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FEBRUARY 21ST - 25TH 2022

NOVEMBER 7TH - 11TH 2022


£495 (normal investment £695) there has been £200 discount applied as everything settles. Tuning Forks are NOT included.


You will require the Tuning Forks of the Clear, Cleanse and Balance System price of £155 which are NOT included. These can be purchased separately from me. Buy Here 

You will also require the Solfeggio set of tuning forks which are £155 available from me too.


Full manual of 350 pages



This will be sent to you before the course begins.  

Here is how the week will look - subject to flowing and student needs:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9.30 am - 5pm

Lots of breaks and personal practices so as not to become wifi saturated

Tuesday and Thursday - 2 hours of which times are confirmed the day before.

Self Directed Study and Practice although we have a class for 2 hours during this day which has to be attended

* All sessions must be attended  and the self directed practice is not time off*

You will need the Tuning Forks of the OM, weighted OM and 528 named as the Clear Cleanse and Balance System created by Debbi Walker of Suara Sound Academy in 2010.

You will also need the Solfeggio Healing Code Tuning Forks for this training which are available from me at £150.


British Complementary Medicine Association

A TRAINING ORGANISATION with Holistic Insurance Services Ltd

Accredited with the International Natural Healing Association



What are sacred sounds?

Highly sensitive people

Deep Self Healing

What are energy centers? (chakras) and our auric field?

What do/can they do and their part in sound healing?

The relationship of the energy centres to the endocrine system and the physical organs associated to each chakra, ill health, dis-ease

Importance of the pineal and thymus gland

Vibrational Energy Medicine



DrEmoto (thoughts, words and actions on water)

Meditation, Relaxation and Breathing

Visualisation and creating an abundant life

Ancient DNA and how it works with frequency

What are tuning forks?

What do they do and who uses them?

OM and 528 uses

Other uses for the tuning forks

How to do healing on oneself, others, your OWN pets, using the forks in the programme

Distant Healing

The Sacred Solfeggio Scale and the history

Full Sacred Solfeggio Tuning Fork frequencies and uses

Releasing past life, karmic blocks and ancestral memory patterns using sound

Using the voice OM/Toning

How to check the energy centres using a pendulum

Use of pendulums and reading results

Using colour and crystals in a healing session

Connection with nature, the elements and elementals

Using the Tuning Forks with EFT (Emotional Healing Technique)

Using Tuning forks for circulation and meridian healing

Tuning Forks and Ho opono pono

Healing nature with Tuning Forks

For your place, please PM me for a booking form

More Testimonials

Hi Debbi,

Thank you for a truly enjoyable and inspirational forking week shared with beautiful like -minded souls. ️.

During the past week I have learned so much about sounds and resonance.

Prior to this course, the only experience I had had of tuning forks was whilst receiving a sound healing treatment. From that day forward, I had an inner knowing that I needed to connect with sounds.

Eight years later I received an e-mail from you telling me about this course and from here it all begins.

Even though I have trained and been using other modalities, I have not taken these gifts ‘out there’ to benefit others on a large scale. I found myself still searching and asking myself what is missing from my toolbox. I now feel that the tuning forks have been the missing links that have united all the modalities.

From the moment I first struck the OM - it was a ‘lightbulb’ moment - I felt a ‘switching ‘ sensation through my body.

As I progressed through the week - giving distance, in-person as well as myself, I feel very present when using the forks.

Despite not having a scientific brain, I just know that they work and this is just the beginning of my learning journey with tuning forks and sounds with lots more to discover.

On Friday spending time in nature (a park I used to visit often as a child) and working with the Rhythm of Gaia tuning fork was the ‘icing on the cake’.

