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Investment £999


Gold Archangel Harmony Tuning Fork (9 tuning forks)

2 Manuals



Triple CD of Archangel Harmony, Metatron and Sandalphon

You will need the Om Tuning Fork

Explore the channelled sacred sounds of the Archangels in this 5 day certificated Tuning Fork Sound Therapist Course. These tones are bespoke to Suara Sound Academy. No experience is needed as full training is given.

The Archangels wish to be heard and offer their vibrations so a depth of healing of Mind, Body, Spirit and Soul can occur on Earth at this time for you, family, friends, fact all of mankind. For our Beloved Mother Earth and Ocean's...personal space and distance healing.

You will connect deeply into your Core to the Sacred Harmony Vibrations of Archangel Michael, Raphael, Chamuel, Gabriel, Uriel, Jophiel and Raguel, Sandalphon and Metatron. You will then learn giving a beautiful Archangel Harmony Tuning to others, Mother Earth and our Oceans, physically and distantly.

We will also work with other percussion instruments and you will be taught how to do a gentle sound bath with tubular chimes and other instruments.

Case studies will need to be completed before certification can occur and an assessment.

Email or PM to book your place and for a booking form

In love and blessings xxx


Vibration of Protector of the Truth and of Gods Love for you

Oversees Gods mission on earth

Protection, courage, strength, truth and integrity

Cuts cords, ties and attachments

Slays EGO and fear

Looks after us, our loved ones, cars, belongings, what we do

Helps find Life purpose, lovingly seeing our human life mission

Shields from shadow energy that is not for our highest good

Allows commitment, motivation and dedication to our beliefs, courage, direction, energy, vitality, self-esteem, worthiness

Following our truth

Helps us to be faithful to who we are

Guides us

Call on him when making life changes


Vibration of healing for ALL mankind, Mother Earth,

Beloved Universe

Brings God’s healing light to the world

Patron of Travellers and journeys

Purity of healing felt

Healing and Calming

Sweet, loving, kind and gentle

Spirit releasement and space clearing

Bringing unity to our life

Healing of past lives

Helps reintegrate lost Souls

Aids healing addictions and cravings

Brings balance and unity

Finds pets


Vibration of unconditional Love for all of existence

Pure love

Lifts us to find love in our heart

Renew and improve all relationships

Builds foundations for lasting loving connections

Equal and harmonious liaisons

Strengthens parent and child bind

Helps with world peace

Career, life purpose

Finding lost items


Vibration of pure light messages from God, Divine Love, embracing the Feminine beauty in everything

Sacred Divine Feminine

Pregnancy and conception

Vsited Mary to proclaim she was with child

Messenger of God to bring messages to us

Helps to heal the sacred Temple of Sacral energy

Purifies body, mind, spirit and Soul

Receive visions of angelic guidance regarding the direction we are going in

Life purpose involving the arts or communication

Helps us to find our true calling

Directs to the right path, home, work, people, places


Vibration of Joy and Wisdom, feeling the beauty of life within your heart

Art and beauty

Joy and laughter

Patron of artists, helping with artistic projects

Thinking beautiful thoughts

Helps to see the beauty in all things, including people.

Gives balance to life

lluminates our creative spark by giving us ideas and energy to

carry out artistic ventures.

Connection to the sleeping Soul, awakening through the Higher Self

Greater wisdom to be revealed in such joy

Gain insight to the questions you wish to ask to move forwards


Vibration of Peaceful solutions for mankind and our beloved planet and Universe

Peace in the World

Shining light, illuminating shadow

Intellectual information, practical solutions and creative insight

Gives prophetic information and warnings

Answers prayers for clarity and illuminates answers

Divine magic and spiritual understanding

Helps with studies and writing

Call in to help heal earth and climate changes


Vibration of fairness and all things equal

As Above, So Below

As Within, So Without

Justice and Fairness

Helps to be Empowered and respected

Resolve arguments

Supports those unfairly treated

Provides support with mediation of disputes

Leads to harmony and forgiveness

Harmony in discord

Watches over the other Archangels


Vibration of the Keeper of Life of mankind, Mother Earth and the Universe

Second only to God

Chancellor of Heaven

Angel of the Presence

Supreme Angel of Death

Shown the Secrets of Creation

Bridge between Heaven and Earth

In Heaven to scribe the records of everything that happens on earth

Keeps the Akashic records, the "Book of Life"

