances we may have in mind, body and spirit.

The sound and essences are in mine and my families daily practice and of course helping others through my business.

I am a qualified Advanced Practitioner in Flower and Vibrational Essences, accredited member of the British Flower and Vibrational Essence Association and registered producer of essences with the British Association of Flower Essence Producers. I have my own range of essences that were launched in 2014. I am also a proud ambassador of sound offering treatments, information and experiences using sound therapy and how this can to bring a new level of vibration and balance into your life.

Sound Healing using Tuning Forks

Flower and Vibrational Essences



Classes and Workshops

My contact details are


Tel: 07525481213


Love and blessings , I look forward to meeting you.

Linda Perry 


Hello my name is Pippa Handley Cooke a qualified energy practitioner and founder of Holistic Hands Healing (HHH). Utilising empowering sound waves, crystals, scared geometry and Egyptian based healing modalities; we assist with lighting up others on their own pathway ahead.

HHH offers the following:

¥ Bespoke individual appointments in beautiful parts of Somerset & Devon

¥ Seichem-Reiki sessions and training

¥ Monthly ?Eve that Rocks? ? Vibrational get together

¥ Workshops including: ? Connecting with the Scared Feminine Energies?, ?Atlantis ? The Golden Age?, ? Ancient Egypt ? A Call From Home? and ? Goddess Isis Calling?


07835 755 597

Facebook: Holistic Hands Healing 


My Healing Practice has been richly embellished since I first met Debbi in 2010 and started to use her amazing Tuning Forks.

For me it is joyous to watch a Client, digits stilled, facial lines smoothed & relaxed, just at peace whilst the frequencies of Debbi?s amazing tuning forks work miraculously wherever they are most needed.

My clients find calm, harmony, they see colours more vibrantly and often hear voices more clearly, see images and animals/birds, have a ?feel good factor?.

Some find they are connected to Source.

They tell me that their hands, knees, lower legs, ankles, feet and elbows, back, neck, etc. benefit, and that other aches diminish or disappear and in some instances their thoughts are clarified. Tinnitus sufferers report that their usual background noise seems to be less.

For my part I first thought that Tuning Forks would be ?therapy? - now I know emphatically that when I am using them, as trained, and perhaps more importantly, with intuition (they seem almost to dance in my hands), I deem them to be under ?Healing?. This Spiritual Warrior knows that to truly remove darkness I have only to bring in Light, and dance with Tuning Forks. I often use them whilst giving any other modality of healing, if so guided by ?Them Upstairs.? I love what I do.

I can be found on, or 01935 864 007. I am based in Somerset, but have a free spirit, and wheels!

I am an Ambassador of Sound, am accredited in Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection, Transformational Bodywork (headed by Sandalphon) and Metatronic Healing. The NFSH trained me initially and then I became an accredited Journey therapist. I am a Joyous Laughter Leader, and an Angel card Reader.


Jo-Anne Burchfield-James

Suara Sound Tuning Fork Ambassador

Tel: 07962213087


I live and work in Rye East Sussex, I have three beautiful grown children and two rescue spaniels. I have been a Hairdresser for thirty years and.always liked the alternative medicine and therapies.

I work from my Therapy room at home in Rye. Home visits and Distant Healing can be arranged.

I combine the Tuning Forks with my Reiki so bringing into every treatment the beautiful vibrations and sounds of not only the Tuning Forks but of the Tuning Pipes and Bars, and the relaxing warmth hands on of Reiki , I also like to use if needed crystals , shells and stones . I just like to have them all around me as it makes a lovely relaxing atmosphere with Debbi Walkers soothing Tuning Fork music in the back ground.

It's truely an honour to be able to channel these amazing Sounds and Vibrations to help in restoring Healing Energies to All Adults , children and Animals of all ages.

Distant Healing has Amazing results ...

My prices and treatments vary so please call or email me for more information.

Look forward to it. Love , light, laughter and vibrations Jo xx


My name is Jackie Davis and I live in Bicester, Oxfordshire

I was first introduced to Sound Therapy in July 2012 when my husband (Sam) and I visited Quest in Newton Abbot, there we met the lovely Debbi and attended one of her workshops

We were so impressed with the reactions to the tuning forks that we purchased the Weighted OM and 528 there and then.

When we returned home after the festival I practiced using them on my family and friends, as well as myself - to great effect and results - "you have to feel it to believe it"

It's all about improving your own health and well being and getting the balance right - It helps to empty the mind of the chatterbox to allow peace within etc

I then decided to do the Therapist Course, which I did in March 2013 - after completing the case studies etc (a couple of which I had real eureka moments with) I qualified as an "Ambassador of Sound" on 31st May 2013

Since then I have been slowly growing my business and offer Sound Therapy using tuning forks etc(various tuning forks, pipes and crystal tip) from my home in Bicester, Oxfordshire, in the evenings.