After choosing the tree and requesting her permission to be with her and give healing I sat against her sturdy trunk, feeling supported by her strength and began to connect with the energy of my surroundings with so much love in my heart. I observed how the branches and leaves sheltered me from the rain, I watched the rapid and hasty flow of the river in front of me, heard birds singing as the wind carried their differing tones through the air and the sweet -smelling aromas that wafted past my nose - feeling peaceful with a sense of belonging - yes - I am home. ️

After doing the CCB I began to work with the Rhythm of Gaia - Wow! Wow!. This magnificent and magical tuning fork really spoke to me . As I rotated clock-wise she fed back a very clear physical message back to my arm..... SLOW DOWN! Well, that’s me told!!. It was as though she was leading my arm.. After treating myself, the roots and trunk of the tree and the earth, I just sat and bathed in the sounds of nature and gave thanks to this little piece of paradise.

Before gathering up my offerings I felt a sense of sadness and whispered to Mother Earth - I hear, see and feel your sadness at this time - then came a short shower of rain and a sprinkling of leaves descended on and around me and onto the tuning forks I had placed on the mat beside me - an incredible and touching moment for me .

On reflection, I am now in the autumn years of my life on this earth plane and have learned a great deal, experienced much darkness, discovered many routes to the light along the way and will continue to learn and grow each new day. All of these experiences I am deeply grateful for. The tuning forks and sounds will continue to accompany me on my onward journey.

Thank you Debbi from the bottom of my heart for contacting me and making this course available and also for guiding me to see that I am so much more than my physical form. ️

I love your authentic and heart- warming style of teaching and even though we were not together ‘in person ‘, I felt the radiation of your warm and loving energy. Your calmness soothed my times of nervousness and your inspirational enthusiasm ignited my confidence. ️

I am spending the next week getting to know the tuning forks by working on myself before I start on the case studies.

With much love

Gail xx

Thank you Debbi, for an enlightening, interesting and knowledgeable course. I have thoroughly enjoyed the journey and look forward to continuing on this path with you. You patience and care was so appreciated. A big thank you for squidging me on, for me it was lots of paths all meeting at once so I could join you, and that this was running at just the right moment for me, had a great impact. The forks have made a vast difference to my journey and dealing with pain, I can hope they will continue to help me negotiate the next hurdle that has just been thrown at me, but challenges are there for a reason, if anything it will just encourage me to continue on my sound journey.

Thank you for sharing and I look forward to speaking to you in the not to distant future.


Helen Lowe 

After a wonderful week of learning about Sound Healing with Debbi Walker is Suara Sound, I feel completely balanced and calm.

The training was comprehensive, and unfolded perfectly.

It was so interesting learning about sound and how it affects is and what it can do for us.

I’m excited to be learning more as the journey unfolds and working with my clients in this way.

I have many different healing modalities in my tool kit and this will add another dimension.

Thank you Debbi, it was wonderful to be guided by you throughout the week and I enjoyed your easy flow of teaching and your energy.

Jo Tocher

Suara Sound Retreat

I came into the week quite fatigued and nervous due to enduring a brutal year of ill health but I had faith that the higher energies would carry me through, so I took a chance, really hoping that I’d made the right decision.

I prepared for the possibility that I may not be a able to complete the course due to the reality of how my new life was.

My life had changed due to a diagnosis with MS. I had 3 MRI’s within 6 months that showed aggressive activity and I was left fundamentally a different person. Jan-May 2020 I was extremely ill due to another mysterious illness and to be honest, I couldn’t bare it and was preparing for my exit.

Due to exhaustion /pain/ mobility issues, I just wouldn’t be able to attend in person. It’s very awkward having ‘invisible’ disabilities, it naturally encourages you to be alone through worry about being misunderstood or judged...So to find the course with Suara Sounds and to be able to be included over Zoom, felt like a little offering from the stars.

I found the symbiotic, natural way Debbi led our group, to be useful and it reassured me that I’d be able to cope.

Despite not being together, our group were energetically connected and sharing the frequencies together.

I wasnt expecting it to be emotionally intimate but it was for me as I felt safe and supported. It really was a retreat, I felt committed to bonding with the sounds and was blown away one day when I ventured out to build an offering to Gaia.

Recently my legs have been unable to walk for much of a distance without giving up on me, but not on that day! I walked back from my exchange in nature with zero discomfort.

