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Specialist in Tuning Fork Sound Therapy Training 


So my long awaited online Tuning Fork Sound Therapy Diploma is here. 


This unique teaching will begin in April 2020 and there will be three intakes a year; April, August and October. I will only be taking 8 people per intake. This ensures personal attention as this a face to face online training. This course is insurable and certificated. Suara Sound Academy is a training organisation with Holistic Insurance Services Ltd and an independent school with the British Complementary Medicine Association. To get the course certificated with the standards I wished to uphold, the training has to follow the protocol set out.

Obviously face to face learning is the best way to learn my Tuning Fork Sound Therapy, yet I understand how this is difficult for many of you whether its distance or other commitments. Therefore I have tried to create an environment that allows a depth of learning in both practical and theory learning within our classes together. To do this I have decided to do 3 hour sessions bi weekly over 3 weeks. To do it any other way would give it a dis-service to you and to me and my work.

You will learn everything that I teach on my Suara Sound Academy in house face to face course with the overall contact hours being the same if you were attending 3 full days. I have taught Tuning Fork Sound Therapy for 10 years to hundreds of students and I have seen the method I teach to be life changing for many people and those they come into contact with. I am very much a ‘real’ teacher, in that I go with what is needed in my classes at the time. 

We will work from the manual and use the power of media to go on our sound journey together. I am recreating as much as possible a real connection heart to heart with you if you decide to train with me. As you invest with me, I too invest in you.

The Tuning Forks you will learn in depth is the Violet Ray Clear Cleanse and Balance System of the OM, weighted OM and 528 Tuning forks working with Humans. If you wish to apply for the use of the tuning forks to Animals this is an extra 4 sessions which will be an extra investment. We have used the Tuning Forks successfully on dogs, cats, horses, an elephant, tortoise, birds, fish, small mammals, cows, sheep, goats, wolves, bears, bison, cougar, donkeys, plus more. You have to do the course to enable the animal healing work.


You will be invited to an interview for a one to one heart to heart connection session by Zoom or telephone for us to meet to see if my course is right for you. As mentioned I invest myself in my New Student Ambassadors of Sound and I am aware there is a time and financial commitment for you also.

Once accepted on the Diploma Training, it will take the form of face to face teaching via Zoom; offering both individual sessions, one at the beginning and one at the end and group training. Email support is on-going. Extra sessions can be booked outside of training hours which are charged at £55 per hour. 

The Sound Commitment: 

The classes will be bi-weekly over 3 weeks on a Monday and a Thursday. It is a requirement that people attend at least 80% face to face tuition. All sessions will be recorded and it is important the study/homework is completed before the next session as everything flows week by week. I have guidelines to meet to adhere to protocol. When you sign up it is important to realise the commitment to the course and to your learning, it is only for 3 weeks and a total of 20 hours. I am aware of time differences in other countries however unless I had a full class for one time zone I will have to keep it to GMT London time zone. I am willing to be as accommodation as possible where I am able to be.

After the course, assessments will be ongoing with self-practice and sound healing on clients one to one. There is not a rigid structure as the needs of the group will be foremost at all times. 

At the end of the course, following case studies and final assessment you will gain your Tuning Fork Sound Therapy Therapist Diploma qualification. To gain your qualification you will video your final assessment and submit your portfolio which can be sent to be by post.

After the 3 weeks training and completing case studies and certification you then have the option to go onto studying other modules, which includes the Solfeggio Tuning Forks and other channelled Tuning Forks – my work has been very guided over the years.

I am available to guide and mentor as required.

This is Ollie who is a 12 year old rescue Westie who is diabetic, blind and almost deaf. We have rescued 8 elderly Westies, (ranging from 16 to 11 years old) over the past 3 years and they have all had the tuning fork sounds to help them. They LOVE it.

Debbi Walker is the proud founder and director of Suara Sound Academy established in 2011 which delivers national and international Sound Healing Courses as an Independent Teaching School, registered and recognised by the British Complementary Medicine Association UK. All Debbi’s training courses are certified and insurable.