Sound Meditation for Mindfulness and Prayer Affirmation with Debbi Walker

An experiential programme to assist health and well being on many levels.

Introducing a brand NEW offering of Sound Meditation for Mindfulness. The idea of 'Mindful Living' is to bring an awareness of BEing completely in the present moment in all aspects of life and play. BEing in a place of Now-Ness where we bring neither the past or the future into this awareness. Reaching and exploring our Stillness. Creating an exploration of our choices moment by moment.

Mindfulness is the ability to be fully present, aware of where we are and what we’re doing, and not overly reactive or overwhelmed by what’s going on around us. The thing is…HOW DO WE GET THERE?

This 3 Day Programme is for everyone, whether a complete beginner or someone who has experience in some or all areas of meditation or mindfulness.

Imagine attaining a Mindfulness lifestyle, imagine this:

"We enter an atrium where the ceiling is high and airy. All around the walls of the atrium are open corridors. Each corridor invites us to a way to reach the Heart of Us, the true self, where we can live in Mindful Harmony with the world outside and yet the comfort of Home stays within. A kind of Stillness that allows us to feel great awareness of our own choices. Even through what happens in life, we have tools to help this journey; Sound Resonance, the Breath, Meditation, Nature, Movement, plus many more...all leading to Mindful living.

How achievable is Mindfulness I wonder? Let's face it, right now we don't know from one day to the next what we will wake up to with imposed restrictions on life as we knew it. Living within so much change, uncertainty and chaos, can we truly be mindful? The answer is 'yes we can' and this simple 6 week Sound Meditation for Mindfulness will assist this and give life long tools to take forward, making the uncertainty, certain and lift the veil on our inner sanctum.

The first thing is to consider is that we are NOT that which is going on outside of ourselves. Life happens all around us and will continue to do so until we take our last breath. Life happens and it really is how we act to this that makes a difference between a stressful life or a peaceful life.

Sound Meditation for Mindfulness is a way of creating space between what is going on outside of ourselves, allowing to come into ourselves where inherently great wisdom is found within the Stillness and awareness.

"How does the chatter of the mind cease", you ask? Well, the truth is observing the chatter, bringing awareness to it, not pushing it away yet not engaging either. The OM Tuning Fork creates a delivery of a beautiful soothing sound which in turn brings a curious sensation to the mind which then begins to quieten down. As the mind quietens, there is an expansive awareness of Self. The breath assists in bringing attention to our inner world. In this space of MindLESSness then what we refer to as MindFULLness occurs. We ARE in that perfect moment of Stillness and calmness. Within that we feel at One with ourself and anything around us not in alignment with this does not need to be brought into our life.


What is Sound Healing?
What is Meditation?
What is Mindfulness?
What is the Breath?
Nature's Gift


Connection to the Divine Source; to the Theocentric Self - God Self

How Sound Healing, Meditation, Mindfulness, the Breath, natures gift, movement etc work together for optimum health and wellness of Mind, Body, Spirit and Soul

Introducing Sounding the OM Tuning Fork
Sound Meditation and Mindfulness with OM

Slowing Down
Coming to Stillness

Awareness and Expansion
Intuitive Choices and Curiosity
Observing and Witnessing
Senses Heightening – See, hear, feel, taste, touch, smell, know

Stories and Poems

Ho opono bono ~ Prayer of Acceptance
Non judging and Forgiving
Kindness and Compassion
Patience and Acceptance
Trust and Openness
Sharing and Caring
Gratitude and Appreciation


Sound Meditation for Mindfulness Feedback

Debbi Walker’s Mindfulness Course began on Sunday 8th of November and for me it was the perfect time to start with the run up to my birthday and of course Christmas which is always a busy and a hectic time.

From the very beginning Debbi introduced us to various practices which we could use to still our mind, from breathing techniques, active listening to the Om (the sound of Creation and the sound we go home to) and candle gazing where we slowed our mind down to theta brain waves and enjoyed pure peace. We were also encouraged to keep a journal and practice some inspirational writing which was really enjoyable when we delivered our prose or poetry to the class.  Throughout it all we have been encouraged to find ourselves again in stillness, mindful practices – including making a simple cup of tea – and becoming much more aware of the natural world around us, our outer world and our inner world, most often overlooked.

I have benefited so much from these evenings as the value has continued throughout the week, especially when Debbi provided us with meditation music to listen too daily whilst we sounded with our Om tuning forks in our daily practice. 

All in all I have become less phased by the every day, I am calmer, centred and balanced, , and more resilient to unexpected things happening, or just the busy busy of the normal to and fro of a hectic life.  I appreciate my life and the people and the animals in it so much more and have really enjoyed being in nature and really observing what it is I am filling my mind with or what I am truly feeling and expressing.

Thank you Debbi for holding such special space for us all, despite your own life experiences through this time, as you are truly inspirational and so very, very generous of your time and knowledge I am so very grateful for being part of something so special and I know the benefits will continue as I go forward.  It has been such a wonderful journey in Sound Mindfulness and it has truly brought me peace, calm and joy.