Chief recorder in Heaven

In charge of recording and organizing all the records

Gifts us with Sacred Geometry, building blocks of Life

Metatron’s Cube contains all 5 platonic solids

(Air, Water, Fire, Earth, Spirit)

Earth life as Enoch


Vibration of pure Sound and Music of the Spheres and of God’s creation

Carries human prayers to God so they may be answered

Protector of Mother Earth

Patron of musicians

Master of Music and Sound

Anchoring light into the earth and our light body

Life on earth as the Prophet Elijah

Amber Jacobs - Southgate

Nicky Sproson

Archangel Harmony Tuning Fork Sound Practitioner Course



Welcome to Archangel Harmony channelled tones and vibrations. I am delighted to bring them to you in the form of tuning forks, so for the first time you can actually listen and hear the vibrations of the beloved Archangels.

How did the Archangel Harmony come about?

My work is always very guided and I was ‘asked’ by my inner wisdom of Divine Guidace, if you like, if I would ‘tune in’ to receive the frequencies of the Archangels and then have them made into tuning forks. I was somewhat reluctant as I have never really been drawn to working with angels per se, despite having a strong connection to God and all Universal energy. One thing I soon realised is if the Archangels wish to work with you, then that is exactly what you will do. So one quiet morning, following doing a deep sound meditation practice, I received the frequencies. Which I duly made into tuning forks. That said though, they sat on the side for a few weeks until I was ready to use them.

Being pragmatic with my sounds and what I channel, I will always test and measure effectiveness of the energy vibration of my tones. So I allowed myself a couple of hours and decided to ask for the Archangels to help me with something that had been going on for many years, a very important legal matter. The matter looked as though it would be going on for about another 12 months and we were no nearer to resolution at the time.

I used the Archangel Harmony tuning forks with guidance and intuition, based on the method I teach on my Tuning Fork Sound Therapy Courses.

I focused on the matter in hand and each quality of the Archangel blended itself with this to release that which served me no longer. I felt very peaceful and tranquil afterward, accepting of what will be, will be.

Within 24 hours, the matter resolved. I received a phone call and email to say the matter was now finished. I was amazed and so relieved. I thanked the Archangels and God from my heart. Results will vary for sure, as it is whatever is right for your highest good at that time, yet coupled with strong sacred vibrations, it may fastrack what is meant to be.

Since then, I have used Archangel Harmony for many things in my life. A physical injury to my knee, a torn meniscus healed completely, after being told I would need surgery to fix it as it would not heal. We are also allowing the flow of big life changes to occur and know we are Divinely overseen. I work with their energy often as they are so gentle, yet very powerful.

I have a certificated course which is a standalone qualification in its own right and can see how these tones will be such a compliment to other angelic modalities that are available.

The Archangel Harmony consists of the Archangels Michael, Raphael, Chamuel, Gabriel, Jophiel, Uriel, Raguel, Sandalphon and Metatron. I am aware there are many others, however these are the Archangels for this time. 

Archangel Michael * Archangel Raphael * Archangel Chamuel

Archangel Gabriel * Archangel Jophiel * Archangel Uriel

Archangel Raguel * Archangel Sandalphon * Archangel Metatron

How to use the Archangel Harmony Tuning Forks for healing

Allow the sacred vibrations of the Archangels blend with the vibrations of your own core essence. Allowing the purity of each Archangel to embrace you feeling a sense of kinship with Divine Love and Grace, with God. As you are bathed in the light frequencies of each energy you will begin to let go of anything not serving you, setting your intention that you gracefully surrender to the help of the Archangels and God. This allows them to help you as you have willingly asked for their help and guidance. They can now begin to work with you to allow what needs to occur for your highest good.


