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NEW COURSE FOR 2020-2021


MARCH Monday 1st - Friday 5th 2021


JUNE Thursday 3rd - Monday 7th 2021


NOVEMBER Monday 15th - Friday 19th 2021


The Stellar Gateway ~ Pathway to Ascension 

(Written and gifted to me on my 55th birthday in 2020)

The birth of a new way of healing that will bring health, happiness, a deep sense of calm into deep akashic cellular level; healing the ancient DNA and a Divine peace to the mind. Introducing Sound Healing and hands on Divine Healing with the Stellar Gateway Tuning Forks of the Violet Ray for Transmutation, Love and Transformation. Bringing in the balance of Mother Earth with the Spirit of Nature featuring Celtic Spirituality ; As Above, So Below.

This unique, bespoke course  is a way of keeping our precious energy body healthy on many levels, from the DNA in our cells, all the way to our auric field and into the matrix, yet with out feet firmly planted on the ground.

At this time there are great adjustments going on with many people's health and well being. For some, they are affected adversely by the increasing digital age of expansion. All systems are compromised, however systems greatly affected are the nervous, endocrine and circulatory systems. More than ever people are being diagnosed with energy illness and dis-ease of unknown case. Anxiety is on the increase as the fight and flight response is activated by external stimuli. Heart opening symptoms mirroring cardiac episodes. 

The external world of 5g, Wi-Fi  electromagnetic stress, geopathic stress, fracking, chemical toxic overload in water, food and the air we breathe is the root cause of many discordant conditions. Bring to that the emotional sensitivity of many people awaking to a new dawn of coexistence and the result is overload. The precious human circuitry is over stimulated, over wired and boom, it is too much. The human 3D experience cannot cope with all the external hard driving forces for faster, better, smarter.

Imagine the year of birth, the era your precious cell mitosis bringing forth life. All before the booming of the digital world, there was a simplicity of life. Fast forward 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 years plus. The creative spark of cell generation that become you, is ill equipped for the harshness of the cyber influences which quite frankly are everywhere as already mentioned. Updating the energy system to vibrate to the 21st Century rhythm is vital. Bringing all the body systems in alignment with the resonance of the 7th Ray, stepping into a paradigm of Primordal Truth and Omnipresence is to bring utopia on Earth. It can be this way, individually and collectively. The single step begins with you and me, stepping in harmony with Divine Creator Source. 

We look to complementary ways to live in coexistence with what is happening externally, so internally there can be a form of harmonic resonance to return our precious energy body to Divine Crystalline Light and Love with the Truth of God/Source. Seeking ways of internal rewiring to the dimensional design of 2020 and beyond. 

Introducing the Stellar Gateway, which are 9 Pillars of Divine Truth leading back to the beginning of the light of the collective consciousness of the Divine Assembly. The Pillars include Peace, Harmony, Love, Happiness, Connection, Clarity and Focus, Wisdom, Freedom, Completion. 

The Violet Ray is the highest visible ray on the colour spectrum and leads to transmutation,  purification and transformation of earth bound emotions and actions. It acts as a light sabre cutting through anything not in alignment with the resonance of the heart. It brings a pure sense of well being and all that goes with that.

Celtic Spirituality and the Spirit of Nature is convening with Divine Creator in all that is within and around you; the Air, Water, Fire, Earth and of course Spirit. Bringing in the practice of Sound Meditation, so the mind is a clear channel to hear the inner and outer words of Divine Love, Light and Grace. Tuning into ALL the senses, bringing a natural sense of awareness in every day life. Convening with nature as to experience connecting deeply to the Creators Truth for mankind in the rivers, seas, ocean; trees, woodland, forests; fauna and flora; animals of all species; the sun and moon; planets and solar system; the Star People; Cosmic and Universal infinity; of Home and indeed so much more we don't even know yet. 

We will become Human Tuning Forks and bring hands on healing into the practice as well as the sound instruments. prayer, mantra, intent, connecting to the As Above, So Below.

How will this help you? 

You will gently return to the frequency that is comfortable for you. Retuning the bandwidth (like tuning in a radio), coming Home to your Divine existence. No more white noise haze as you now live in sympathetic resonance with the Divine Creative Source. A clarity of mind as you step into your pathway to Ascention with ease and flow. Casting off the shackles of past lives, surrendering cords and attachments in this life, releasing Karmic debts and honouring ancestral memory patterns.  

Pre requiste is you have had to have done some energy healing or therapy before.  This course is not for beginners. I have other Tuning Fork courses that would be suitable for beginners.

1. War/Stress turns to Peace 

2. Discord to Harmony

3. Fear to Love 

4. Sadness to Happiness

5. Disconnected to Connected 

6. Lost to Focus and Clarity

7. Ignorance to Wisdom

8. Prisoner to Freedom 

9. Scattered to Complete