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NEW Online Certificated and Insurable Tuning Fork Sound Practitioners Course ~ face to face contact via Zoom

Become a Qualified Sound Therapist, learning from the comfort of your own home.

AUGUST Monday 10th - Friday 14th 2020


Have you ever wanted to bring Sound Therapy into the therapies you do already? Or wanted to use Sound Therapy as a standalone therapy? Now you can with Tuning Fork Sound Therapy.

This Certificated and Insurable Online Tuning Fork Sound Practitioners Course will guide you through how you can bring Tuning Fork Sound Therapy into practice for yourself, friends, family, clients and your OWN pets. Once case studies and an assessment process has been completed (minimum 3 months), you will be able to create your own business offering Sound Healing.

(The Animal Healing Sound Practitioners Course has to be in person due to UK regulations at this time it is NOT available online).

The course will run over 5 consecutive days and consist of 3 days face to face training via Zoom on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and 2 days directed self study and practice on Tuesday and Thursday plus an evening check in lesson with a meditation. There will be lots of breaks inbetween the teachings so as not to get saturated with EFM/WiFi and ensure self care is practised whilst learning in front of a screen. Some of the teachings will involve being outside if possible.

There will be ongoing mentoring for the first 3 months and group meetings monthly after the course.

Here is how the week will look - subject to flowing and student needs:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9.30 am - 5pm

9.30am - 11am lesson
11am - 11.45am BREAK
11.45am - 1pm lesson
1pm - 2.15pm LUNCH
2.15pm - 3.30pm lesson
3.30pm - 4pm BREAK
4pm - 5pm lesson and meditation

Thursday and Friday

Self Directed Study and Practice
7pm - 8.30pm Evening Check In and Mediation

* All sessions must be attended *

You will need the Tuning Forks of the OM, weighted OM and 528 named as the Clear Cleanse and Balance System created by Debbi Walker of Suara Sound Academy in 2010.

You will also need the Solfeggio Tuning Forks for this training.

British Complementary Medicine Association

A TRAINING ORGANISATION with Holistic Insurance Services Ltd
Accredited with the International Natural Healing Association

Who is this course for?

*This course is for anyone who wishes to go on a deep and profound journey with sound vibration, life changing for many who attend

*Science and Research meets Spiritual Aspects in the course

*You may wish to bring sound into your work as it complements ALL other therapies - Reiki, reflexology, massage, crystal healing, angel healing, spiritual healing, colour therapy, shaitsu and many many more

*Can also be used as a stand-alone therapy

*Mind, Body, Spirit and Soul Nurtured and Soothed

*Spiritual awareness and intuition enhanced

*You will learn how to use the tuning forks on yourself for deep vibrational healing and release any stuck chi that is not serving you at this time

*You will learn how to do full and comprehensive treatments on other people

*You will work with nature, trees and the elements

*You may enjoy a process of change and self awareness

*You will spend 5 days on an online retreat space with like minded people being immersed in Sacred Sound


What are sacred sounds?

Highly sensitive people

Deep Self Healing

What are energy centers? (chakras) and our auric field?
What do/can they do and their part in sound healing?

The relationship of the energy centres to the endocrine system and the physical organs associated to each chakra, ill health, dis-ease

Importance of the pineal and thymus gland

Vibrational Energy Medicine



DrEmoto (thoughts, words and actions on water)

Meditation, Relaxation and Breathing

Visualisation and creating an abundant life

Ancient DNA and how it works with frequency

What are tuning forks?

What do they do and who uses them?

OM and 528 uses

Other uses for the tuning forks

How to do healing on oneself, others, your OWN pets, using the forks in the programme

Distant Healing

The Sacred Solfeggio Scale and the history

Full Sacred Solfeggio Tuning Fork frequencies and uses

Releasing past life, karmic blocks and ancestral memory patterns using sound

Using the voice OM/Toning

How to check the energy centres using a pendulum

Use of pendulums and reading results

Using colour and crystals in a healing session

Connection with nature, the elements and elementals

Using the Tuning Forks with EFT (Emotional Healing Technique)

Using Tuning forks for circulation and meridian healing

Tuning Forks and Ho opono pono

Healing nature with Tuning Forks

For your place, please PM me for a booking form

Full investment at time of booking required please or first instalment due at time of booking


£495 (normal investment £695) there has been £200 discount applied for this year due to the 'Stay at Home' 2020. After this initial offer the investment will be £695.

Tuning Forks of the Clear, Cleanse and Balance System and the Solfeggio are NOT included. These can be purchased separately from me.

Ambassadors of Sound trained by Suara Sound Academy can repeat for 50% discount (£250)

Includes full manual of 270 pages (new students) and Pendulum. This will be sent to you.