Sound Healing Courses/Retreats, Workshops & Gatherings in Cornwall, UK                                     

Specialist in Tuning Fork Sound Therapy Training 


A time for women to come together as the seasons change and stillness comes.

To take a breath, to pause, to honour yourself as you sit in circle with like minded friends who hold the space in unity heart to heart.

This is a time to just be you. Not a wife, mother, daughter, sister, auntie, friend...just you with no one wanting anything from you.

We will come together in meditation, relaxation, share beautiful music, gentle movement and speak our truth in the moment - or not. It is OK do do nothing and observe, knowing you are held in a sacred space. If you wish to come and just rest, wrapped in a cosy blanket that is your wish. We will be heard and seen by the women in our circle. No one answering, everyone listening.

You also will feel soothing sounds as they bring a deep sense of peaceful relaxation as I give you all a beautiful gentle sound immersion.

If you would like to come please book your place email me. Places are limited.