I also attend Psychic Fayres operated by "Spirit of Destiny" and "Angelic Psychic & Holistic Events" and travel around Oxfordshire, with them, to various locations at the weekends

To compliment the Sound Therapy I sell Himalayan Salt Products - Lamps, Tea Light holders, Bath and Food Salt

For any further information please contact me on 01869 246405, 07917 873513 or e-mail:


Hi Im SU. And live SOMERSET



I have found that the combination of Suara Sound healing and spiritual healing has an overwhelming effect on my clients, with excellent results.

I ALSO work with CRYSTALS and Find them to have a beneficial effect

My therapies help to Restore Balance within, letting the healing energies melt away stress, mental anxiety and reenergise and invigorate mind body & soul.

Contact Number 07809 431066

e mail ?



Something was awakened deep within me October 2012.

Whilst looking through a Mind Body Spirit exhibition programme, I came across a lovely picture of Debbi, her smiling face beaming up at me. With a short paragraph about Tuning Forks and becoming a Suara Sound therapist.

In that instant, I felt a surge of excitement, anticipation and recognition. Something deep Inside my Soul was calling me to the magical frequencies of the Tuning Forks.

I was already on a spiritual path and had collected many complementary therapies In my energy tool box. Working with adults, children and animals. 

I instinctively knew in that moment, that these "Good Vibrations" would complement and inhance all of my existing therapies. Taking them to another level.

Just two weeks after I had (by no coincidence) first seen Debbi and her tuning forks in the m b s programme, I found myself spending the most incredible, life changing week ever, attending Debbi's therapist course. Where time ceased to exist. Vibrational beings, at one with all.. BLISS!!!

The tuning forks have since been part of my everyday life. These incredibly healing, balancing frequencies have truly helped me emerge through some very testing times.

The tuning forks have Indeed magically Inhanced my other therapies.

I especially love to use the weighted OM with crystal tips with my Reflexology. Seriously powerful stuff!!!

I feel truly blessed to be able to share these amazing "Good Vibrations" with others.

The tuning forks are a magical tool of delivery, their sacred frequencies cleansing, balancing and soothing. Significantly inhancing spiritual growth, personal power and sense of self. Unifying mind, body and soul into harmonic equilibrium..

I Love the Tuning Forks!!!

I work Holistically, tailoring treatments to the needs of the individual.

I like to Incorporate colour and crystals and will often blend two or more therapies, as they can inhance and complement each other.

I am also a qualified practitioner of the following therapies:

Suara Sound Healing Therapy:




Animal Healing:

Bach Flower Remedies:

Hopi Ear Candles:

Indian Head Massage:

Holistic Beauty Therapy:

If you would like to find out more, I would love to hear from you.

Phone: 07808167270

Email :

Love and Blessings Karen


Lucia Grail, PhD

My name is Lucia Grail, originally from Finland. I am an international spiritual teacher, author and channeller, and the founder of Galactic Light, and trained and qualified in Tuning Fork Sound Healing Therapy with Debbi.

For a long time I have been drawn to ancient teachings, and especially to the science of vibrations and its effects on us and everything around. During the Lemurian and Atlantean times the ancients knew the power of sound and vibrations, and used them to help their people and land.

I find it fascinating that we have now such simple vibrational tools as tuning forks that we can use to help ourselves, others, animal and plant kingdoms, as well as to help to transform ourselves and the world around us.

I am also a Green Ray Reiki practitioner, Usui Reiki Master Teacher and Seichem Reiki Master, guiding people how to live through unconditional love, which is also a title of my first book - "Unconditional Love - A Guidebook".

I am also a teacher of the Inspiration system, the Reiki of Atlantis, which, together with my course system "Ancient Egyptian and Atlantean Wisdom", supports in a powerful way our work for raising Atlantean and Lemurian powers and energies for the benefit of the humankind and our planet.

Lately I have also been drawn to work more with the Divine Feminine, the Great Mother, Earth healing and the Green Ray, and the Lemurian vibrations and energies. Also the Conclave, the Spirit of the Crystal Skulls, have called me to work with them, and guide people to their energies, wisdom and powers. 

I also take groups to sacred sites around the world.

I would love to hear from you. Please get in touch if you would like to book a session or attend any of my workshops or trips.

