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Ambassadors of Sound must be qualified in the 5 day course to attend this.

Teachings include:

Stellar Gateway; the Light Codes Return

Atlantis ancient soundwaves

Trauma Release Technique

Pain and Body Acoustic Intelligence System.

Ongoing supervision and Continuing Professional Development

All Inclusive Residential Option available - please EMAIL ME


KF 23/02/2017

Thank you Debbi. I had the most amazing time …

This course was so much more than I could ever have imagined. It was coming home again…

I had journeyed away for some time and was so weary, I was welcomed back into the fold and nurtured back to my authentic self.

You have given me the confidence to know that I can really take this out there. I know that I am worthy.

Your home really does feel like my home.

Your heart is so expansive, it holds us all in divine love and light.

There are no words to express the depth of love and gratitude for the unconditional love and light you bring. The sounds are a beacon of light to change the world.

Deep gratitude to the spirit of the land which held us all so beautifully.

The barn was a truly amazing space.

What a beautiful group of people.

I feel honoured to have been part of this special group.

I learnt so much. I feel it. I feel braided into it. Special indeed.

Thank you from my heart. Xx Best time ever xxx

LH 22/02/2017

I am not quite sure what to write as am experiencing @I AM’ and feeling very connected to my real self.

The course has been very empowering and I feel really excited to continue with sound healing and extending the use of the sound.

DT 22/02/2017

Fantastic !!

I am very grateful and feel privileged to have been part of this group of wonderful beings.

Thank you Debbi for facilitating 3 positive, releasing and peaceful days. Namaste x

CN 22/02/2017

Amazing time would have loved to stay another day. So many insights and healing going on. Debbi keeps us safe so that we do and go where we need to go.

Cannot wait to use all my new skills and the next course.

PU 22/02/2017

Learned so much and can’t wait to put what I have learnt into practice.

3 lovely days are not ‘just’ a course it releases lots of personal insights.

Thank you all so much for making this such a safe and comfortable environment to explore.

JD 22/02/2017

I’m so pleased I booked onto this course. I really see my future as part of Suara with the sounds. I’ve loved exploring and learning these powerful new techniques. I know this process has deeply healed me and the nurture was much needed.

Teaching methods are so empowering and the group dynamic very healing.

I’m so excited and looking forward to using these new methods and putting them together to enhance all of my work.

Goddess Blessings J xxxx

LW 22/02/2017

These three days have been wonderful.

On a personal level much healing has happened, and I also have learnt many new things to take back to my practice.

Everything has been great, content, pace, environment, hospitality, sacred space.

Thank you so much, I feel like I am ready to really take the sounds into the next phase in my life, professionally and personally.

TK 22/02/2017

Amazing experience lots of inter-connected with my true nature.

Little scary at times but working with the forks again gave me the space to explore blocks and find some peace from my own inner critic. Really had some interesting insights and visions. Not great with words, but so glad I met you D and will always hold deep gratitude for your wisdom, teachings and of course the forks/sound per sa. Need time to integrate and reflect on all that has happened.

Thank you T xx

The divine is definitely with you and within you. 

AH 22/02/2017

This course took me on a deep inner journey.

Trauma Release technique felt like it broke me apart then paved healing light into my soul.

Stellar Gateway cocooned me in a beautiful space giving me insights.

Body Acoustic Intelligence System, is really gentle but so powerful. I really enjoyed helping my friend (release her pain) help herself.

I’ve really enjoyed learning on this advanced course. I’ve discovered things about myself I’d forgotten. Been given guidance on my path of life and reassurance I’m getting it right.

Thank you Debbi, I feel safe to learn and explore the sounds that you have shared with us. Xx

P 22/02/2017

Just perfect in every way. These last 3 days have been healing and nurturing on so many levels.

I have found myself again, come back to my quiet centre after the storm. I’m leaving whole once more – focused, inspired, empowered – complete.

I have found peace with my mum’s passing. I have connected with her spirit and channelled her unending love for me. I will still miss her, but the pain has been transmitted into acceptance and she’s shown me how I can recognise when she’s close, so I can find comfort in that.  As always my beautiful friend I can’t thank you enough for all that you do.

I have not only re-connected with all of my self but re-connected with my true purpose – and I can’t wait to work together with you to bring the sounds to end of life.

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