Firstly, use the OM and do the Clear Cleanse Balance method with your auric field and energy centres, your chakras, this prepares you for the Archangel Harmony tones. Once this has been done:

The first tuning fork is Archangel Michael. You begin with him as appropriate as he will enable you to cut and dissolve ties, cords and attachments to people, places, events, situations etc that no longer serve you. This is how you do it:

1. Listen to the sounds. Strike the tuning fork and allow it to play out fully in one ear and then strike again and do it to the other ear. Take your time and whilst you are listening allow the sacred energy of Archangel Michael to blend with yours. When this feels complete and you feel relaxed go to number 2:

2. Strike the tuning fork and then begin to bring the fork from your crown chakra all the way to the feet as though you are cutting any ties, cords or attachments. Start at the front of your body and move out to the left and the right sides. Set your intention that the action you make at the front, also releases the back. Do this action slowly and mindfully. You may have a focused intent of something you wish to release or allow it to be generic

You may feel a pulling or sensation of becoming freer or lighter by doing this action. See all ties, cords and attachments being dissolved with unconditional love and returned to the point of delivery , which is then sealed with this love from Archangel Michael and God

“Let no man recreate what God has taken away.”

When you have absorbed this concept:

3. Listen again and allow the vibrations to penetrate your mind, body, spirit and Soul. Take your time

4. Use Archangel Michael as in the Clear Cleanse Balance method to outline auric field and then come up through each chakra. Do this slowly and mindfully. Take your time

You may also use this method to cut ties, cords and attachments towards this life, past Lives, Karmic influences affecting your life of now, and ancestral memory patterns.

5. After using Archangel Michael, then play each of the Archangels Harmony tuning forks as in the Clear Cleanse Balance method, beginning with whichever Archangel Harmony you are drawn to for intended healing. Then you can cherry pick which one or ones you wish to use in your practice

Once you have completed using the Archangel Harmony Vibrations you may wish to sit and just be in the quiet place of contemplation knowing full well you have the love of all the Divine Archangels embracing and surrounding you.

Here are the accompanying prayers I have written for each Archangel Harmony.


"Who is like God", "Like unto God", "Who is like the Divine"


Beloved Archangel Michael I call upon you to use your Sword of Truth to cut away cords, attachments and all ties I am holding onto from unwanted sources and origins, be them of past, present or future towards any person's, situations, deeds, acts, contracts, events, debts, Karmic influences, ancient memory patterns and all else that serves me no longer for my highest good.

As each cord is cut it is released with Divine Love and Grace so all energy is returned by Divine vibration to the point of delivery and the cord connected to me now vibrates in love only and is ethereally dissolved.

By your grace and protective Force I feel safe and nurtured. I feel you enfold your Mighty Wings around me as I tread through life and your care, strength, courage and protection walks with me always.

When I travel I call upon you to keep me at safe all times so I travel well and unhindered. I know your care is with me at all times guiding my way forward with ease.

Thank you for your loving care and protection for my precious life as I walk in strength due to your angelic love and protective care for me.


"Healing power of God", "The Divine has healed", "God heals"


Beloved Archangel Raphael I call upon you to heal and soothe all burdens I am carrying towards my health and wellbeing of my mind, my body, my spirit and my soul. I ask you lovingly to send peace and Healing to anything physical within my body that is not in harmony whether it obvious or not.

I ask you to lovingly send peace and healing to any emotions I am carrying that create a dissonance within my body and mind that are holding me back from living my life purpose. I ask you to lovingly send peace and healing to my mental health allowing my EGO, my chatterbox, to feel your bountiful healing and love, creating Harmony of my mind.

I ask you to lovingly soothe and heal my heart, my spirit and my Soul which at times may feel weary from life’s journey. Replenish me with your healing love and light so know my own healing strength from my beginning.

I asked you to bathe and soothe your healing love for each one of my energy centres, my chakras and auric field; my root, my sacral, my Solar plexus, my heart, my throat, my third eye and my crown, so unity and balance with all aspects of my life and loves blend with pure divine healing energy from you Beloved one.


"He who sees God", "He who seeks God"


Beloved Archangel Chamuel, I call upon you to offer Your Blessings of love, compassion and kindness to me, and to All. To soothe all that need soothing with your gentle nurturing love.

As I feel your loving wings enfold me, I feel God's love blend through you, deep into my Core. I know I am always cared for and loved by a greater Source of Divine Love and Grace than any human confines I may feel on the earth plane.

The love I feel from you is unconditional, so warm and giving. I am bathed in eternal lovelight from you and from God. I carry this love in my body, my mind, spirit and my soul. Every cell of my body resonates with the depth of love and kindness from Divine Source.