Contact: or

07979 645757 or 01903 501 201


Hello Everybody,

I am Claudia Miller and I came over from Germany in 2000 to live with my English husband, a tree shaman. In Germany I had been very busy bringing up my kids and being trained in Mediumship, Reiki, Aura Soma Colour Therapy and working with Tree Spirits. When I came over to UK I started my training in Anatomy, Physiology & Swedish Massage and in Reflexology. I only practiced for family and friends. Than in 2012 I became seriously ill and had to face the big C. My friend Ruth Lerew who had been trained by Debbi offered me a Sound Treatment. So I experienced the effect first hand and was amazed by it. Ruth kindly gave me the OM and the 528 Tuning Forks to take with me into hospital. I started forking myself straight after I came round from the anesthetic. It calmed me down and helped that the wound healed without complications. In the night after the OP I was already counseling the lady next to me who had a panic attack by using a song that I sang for my children when they were little. It helped her to get to sleep. So it came not as a surprise to me and my husband that I decided to get in touch with Debbi Walker and learn how to fork other people.

After a talk with Debbi on the phone I felt that I had met the first time in a long while a soul sister. It was possible to speak with her about experiences I made that even my husband would not understand. So I felt I was on the right path training with Debbi.

I am a fully qualified and insured Tuning Fork Therapist and Ambassador of Sound since September 2013 as well as a Massage Therapist, Reflexologist, Reiki Practitioner and Tree whisperer.

I love to use the weighted OM and the weighted 528 in my work on the body, the hands and the feet as this has a profound effect for the client.

In my Reiki practice I use the OM and the 528 Fork as well as some of the chime pipes to relax my clients and to balance their chakras. Guided by the 'Folks upstairs' I love to combine my skills to get the maximal amount of wellbeing and relaxation for the client.

I have treated clients with headache, backache, depression, colds and other problems with success.

My location is Gillingham in Kent where I have a little practice for people to come. It is a lovely quiet room were one can relax and let the Sacred Sounds wash over oneself. A Sound treatment is such an amazing experience which will uplift and take away all the energies that are no longer needed. It can also bring you back in touch with the divine and your soul purpose. If coming to me should be a problem I am also willing to travel.

Prizes are all depending on the time I need and if I have to travel so please get in touch via email :

or ring or text me on 07592885165

My business is called Moonflower's Therapies and you can find out more on

The Therapies I offer are

# MF Reflexology

# MF Reiki

# MF Tuning Fork Therapy

which I all combine with colours and crystals.

For 2014 I will expand my activities by giving talks, workshops and meditation evenings.

So watch this space! Blessed Be! Claudia Miller (ITEC Dipl., CThA)


Hi, My name is Jan, and I live in Newquay, Cornwall. I am a holistic healer using sound therapy, Reiki, guided meditations, counselling diploma skills and crystals. I trained with Debbi of Suara Sounds, and it is my wish to bring these sacred sounds to people, to encourage self healing and self empowerment, to bring peace and healing on their journey of spiritual growth. The combination of sound and visualisation is a very powerful healing tool, and also a deeply relaxing and enjoyable experience.

I am also a qualified nurse of over 30 years, working at Royal Cornwall Hospital, and I feel my vast medical experience compliments my holistic therapies.

During a sound therapy session, I check and re-balance the chakras which are linked to mental and physical issues. I use a variety of different frequency tuning forks, depending on your particular needs, and incorporate guided meditations to work at a deep level. It is a very relaxing and soothing experience, and amazing to witness how quickly clients respond and visibly relax, connecting to their higher selves, working with the mind and body to encourage self healing.

During a sound healing session, Sound resonance and entrainment are working together, resulting in harmony which in turn eases the demands on the body, aiding healing and rebalancing. There is a growing body of research and scientific evidence regarding sound healing that promotes it benefits. I use my tuning forks every day, for mental and physical well-being, particularly as it reduces my anxiety and insecurities. Our organs and cells have their own vibrational frequency, and when one is not functioning harmoniously it can have a negative effect on the whole mind and body. The vibrations of the weak areas of the body will lock into the strong vibrational frequency of the tuning forks (entrainment). 

I also have an interest in sexual issues, loss of libido, sexual blocks etc, and have had some very positive responses from my sound healing sessions.

Please call or e mail to discuss your needs without obligation. Sound healing can be used safely on all ages, children and animals.

Jan Seymour

tel: 07980816250



Hello to you my name is Carole Bedford and I am an Ambassador for Vibrational Sound Fork Healing. I qualified in March 2013 and have been working with sound therapy with great success and feel very passionate about the treatment ( see testimonials below). My clients have found this treatment to be very beneficial and have gained better health both physically and mentally. Following the completion of a recommended course of three treatments clients are advised to purchase their own 'OM' tuning fork and with my guidance learn to treat themselves on a daily basis thus keeping their vibration working to a higher level thus improving/maintaining their well being. Who wouldn't want to keep themselves in better health!?