Every blessing to you dearest Debbi


To our dear Debbi

I wanted to thank you so much for doing this course despite all that has been going on - you are an inspiration.
On a personal note- I’ve been in the moment and mindful but my friends death took me out. You were so right when you said that you can recognise it when you are without it. 
You asked us to send in what we’d written. I’ve never written anything before but I wrote this one night last week when I woke up crying . I miss her so much . 
“Being mindful ,in the moment , walking down my lane as usual but today the trees remind me of your favourite tree in Avebury; I see the patina of frost on the grass and I’m with you in a crop circle in the rain; I see the haphazard stones in the wall and I’m leaving the Crystal you gave me in a wall in Machu Picchu so instead ,I look at the clouds but now  I’m lying on Glastonbury tor staring up at the sky with you making shapes with the passing clouds. I can be mindful and in the moment but today I’d rather be with you. “
Love and blessings to you Debbi xx

Hi Debbi,

Living mindfully over the past six weeks has changed my perception of how I live my life in so many ways.  An inner curiosity has stirred within me - I look at everything now through different lenses.   The way I undertake day to day tasks is more meaningful. 

I have developed more awareness in my daily life. Now when I get overwhelmed, which often happens especially now with the run up to Xmas, I am able to recognise that I am not being mindful/present.  Thank you for bringing mindfulness into my life Debbi

Much love and blessings 
Gail 🦋xxx

Hi Debbi.
Thank you so much for all the work you have put into this.
I have to admit that I haven’t always found it easy to connect. I have tried but couldn’t quite get it.  I found making tea mindfully difficult and it took me back to school when asked to write about a teapot. It was round, had a handle, spout and lid. What else did they want to know.  From the 11.11.20 I began waking early and writing in a different way. Don’t really know how to explain it, but maybe you will understand. I don’t know who ‘they’ are, but I just write and am encouraged and ‘directed’ usually in small but profound ways.
This morning they enabled me to understand more about mindfulness and even making the tea mindfully. Seeing not only the tea bag etc, but to appreciate its value and all the effort it took to produce it and other things as well. Also, in some cases the suffering of the people involved.  I hope I will never take anything for granted again and live more mindfully in every aspect of my life.
Thank you again
Love you very much
Noreen xxxx

Dear Debbi,
These past 6 weeks have been absolutely amazing. I have so enjoyed each class and the weeks between. I recognize that so much seems to be opening to me as I travelled through these weeks. I definitely am more aware of the use of my senses.....taste, touch, feeling, seeing and hearing. I definitely have slowed down .....I even read slower which allows me to really connect to the written words.....and listening to your Still Point Peace Process CD tape daily has helped me tune into how busy my  mind can be at times. Listening to the Om Tuning Fork daily is so relaxing and grounding for me. I also enjoy toning with the OM Fork and find the sounds of my voice and Fork resonate deeply inside my being. I am still integrating the messages I received from the poetry I wrote during our time together. I know that my awareness has grown, wether it is in cooking and eating my food, walking in nature, listening to others or to music and definitely my awareness of the importance of creating and sharing Sound my life has solidified.
Thank you so much for creating this course.

Hi Debbi

Over the last 6 weeks I have noticed a difference in myself.  I am definitely more mindful of everything I am doing including thinking and eating.  I have been trying to go out a walk each day with Joanna and we love to walk along the beach taking in the smells and what is around us.  I definitely feel better when I have done this.  I am still finding little things annoy me but I am trying to use my breath to help bring myself to a state of calm. I have incorporated the breath work into my daily forks and I have also been able to tell others some of the techniques we have learnt. 

I am the person caring for someone with a cancer diagnosis and I have been definitely thinking about how much it would help others.  In NI communication isn’t great around help and support for those with cancer for alternative therapies and we had to do most of the research for ourselves.

I too would love to set up something for people with cancer and their carers and it would be amazing if we could somehow do some research in this field.  I really feel the tuning forks and sounds as well as our own modalities would be amazing. I would love to help with flower essences as these are already used here in Action Cancer.  It is so important for everyone’s mental health and even more so in the midst of the pandemic. 

Maybe we could come up with something to roll out in our areas with the help of the Sound Ambassadors.

Thank you so much for this experience and I am so grateful to you for your support. Xx


I absolutely adored the Mindfulness Course delivered by Debbi Walker.  It has been my sacred time over the last six weeks and has helped me to reconnect with me and bring a new sense of peace into my life.   I am now so much more aware and appreciative in my life. Although I have attended several Mindfulness courses over the years these were far more practical, and I was able to integrate changes easily into my everyday life.  Debbi has such a unique and engaging way of delivering and there was something new and thought provoking in each session.  The beautiful meditations and the use of the tuning forks added an extra special dimension to the sessions.
I would highly recommend these sessions to anyone seeking to bring mindfulness into their daily living.

Helen Jane December 2020

The 6-week Sound Meditation for Mindfulness (Nov/Dec 2020) was both intuitive and empowering.  Debbi is very passionate about her work, and has a unique style of sharing her knowledge and experiences.  The Violet Om helps me focus on breathwork, as I have a tendency to shallow breathe. My chatty mind quiets in the silence and stillness, while I observe any scattered thoughts or feelings. The music, meditations, and other activities like candle gazing were relaxing, calming the mind, body and spirit. I enjoyed the uplifting positiveness of journaling, sharing of personal poems, stories, and the beautiful Ho’oponopono Prayer.  My intentions are to acknowledge the emphasis on self-care, use my senses meaningfully each day, be grateful, and to live in the ‘NOW’.

I have found Mindfulness a therapeutic technique which I have found beneficial during this unprecedented, pandemic time. It is my go-to tool (along with my forks of course) when I am feeling unbalanced, ungrounded or out of sorts.

Thank you, Debbi, for this amazing learning journey.