In my beginning of existence only pure love existed and I return to this place of loving embrace in my dreamstate. I feel the wondrous Love offering kindness and nurturing for me and for all others I meet. I feel you walk with me on my life path and I know I am truly loved by God and by all.


"Strength of God"; "The Divine is my strength"; "God is my strength"


Beloved Archangel Gabriel I call upon you in times of need to connect to my spiritual quest in life and at the times to realise my true calling of my life purpose here at this time. Help me to understand the messages I receive from Divine Source.

I call upon you help make sense of my visions, dreams and Ancient prophecies by encouraging and enhancing my communication with you and God's will for me. These realisations flow with ease of understanding under your expert guidance. I open my ears and listen to your answers in the form of sacred messages and I see signs which gives reason to my questions and as I walk through life I know the truth, strength and power is a result of your communication with me which enters into my own self-seeking truth and purpose.

All becomes clearer and my mindset knows anything in the way of sacred communication with you will be transmuted into love and a sense of free communication is felt. I embrace your gift of working with all arts and know my pathway with this becomes clear in all ways.


"Beauty of God"


Beloved Archangel Jophiel I call upon you as I see the beauty in all things including people, situations, events, acts and deeds. I call upon you to bring total joy and laughter into my life and as I seek the pleasure of my Soul's wisdom and higher self-awakening pathway.

I feel your presence deep within me and around me as you embrace me in your wings of Divine Beauty.

I call upon you to create a pathway of artistic alchemy of all kinds from all types of artistic mediums so my creative core is stimulated. I embrace all wisdom and insight connecting deeply to my truth and I call upon you when I need my life path to become clear and into focus.

I am able to see the beauty in everyone's Soul so all dissonance and disharmony will disappear, leaving all relationships to be created with pleasure, and are harmonious.

I see the beauty of my own Soul and I am deeply connected to my highest purpose in life.

I call upon you for the deepest of Wisdom and intellect that you can bestow onto mankind, and I create the wisdom in such depth of beauty to my core strength. I see the beauty God sees in me and in turn those I love will see their beauty reflected in my eyes in unconditional divine beauty. The eyes are the gateway to the Soul, so we connect on the deepest Soul level.


"God is light", "God's light", Fire of God"


Beloved Archangel Uriel I call upon you to bring peace and illumination to my world and to the world that I live. Your calming illumination shines light of hope to all parts of me that embrace the brightness of your light. This will heal and shine through all shadows and darkness of myself and Beloved Mother Earth.

Your light can heal and soothe all corners of the planet that has been shaken or moved by natural incidences, including earthquakes, floods and volcanos. Help these places to find peace and all affected to also feel peace and illumination in their hearts.

Let me accept all guidance from you about my internal and external world and I am led by you for resolution in this if there is an imbalance of either.

I feel your magnificent wings embrace me in total nurturing peace, and in doing so I bring this peace deep into my heart. This then can be felt heart to heart to all I come into contact as my heart sings for The Peace of All Mankind.

I receive all insights and spiritual understanding from you and feel the depths of all prophetic knowledge and wisdom to be illuminated and acted upon in my life’s journey.


"Friend of God"


Beloved Archangel Raguel, I call upon you for the strength of creating Justice and fairness in my world and in all the world. I ask all harmony is restored to all unfair and unjust situations and allow Divine Universal truth and integrity to be restored.

All divine will and order is recreated as I call upon empowerment and respect towards any situation that needs to be healed due to an injustice or unfairness towards me or any of my loved ones.

I create harmony where there is dispute or misunderstanding, allowing forgiveness, peace, calmness and healing to occur at Soul level.

Allow all feuds and disagreements to be healed and transmuted back into Love by The Divine love and Grace as your wings gently embrace me. Let no man create any other dissonance where God has created harmony as I stand in my power and strength.

I call upon you when I wish to make life-changing decisions for myself ensuring a just and fair way forward that is guided, and my own truth lines my pathway, for an outcome reflecting my greatest good with God. I release with your love and blessing all conflicts I feel towards myself, people, places, events, situations, Karmic, ancient or ancestral, including conflict of past lives and present life.

Allow all words of dissonance towards me over all life times be returned with Divine Grace to the point of delivery and the connection released embracing self-respect and empowered love. Let Justice and fairness prevail in all aspects of life creating complete Harmony and balance of my mind, body, spirit and Soul. My heart is free.