Testimonial 1

During my first session I had a real feeling of a 'shift' within my body. It felt like a surge. I also felt warm sensations and slight twitching. Following my three sessions I felt 'lighter' and my energy levels have increased significantly and my stress and anxiety levels have almost disappeared. I was going through a particularly bad time at work and had been signed off with stress and anxiety. I am now back working and don't feel I would have achieved this without the therapy, I feel like I have a positive energy surrounding me and people have commented on how well I look and how I don't seem to get agitated anymore when things start to feel out of control especially at work which can be at times very challenging. I have purchased an OM fork and use this twice daily and really feel the benefits from doing this first thing in the morning and again in the evening, I also now sleep well having for many years had hours of insomnia.


Testimonial 2

I had Sound Fork Therapy because I suffer from 'Dystonia' that makes it difficult to swallow when eating, and my head shakes also at times. I was so amazed to find that during the first session, that my neck began to feel more relaxed, and my throat felt wider! I have not had any problem with choking while eating since and have been able to eat whatever I want - not just soft foods.!

I am feeling so good at the moment, as this became quite embarrassing for me to go out and enjoy a meal! I purchased an OM sounding fork and now treat myself on a daily basis.

Testimonials of - more relaxed, see things clearer, feel more positive, head has been empties of rubbish, felt calmer, at ease and floating along with each day, just being.

Most of my clients purchased an OM and now treat themselves daily. See some of them for 'top ups' of sound on a monthly or when the need is there and all are positive and believers in the Sound Fork Healing.

Thank you for taking the time to read my biography.

07977 599494


About Karen Black Sound Therapy: 

Karen was an Officer for the Metropolitain police for the first 17 years of her career and spent lots of her time working with women in distress from abuse of all kinds. As a result she became interested in helping women to cope in general and retrained as a Counsellor and specialised in drug and alcohol misuse. Today Karen trains counsellors as part of the Towerhouse Counselling training programme. She is fully insured and is a member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy and works withing its framework of confidentiality and is bound by its ethics. This year she completed her own training in Sound Therapy at the Suara Sound Academy in Cornwall. She has now combined her sound therapy practice with her skills in counselling to provide an extended therapy which she delivers by appointment only 12pm til 5pm Tuesdays to Fridays or other times by special arrangement at Towerhouse Counselling in Barnstaple, Littlebirds Therapy in Ilfracombe or at Raphael in Bideford. Karen's a warm and welcoming person with a very caring and human approach.

You can follow Karen on Facebook at 

Testimony from a client receiving a session from Karen:

If you feel out of sorts, unbalanced, exhausted, unwell or physically ill, stressed, confused, seek clarity around an issue or problem or would just like to relax and get more out of life then this one's for you.

Sound has been used as a healing or calming tool on its own for thousands of years throughout Asia in prayer and meditation, and is now used to promote relaxation and wellbeing and to work alongside orthodox medicine on all kinds of conditions such as on those with fertility issues, chronic pain, cancer, stress-related illnesses, IBS, ME, tinnitus, mild depression, anxiety and arthritis. It also helps rebalance emotions and calm a chattering mind and so helps you change unwanted thought patterns, enhance clarity and focus, bring new vitality and sense of wellbeing, enhance creativity, and improve sleep, concentration and communication resulting in better relationships. Karen has taken her Sound therapy practice a step further as she extends and maximises the effects of the Sound Therapy with the feedback and analysis time which follows immediately after the treatment when you are most relaxed , when the experience is still very fresh and when you are most open and therefore able to take steps safely in Karen's care to reach profound self knowledge and understanding. It's liberating.

When you've booked your appointment for your Sound Therapy session at one of the three treatment centres to suit you, Karen will send you a short health and wellbeing questionnaire which you'll need to complete beforehand so that when you arrive you won't need to spend any time form filling. Karen'll welcome you into a private treatment room where she'll talk about any specific aspects of your questionnaire which are important to the session and she'll explain how the session will work. She'll ask you to choose 4 of the 8 Solfeggio tuning forks used specifically for sound healing therapy. Solfeggio is the name given to the scale c to g as we know it, or do,re, mi, so, fa, la ti do. The notion is that each of these comes from the first syllable of each of the lines of a Gregorian hymn which translated means “So that we, the servants of the divine, may sing with tuned voices, and bring ourselves in resonance with the wonders of your vibrational universe”.

