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What are my Suara Sounds?

My sounds and music are not notes per se in the meaning of the scale most musicians use today, ie, A B C D E F G.

Many of my sounds are channelled to me when I am in deep meditation, I then have them made into tuning forks or tubular chime pipes and these are very well received from students and clients alike.

There appears to be a wholeness to the sounds as they blend with each other. Some of my CD's are the chimes, some music based on my channelled sounds, with some having the blending of the pipe or tuning forks through the music. Others also have my voice which I tone around the music as it touches my heart and Soul.

My music is produced and created for me by Josiah Manning of Momentum Studios in Plymouth, Devon. Josiah and I have been creating my sounds into CD for 5 years now. We work well together.

My sister website is and all my music will be available for download from that site by summer 2016. The site is being designed for me by Paradigm Productions.

Coming soon is a Meditation and Relaxation series which I have carefully written and recorded to embrace many of people's needs during our busy lives. Will publish more on this as it becomes available.


The following CD's are available for immediate download.

Please visit and purchase from there.

FREE downloads of the Still Point CD and Ocean Healing Lament

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