“Prophet and scribe Enoch”


Beloved Archangel Metatron I embrace your presence as the Divine Scholar and Scribe of all heavenly secrets and records of life here on earth and of the heavens.

You have recorded my Akashic records and know of my life path on this journey here at this time and I seek to be guided in truth of my precious pathway, so it may be of ease and in loving kindness as I step in surety with one foot in front of each other.

As you sit next to the Divine throne I connect to your loving embrace I feel you and God guiding and supporting my way forward.

I call forth your Divine Wisdom as The Scribe of all existence, of the ancient and modern world from the past, the present and future, connecting to my ancient knowing and to scribe for myself the words God wishes me to write to pass on to mankind at this time, embracing it as my duty.

I embrace thoughts of your loving Intent to my heart, which can be felt deeply, as your truth is in countenance with God's truth, therefore my Truth is From God’s will for me.

As the Chancellor of Heaven I feel your hand of love balances my work and play, my ebb and flow as it is created within my life.

All aspects of my life are overseen by your hand, written on my scroll of existence, for which I give thanks. I know I call upon you in times of need.


“Prophet Elijah”


Beloved Archangel Sandalphon, I call upon you so you may take my heart felt sounds, vibration, prayers and words to God so they may be answered by Divine right.

I am in service to God spreading the sounds and Vibrations and call upon you to touch the hearts and souls of those who hear your call to come and listen and learn sound or music of which you are the Patron of.

Your loving embrace I feel deeply as you blend with me and I call upon you to create guidance whenever I sing, create, channel or feel the music of life in my Soul and in deep in my heart.

Your love and angelic protection of our Beloved Mother Earth I feel and connect to and I pray that I'm able to help and raise her Vibration by music, sound and song.

In love and blessings always

Debbi xxx


This course has left me speechless. I know when I returned to my reality the forks will work its vibrational magic. On the whole the course was full of knowledge, wisdom and awakening of internal vibrations.

Profoundly beautiful and very safe and balancing. I went very deeply into all the experiences, savouring all the Archangel harmony frequencies and felt very joyous and balanced.

An awesome course which the energy builds over the duration of the course. Debbi has created a unique and wonderful experience. Debbi teachers with truth and love - thank you, and thank you to all the wonderful people who shared this course.

Truly an amazing 4 days w up here heaven and earth came together. The angel sounds are so strong and healing. I would recommend this course to anyone and everyone, you will not regret it. Days of such power and responses to many questions. I feel blissed out, yet also ready to ‘bring it on’ to move forward-watch this space.

What an amazing course, had such a wonderful time. Really didn’t know how or what to expect and it exceeded all expectations, really really wonderful, thank you so so much.

Thank you for the best few days of my life. A wonderful combination of tuning forks, yourself and the archangels – awe inspiring and pure bliss.

Love love loved the course. The only way to describe Debbi’s teachings is she holds a lantern to guide each student to their own pathway, keeping the lantern aloft with her knowledge so we can always see the light and know the way to return after we walk path of learning with the tuning forks. I’ve loved angels ever since I found out angels do not belong to certain religions, they belong to everyone, and everyone can invite them into their life and they really want to help us become the best person we can be. This course is help me heal old wounds, old hurts, calmed past and present fears and see myself as the person I am now and who I will be. Thank you Debbi it’s been an absolute pleasure.

Wow what an amazing course. Debbi gave us all so much love and reassurance making me feel totally at ease with the course. And what a course or should I say what a journey, because for me that is exactly what it was. A journey of self-discovery as well as journey with the archangels. And the journey doesn’t stop at the end of the course because in reality it feels as though it’s just beginning. It has been such an honour, I feel truly blessed.

Not only mind blowing, but mind body spirit awakening to, on so many levels. I’ve never really connected with the Archangels before but oh boy have I connected with them now. I leave the course feeling totally clear, focused, loved and held. For the first time in my life I feel connected with the angelic realm and I will be immersing myself in the sounds of the angelic harmony fully and with an open loving and grateful hearts. Thank you so much Debbi for channelling the Angels in a way that makes them accessible.