Once you have chosen your forks from the Solfeggio set you'll lie down on your back fully clothed on a comfortable and warm couch, propped up with pillows where required and covered in blankets to your requirements to keep you cosy and relaxed. You'll close your eyes and Karen will begin with a dowser to test the energy around each of your chakras, noting the results for discussion with you later. She'll then begin the Sound Therapy. She starts with the 'Om' tuning fork which is 'played' and listened to and then circled clockwise around each chakra, and Karen feels carefully for any energies which feel a bit sludgy or slow. She then uses a weighted 'Om' tuning fork to place on your feet and then on each of your chakras. She then plays the other tuning forks one by one , again listening and first and then circling around the 8 different points on the body representing each of the chakras starting with 3 forks which first Clear, then Cleanse and then Balance your energy flowing via your chakras and following with the 4 Solfeggio tuning forks you chose. The rebalancing effect of the therapy enables you to be in your proper energy, flowing through your meridians with no blockages,which brings healing, a process which is sometimes described as being akin to pressing your reset button. The sound of the forks as they vibrate is at first strange as it comes closer to your ears but as you get used to it the sound is soothing and you'll find yourself relaxing deeper and deeper as you get lost in the vibration of the sounds. You might feel a slight pressure as Karen places the forks on specific points of your body but otherwise you will only be aware of the hum of the tuning forks. After she has used the key Clear, Cleanse and Balance forks in all 8 positions Karen then repeats the whole process using each of the forks which you chose yourself, the significance and effects of which she'll set out for you afterwards to that it can bring you better self knowledge. When these forks have also been played you'll hear the sound of a small bell which marks the end of the treatment and you'll open your eyes and slowly begin to come back into the world from your deeply relaxed state. Karen will give you a glass of water and help you to sit up and you'll slowly move from the couch to a chair so that you can begin the feedback and analysis part of the session. She'll ask you how you found the treatment so that you can crystallise your experience and she'll then give you feedback on her findings from the dowsing of your chakras to the meaning of the forks your chose. You'll be amazed at how relevant and meaning ful this information is to your self view and to your view of your life and what's going on for you, and it'll be the catalyst for a conversation in which you'll have a new sense of clarity. 

I was surprised by the strength of what I got out of this treatment. Having had similar treatments to sound therapy in the past I was prepared for some deep relaxation, and possibly also some spiritual/meditative visualisation as I had had once before and in that respect I wasn't disappointed as it lived up to both. But what came out of the blue was in the second part of the treatment, the talking part, where any confusion I had about my sense of self was gone and I had the most profound sense of self understanding and knowledge , as if I had finally got to the bottom of something important - but like solving a riddle, once I had understood it, it seemed obvious and not half as important as I had thought. I left feeling as if a weight had been lifted from my shoulders and with a sense of knowing what to do and how to be. I slept very well over the following nights and felt generally safer and more grounded.

This is definitely a new and powerful kind of Sound Therapy treatment which comes out of Karen's unique combination of skills as a Sound Therapist and Counsellor so that she can help you reach into your own truth when you are most open to it. I'll definitely go back to see her in future when I feel underwhelmed, confused or in need of new energy or direction.


Hi my name is Claire Elizabeth

I am a qualified Yoga Teacher (FRYOG Dip) in Classical Indian Yoga and Pregnancy Yoga Teacher (Yoga Alliance). I am also a Suara Sound tuning fork therapist. It's all very exciting!!

I have to tell you about tuning forks, yes, tuning forks!! They are amazing. I discovered them in 2010 and really feel the bliss they help you to achieve.

They work on the principle that we all vibrate at a certain frequency. Everything is made of atoms which vibrate. Even you and I are made up of atoms. Atoms are the building blocks of the universe. They are very, very tiny particles. So by using different forks such as (136htz 'OM' and 528htz), some from the Solfeggio scale (Do, Re, Mi) as you may know them). We may be able alter our own frequency and literally tune ourselves to vibrate at a higher vibration.

When we vibrate at a higher frequency we can optimise all areas in our lives, becoming and speaking our inner truth. Opportunities come to us instead of us having to look for them and we can live contently in the present moment, the now. Our focus becomes clearer as we look to the things that allow us to grow, expand and move forward.

I myself have been using the sounds for nearly 2 years now and when used regularly I definitely feel the benefits. Since having a baby girl just over 10 weeks ago, life has been somewhat different you might say, amazing but different. It has been hard at times what with limited sleep and new processes to deal with and understand and a whole new little person to get to know and love. Recently I have been committed to using the forks each day, twice a day. What a difference they have made to my life. If situations occur that are bewildering I am able to take a step back and think rationally and objectively without becoming the drama and solving the issue in a calm manner. I am a much better girlfriend, mother, friend, daughter etc… because of this. Even with the sleep deprivation I am calm and at ease because I am functioning at a higher vibration that is deeply relaxed. When our beautiful daughter sleeps I still have the energy to do chores, paperwork or even do a spot of yoga which also aids the relaxation and helps my physical body to release residue tension and stress from my body. In turn my mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health is optimised and balanced so I can see, feel and be the joy in life.

‘Everything in Life is Vibration’ – Albert Einstein

At some point in our day we may listen to music and that music has the power to change the way we feel. We all have a favorite song or selection of songs that make us smile and can affect us in some way or other.

All therapies aim to cleanse and raise our frequencies (Reiki) They can be really effective and can be used in conjunction with other therapies as well, including yoga. I use the forks daily to start the day and when I get home to tune away any leftover stress from the day.