Archangel Harmony

“Not only mind blowing but mind, body and spirit awakening too, on so many levels. I have never really connected with the Angels before, oh boy have I connected with them now! When I arrived my body felt tight with grief and overwhelmed with all that has been going on with my life. I am leaving totally clear, focused, loved and held. For the first time in my life I feel connected with the Angelic Realm and I will be immersing myself in the sounds of the Angelic Harmony fully and with an open, loving and grateful heart. Thank you so much Debbi for channelling the Angels in a way that makes them accessible to all.” PG Devon

Metatron and Sandalphon

“OK, so this takes it to yet another level-stratospheric!! I can’t begin to find the words for how powerful and healing this day alone has been. I’ve had such a incredible clearing and so many incredible insights. It will take me awhile to integrate the downloads, so I shall make the space and time I have been guided to allow myself to do just that. A powerful, transforming healing system in its own right, Metatron and Sandalphon are quite simply a kick ass combination”. PG Devon

Archangel Harmony

“Well! Wow what an amazing course! Thank you so much Debbi! Debbi gave us all so much love and reassurance making me feel totally at ease with the course. And what a course or should I say journey, because for me that was exactly what it was. A journey of self-discovery as well as the journey with the archangels. And the journey doesn’t stop at the end of the course, because in reality it feels as if is only just beginning. So thank you again Debbi, Archangels blessings to all. It has been an honour and I do feel truly blessed”. DB Somerset

Archangel Harmony

“Love love loved the course!

The only way to describe Debbi’s teachings is that Debbi holds a lantern to guide each student to their own pathway, keeping the lantern aloft with her knowledge, so, we can always see the light and know the way to return after we walk path of learning with the tuning forks. I have loved Angels ever since I found out about Angels and they don’t belong to certain religions and that they belong to everyone and everyone can invite them into their life and they really want to help us become the best person we can be. This course is help me heal old hurts, calmed past and present fears and see myself the person I am now and who I will be. Thank you Debbi it has been an absolute pleasure”. AH Wiltshire

Metatron and Sandalphon

“The energies of each Archangel was very different. Metatron had a lot to say and sandalphon, so gentle. I was given visions of my future path and I’m very excited to return home and share these wonderful sounds which nurture heal and inspire. I also can’t wait to see the major changes that are coming this year and next. Thank you Debbi.” AH Wiltshire

Archangel Harmony

“Thank you for the best few days of my life with wonderful combination of tuning forks yourself and archangels. All inspiring and pure bliss”. LM


Archangel Harmony

“What an amazing course. Such a wonderful time. I did not know how or what to expect yet it exceeded all expectations – really, really wonderful, thank you so so much! It was nice to meet like-minded people and feel the energies with them really connected. Once again a big thanks to everyone on the course footing everyone the very best on their journey and many blessings for the course. Thank you Debbi”. KR Hereford

Archangel Harmony

“A truly amazing three days. Heaven and earth came together. The angel sounds are so strong and healing. I would recommend this course to anyone and everyone, you will not regret it. Debbi is an amazing teacher and guide and I can’t wait until the next course.” CN Wiltshire

Metatron and Sandalphon

“A day of power and responses to my questions. I feel blissed out but also really ready to bring it on to move forward so watch this space.” CN Wiltshire

Archangel Harmony

“An awesome course. It is a wonderful opportunity to experience the sounds in a group setting. The energy builds over the duration of the course creating a unique and wonderful experience. I am a practitioner have taken the advanced course, so I work regularly with the sounds. But the opportunity to focus on these beautiful sounds in a group over three days is an utter privilege. We are all united in one sound, beautiful. Authentic and lovely. Thank you Debbi.” AB Hampshire

Metatron and Sandalphon

“Another wonderful day, the sounds do their work and bring in divine energy. Another journey is shared wonderful people. Your a joy to be with Debbi as you teach with truth and love. It is my privilege to be able to share this work in Hampshire and also thank you for this wonderful part of my spiritual and physical health and well-being. Thank you and thank you to the wonderful people who shared this course.” AB Hampshire

Archangel Harmony

“The course has left me speechless. I know when I returned to my reality the forks will work its vibrational magic. On the whole the whole course was full of knowledge and wisdom and awakening of internal vibrations. Thank you Debbi, the Archangels and Ascended Masters.” MJ Bristol

Archangel Harmony

“Amazing amazing amazing! What a week I have had a blissful time and met some wonderful people. Very powerful energy, but gentle at the same time and felt very comforting”. MS Plymouth

Metatron and Sandalphon

“OMG!! What a wonderful course and tuning forks. So loving but so powerful. It was wonderful to give and receive healing which was so insightful and I felt like going home to source. Thank you for all you do Debbi”. MS Plymouth

Archangel Harmony

“Every element of the course has been wonderful, well-planned, well placed, nurturing, enlightening, in fact life changing once more. I leave this week feeling very excited about the future that has yet to unfold with the sounds stop I know they are about to become an integral part of my vocational mission. Debbi your passion dedication, faith, knowledge and expertise all overflow to wash over your students, empowering us with the same belief in ourselves that we can begin to be in service to our clients these most amazing tools that are the forks thank you.” LW Cornwall

Archangel Harmony

“Amazing, deep healing three days. Every Archangel vibration did affect me in many different ways. I felt so relaxed and back to well-being. Blissful and deeply healing.” CM Kent

Metatron and Sandalphon

“Wow! Birthing of my light body back to the light, back home, meeting with my sole family. Getting replenished and renewed. Just amazing. Blissed out. Thank you Debbi such a pleasure your presence, your bubbly personality.” CM Kent

Archangel harmony

“A fantastic three days connecting with the archangels. I did know what to expect I’ve never been drawn to angels before. Well, it was mind blowing. Archangel Michael means business and takes no prisoners, the others just slotted into place. Debbi is a fantastic facilitator and is so tuned in to where everybody is throughout the course. The sound bath that Debbi gave and we participated in was a wonderful experience has given me the confidence to take that forward. The week has cut through a lot of crap and I can now stand in my own strength.” PK Herfordshire

Metatron and Sandalphon

“This experience was off the scale!! Astral travelling to so many different worlds. Giving the treatment I was totally immersed in the sounds and went with what I was given like psychic surgery. Receiving - I have never experienced something so deep, experience astral travel. Mind blowing end to the week standing in my power.” PK Hertfordshire

Archangel Harmony

“Writing feedback and evaluating the Archangel harmony course has become an almost impossible procedure. How to put something as simple as words to the energy held and birthed by Debbi in order to produce the energy of the archangels itself lacks a cohesive vocabulary. Not to mention the love, support and vibrational ease and alchemy with which Debbi delivers. I have felt truly honoured to be a pioneer with the sounds and eternally grateful and blessed to pass this ancient knowledge forward, with the heartfelt hope that such miracles, re-centring and healing may now able all those experiences magic to truly step into who they are but ultimately birth the elements needed to connect and bridge with such hope and creative potential to the world for.” KW Hampshire

Metatron and Sandalphon

“This was the initial reason I started the course and far surpassed any expectations I could have had. I am in awe, l having studied with Metatron and Sandalphon before I am amazed at the remarkable manner which Debbi has managed to channel such a large universal all-encompassing energy into such a beautiful gentle manageable safe yet familiar sound. Hearts inspiring, I have laughed, cried, and healed to my soul and continue to hold much gratitude to Debbie’s very being in the past have led me to her in the sacred language the forgotten”. KW Hampshire

Archangel Harmony

“I have now been to 3 of Debbi tuning for courses, and each one Debbie has been so warm and joyful. As a facilitator Debbi explains things very thoroughly and allows you to enjoy lots of time using the forks and going to a lovely place of peace. The Archangel forks are so gentle and very different from all the other sets that I use. They bring deep peace, bliss and use with intent bring wonderful healing. The Archangel chimes very powerfully gentle as Debbi’s beautiful Archangel harmony CDs. The prayers spoken by Debbi are so beautiful for each Archangel and so soothing. I have had such a wonderful four days on the Archangel tuning fork course with love, laughter, healing and bliss. Thank you so much Darling Debbi for your love and kindness which you always show and radiate.” CD Cornwall

Metatron and Sandalphon

“Wow, I just knew that this one is going be very magical for me. Of course I love the three days of Archangel Harmony but this was so powerful for me I felt so much happening this particular day within and without. I felt unwell on this particular day and felt so much better by the end of the day. Intention set, guidance received, I enjoyed every moment.” CD Cornwall

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