The sounds help the body and mind to relax and unwind. What I can only describe as feeling like a big content sigh of deep relaxation. Something we sometimes achieve after getting into a hot bath, or doing a yoga practice or meditation session. It is great preparation for deep meditation.

I feel very blessed to have found the forks, many thanks to the wonderful Debbi Walker. This is really just the beginning of my yoga and sound journey and I look forward to meeting lots of new people to share it with. I’d like to say a big thank you to Sheila Coombes for guiding me through my Yoga Teacher Training and Cherie Lathey on my Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training and all my amazing friends and family who have supported me on this path. I really do love my life and everyone that is in it. Thank you. xxx

Namaste x


07778 900566

Hi my name is Christina known as "Chrissie". I live in Woking , Surrey .

I am an SNU spiritual healer , Reiki Practioner , & qualified Sound Ambassador.

I was first introduced to the tuning forks in May 2013 when I met Debbi at a psychic fayre and little did I know how powerful they were and how they would change my life .

I no longer have pain from Rheumatoid arthritis and I am completely at peace with myself .

I would dearly love to share these sounds with you at any of my workshops or on a 1 to 1 consultation

You can reach me on 07778900566..

Or Email

I very much look forward to hearing from you and thank you for taking the time to read my biography


To lovely Debbi, Thank you for being the most amazing sound teacher ever! I was diagnosed with M.E. about four years ago, although I have been ill for many years without diagnosis, in fact I was told by many doctors that I had anxiety and depression which was causing all of my many symptoms brought on by panic attacks. In short I was put in the paranoid anxious woman category. My diagnosis for M.E. was found when I suffered pneumonia and was also told I had a tumour on my left lung which thankfully vanished when I used my utmost faith in God and self-healed my lungs. I have been through a lot of traumatic miserable and painful times and then this October 2014, I decided to give Debbi a ring to find out more about the tuning forks. I knew that Debbi had cured her own M.E. in the past which led me to the call. I was really worried about the money I would have to pay for the course but decided that my health and well-being were much more important than the money and so I booked the course and trusted. I didn’t know how I was going to get through the five days as I felt so ill. My partner did most things for me at home and I could only get comfortable on my high recliner with my legs elevated and with very limited noise as that would unbalance me even more. I felt like I had the flu every day and had just run a marathon, every part of me ached and I was completely weak. I once again put my utmost faith and trust in God and even stayed in a bed and breakfast place in Callington near Debbi whilst on the course. This journey for me was to heal myself and I knew it would, I knew I had to do this course. When I got there Debbi was bubbly, kind and caring.

I felt like I had always known her and felt the decision I had made was the right one instantly. As soon as I started using the forks on myself I felt much better day by day. I went to the woods and managed to sit on the ground and went to the Hurlers on the last day of the course and again managed to sit on the ground and walk quite a way too.

Everyone noticed the change in me and this has continued rapidly after the course too. I didn’t only see changes in my health but I also noticed changes in my mind set very rapidly. I now know that my soul purpose is a vibrational healer and helping others to heal their mind, body, spirit and soul. I have now passed my assessment and I am planning my life of sound and healing others and at the same time nurturing and caring for my own needs to be the healthiest, happiest and light person that I can be. I fork every day without fail and love to do it, I meditate every day too. Both of these things make me feel wonderful and positive. Since the course I have created and published my own Guidance Cards for Readings and I have started to do readings once again.

Debbi has also kindly taken me into her wonderful team at her Harmony Centre to do readings there once or twice a month. I just want to end this testimonial by saying that the Suara Sound Course was the beginning of my healing journey with sound and I know from my own personal guidance that I have received that there is big plans for me and I am now ready and excited to walk my path. Thank you special Debbi for your caring and your love. You have been and still are a big part of my healing journey. Much love darling x

To book an appointment with me:

07901 131410


Welcome, my name is Tracey of “Sacred Space Healing” and I live in Millbrook, South East Cornwall with my husband Ray and our two adorable Jack Russell’s Oscar and Kayna.

I am surrounded by the beauty of what is called “The forgotten corner of Cornwall” on the Rame Peninsular. It is here I like to be at one with nature either walking in the woods, coastal paths or beaches. This helps to balance my life and soul purpose of being a sound therapist and Domestic Abuse Support worker.

I have been supporting survivors of childhood sex abuse and domestic abuse for nearly ten years now. When I “found” the sounds at one of Debbi’s fayres I was blown away by what they could do. It was there my life’s path changed. 

I had always thought that being shouted at, put down, controlled and belittled had to have had, not only an emotional impact on one’s self esteem, but would leave you with physical dis-ease. Most of the women I had supported had illnesses such as fibromyalgia, ME, PTSD just to name a few. This to me was no coincidence. I knew I had to take the sounds to the women I worked with.

Since completing my therapy course with Debbi I have supported many victims of abuse to help them in their healing journey to become survivors. I use talking therapy alongside my tuning forks and chime pipes. For some people they need to understand and question their abuse so I am able to share my knowledge and experience in this field, (of which I hold various qualifications)

I have also worked with people to help rebalance their lives, clear their thoughts, quieting their chatterbox, enabling to feel deeply relaxed, speak out and gain confidence to change careers and successfully attend interviews. Anyone can have sound therapy as it is like a magical musical hug where I set the intention of peace and love. Why wouldn’t you want to try it?

Here is a sample testimonial: “ For some time I have been suffering with low level anxiety, felt internally out of balance and exhausted all the time. Nothing seemed to sort out the problem i.e. sleep, eating healthily, and swimming in the sea, walking on the moors or by the sea, holidays… Since the therapy all these symptoms have gone! My body feels peaceful and in balance and my energy has returned and my head has cleared!”....This was after just one session, although others have needed more. All treatments are different and individually tailored to ones needs.

If you wish to talk to me about anything regarding working with me please contact me on: or call on 07949749226

Love, light and blessings. Tracey J


My name is Diane and I live in Kent with my husband and young son. Six years ago I was working in the Corporate world in London, earning a good income, but my soul was not singing, I felt unhappy, incomplete and suffocated. I knew if I didn't leave illness would manifest as I wasn't serving my higher self. So I left that life, got a part-time job locally, and put myself through college studying Beauty and Holistic Therapy. I always knew the beauty angle was not my chosen path, but this needed to be followed to open the doors into the holistic world.

I then worked as an Holistic Therapist and also embarked on my own personal healing experience. During this journey l developed a curiosity with sound and vibrational energy. I studied this further and qualified as a certified Sound Therapist in January 2013 in the form of tuning forks. I then studied the advanced course in February 2015.

Even before physically hearing these sounds, I knew them. They were woven in my DNA waiting for me to awaken. I know I have worked with these joyous ancient tones in a previous life as a High Priestess in Egypt working closely with the energy of Isis.

How do the sounds work? The sounds work on a vibrational level. Every atom, particle, molecule is energy, it has a constant vibration and frequency. This includes the organs, cells, bone, tissue and liquid in our bodies, including electromagnetic fields ( Aura). If some part of us is not resonating at the right frequency we become out of balance, which may lead to illness. The frequencies I work with, on a cellular level, are able to release old patterns of thinking and beliefs working on a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level. You will become in balance and aligned with a greater consciousness, resonating at the right vibration for you.

I work intuitively with the sounds with both adults and children (especially good for Autism, ADHD and Aspergers) and have achieved great sucess. Below are two testimonials:

"Since my sessions I find myself radiating with happiness and fulfilment. The treatments have been deep, calming and sensational. I have loved everyone and feel thoroughly cleansed. Diane is an inspirational , gentle and pure therapist , whom I trust implicitly. I loved the treatments so much I have now purchased my own OM. Absolutely beautiful, thank you."

"When I had my miscarriage , the guilt I felt was unbearable. I put on weight and also didn't lose this weight after my second child, punishing myself. I feel I have been able to face my emotions regarding this through my sessions with Diane. I am now much more positive about myself, started to lose weight, I feel happy and balanced. Even my husband has commented I am more like my old self! Thank you"

If you are interested and would like to find out more about how these joyous sounds can work for you please email me at or call 07912226366.



Hello, my name is Lisa Mechen and I come originally from Lancashire. After spending a number of years in Gibraltar, I eventually settled in my spiritual home Plymouth.

While in Plymouth I began my holistic journey with my first course in Spiritual Healing. The decision to start my journey was an easy one after being told I was a third generation healer, with my mother and grandmother inheriting the gift before me.

Healing and energy work became my absolute passion and I wanted to learn every aspect of it. Therefore I embarked on a quest and not long after I started training in Colour Therapy, Reiki – Master Teacher Level, Virtue - Angel Practitioner, Indian Head Massage, Counselling Level 1 and most recently EFT (qualifying).

It was while I was at a MBS fayre in Torquay offering my therapies many moons ago I met my now very good friend Debbi Walker. We clicked immediately and I knew from that moment I had found a lifelong friend, and my next spiritual teacher.

The world of ‘Sound’, what a fantastic healing revelation it was to me. The tuning forks became (and still are) my fifth limb, an amazing tool of vibratory magic that I fell in love with. So many different forks giving various vibratory frequencies, I soon realised their enormous healing potential and how they could greatly benefit the health of every living thing. My clients have had tremendous benefits from the forks helping them by diminishing migraines, elevating stress symptoms to assisting the accelerated healing of a knee replacement.

In 2014 I furthered my teaching in sound therapy with Debbi’s - Suara Sound Advance Tuning Fork Practitioner Course. This teaching further cemented my passion and wish that one day I may become a ‘Teacher of Sound’ at Debbi’s hand. This wish would carry on my dream of helping more people learn about healing themselves and facilitating healing in others.

Love and blessings



Yoga, sound therapy and coaching for me is the happy outcome of a lot of personal development and actively managing change in my own life.

I began life coaching in an informal way back in the mid 90’s when I was Team Leader and part of the role was helping colleagues handle personal development and change. 

Early in 2000 I was the Graduate Training Officer for Rolls Royce, coaching and supporting trainees to achieve chartered engineer status. Later, I studied Personal Performance Coaching and neuro-linguistic programming and qualified as an NLP Practitioner. I also began my journey into alternative therapies in 2001 when I became a Reiki practitioner and have practiced yoga for over 20 years.

Holistic therapy is my third successful career change after a period of working within Training & Development and then qualifying in Project Management before leaving my employer of 15 years to take stock of where I was in life and where I wanted to be.

This is when I qualified as a Yoga Instructor & Therapist (YA 200hrs & Reps 3), Health & Fitness (CYQ), Spiritual Mentoring & Causal Healing, Sound Healing (affiliated with BCMA & INHA) and now BTEC Level 5 in Soft Tissue Therapy and also Ayurveda to compliment my yoga therapy. I find that the most effective method of creating positive, permanent change into your life is to have a holistic approach. One that incorporates many aspects of health promoting behaviours, together with a re-assessment of how you perceive the world and interact with it and ironing out those kinks that have appeared in the emotional, mental or physical body. It’s for this reason that I have my continued professional development planned for the next 2 years in Fascial Release and Structural Balance and Yoga Teacher Training in the Vinyasa Krama discipline. So you see, I am a driven individual and take CPD seriously.

Working with the tuning forks is a very special practice, which I enjoy immensely for myself or when supporting others through challenging times or simply to provide them a place to retreat and relax.

After living most of my life in Bristol, I now live in Somerset, enjoying the loveliness of nature which feeds me on a spiritual level. I enjoy travel, skiing, sea kayaking, paddle boarding and I want to learn to sail. In June 2015 I skydived for charity.

Chris Headland, 22 Pioneer Terrace Bedlingto, Northumberland NE22 5PW. Part two of my career commenced with leaving social work after twenty years. I was then able to develop a more holistic approach to working with people helping them find their path . Training initially in Reiki, then Sound and in 2004 then followed Hypnotherapy, Crystals Mantra and Chant, Meditation, Life path Coaching Sacred Drumming and Drum making and Shamanic Healing.

Tuning forks have been part of my healing therapies for thirteen years I wanted to gain more depth to this skill, training to be a Sound Ambassador in 2016 with Debbie has immensely expanded my work with tuning forks so much so I will be taking her advanced course later in the year because I feel so passionate about them.

Home visits available or from my home Website or e mail tel 01670 222735. To discuss this form of healing or to make an appointment.


Dr. Debbie Tallis, PhD

Tel: 01395 516528 or 07940 590722

Sidmouth, Devon

Having trained and qualified with Debbi in Tuning Fork Sound Healing I am excited to be using these Vibrational tools with those drawn to work with me.

I came into energy work after a long illness having worked in academia and then being called to the Bar. I realised that my body had stopped me in my tracks so I had to listen to it and tried different alternative therapies to help myself.

Using Vibrational therapy in the form of Tuning Forks and Gongs along with other therapies I have experienced and learnt has allowed me use my skills in facilitating others with whatever they need to address. Sound can help release anything that no longer serves a person. I can use Sound and/or other therapies on a 1:1 basis or in workshops.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like any further information, I look forward to hearing from you:


About Sally-Anne

I am Sally-Anne Rees and I am a Simple Soul. I have a huge love for animals, travel and delicious food! I'm an experienced and qualified Animal Communicator, Reiki Practitioner, Sound Therapist, Stress Management Practitioner / Instructor and EFT Practitioner. I am also a qualified Yoga Teacher and Yoga Therapist. I have a strong passion for supporting people to sort through the fogginess in their lives and return to their true selves, as well as a commitment to helping animals to reach their natural state of balance.

In truth, for most of my life I always felt a little bit lost. I have done things very differently to others and have struggled to find my place in the world. I've led an interesting life, full of many ups and many downs. Along with most people, I have experienced some incredible moments coupled with some pretty dark times! As I write this however, I have nothing but gratitude for every experience I've had. Along with the treatments I offer, those experiences have all led me to this very moment - a moment which is peaceful and balanced. If I hadn't lived the life I had and came out the other side then I would not be qualified to offer the services of Simple Soul: a business I have dreamed about for a long time.

My intention is simple, as is my approach:

I will see you and I will stand with you and support you to see yourself again.

From my Simple Soul to yours.

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