I certainly don’t expect to be able to cure myself but I now know that my life will 100% be improved by these sacred instruments.

The main student book contains everything you need and even the intuitive approach Debbi speaks about “The sounds know what to do”, is so true. This is ancient, sacred work and it was a privilege to experience.

I’m confident that I’ll continue developing my knowledge and bond with the tools that may just improve the rest of my life.

Eternal thanks to all involved.

Hope this is okay xx




FEBRUARY 21ST - 25TH 2022

NOVEMBER 7TH - 11TH 2022

NEW Online Certificated and Insurable Tuning Fork Sound Practitioners Course ~ face to face contact via Zoom

Become a Qualified Sound Therapist, learning from the comfort of your own home.

Train in Tuning Fork Sound Therapy in the comfort of your own Home. It's a powerful journey of self-awareness and healing, whilst learning a modality that complements all other modes of health and well being.

Science meets Spiritual; biological process meets esoteric understanding; intuitive ignition flows on many levels. As a retired nurse it was important to me to have a depth of understanding of HOW it all worked. I have a first class honours degree and have done many of my own research studies into Tuning Fork Sound Therapy, including the effects on pain relief; blood pressure and pulse; quality of life; plus more.

I have been asked for years to run online training in my Tuning Fork Courses. It took months of negotiations with underwriters to insure me through my Suara Sound Academy to teach and certified the training. I worked with them and their requirements and it had to be online yet face to face via Zoom.

I admit I didn't know how it would work; would people commit; how would the tuning forks and teachings translate over this Zoom platform. Yet, IT really was amazing and the heartfelt connections were beautiful.

It has opened the door to many people who otherwise couldn't come in person, meaning more people and their extended network benefit. I'm thrilled.

Thank you to all those called to come 💙🙏💙


Have you ever wanted to bring Sound Therapy into the therapies you do already? Or wanted to use Sound Therapy as a standalone therapy? Now you can with Tuning Fork Sound Therapy.

This Certificated and Insurable Online Tuning Fork Sound Practitioners Course will guide you through how you can bring Tuning Fork Sound Therapy into practice for yourself, friends, family, clients and your OWN pets. Once case studies and an assessment process has been completed (minimum 3 months), you will be able to create your own business offering Sound Healing.

(The Animal Healing Sound Practitioners Course has to be in person due to UK regulations at this time it is NOT available online).

The course will run over 5 consecutive days and consist of 3 days face to face training via Zoom on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and 2 days directed self study and practice on Tuesday and Thursday plus an evening check in lesson with a meditation. There will be lots of breaks inbetween the teachings so as not to get saturated with EFM/WiFi and ensure self care is practised whilst learning in front of a screen. Some of the teachings will involve being outside if possible.

There will be ongoing mentoring for the first 3 months and group meetings monthly after the course.


*This course is for anyone who wishes to go on a deep and profound journey with sound vibration, life changing for many who attend

*Science and Research meets Spiritual Aspects in the course

*You may wish to bring sound into your work as it complements ALL other therapies - Reiki, reflexology, massage, crystal healing, angel healing, spiritual healing, colour therapy, shaitsu and many many more

*Can also be used as a stand-alone therapy

*Mind, Body, Spirit and Soul Nurtured and Soothed

*Spiritual awareness and intuition enhanced

*You will learn how to use the tuning forks on yourself for deep vibrational healing and release any stuck chi that is not serving you at this time

*You will learn how to do full and comprehensive treatments on other people

*You will work with nature, trees and the elements

*You may enjoy a process of change and self awareness

*You will spend 5 days on an online retreat space with like minded people being immersed in Sacred Sound


Our beautiful week on the launch of my Online Tuning Fork Sound Practitioners Course and such wonderful feedback. "My cup spilleth over" Thank you 💛🙏💛


"I have had an enchanting and enlightening week, Debbi is a beautiful soul and a professional teacher with much integrity. I was delighted to be one of the first people to benefit from the online offering; even though it was new it was delivered professionally and everything worked so well with the online platform. The connection between us all was not dimmed with the physical distance between us. I loved the way in which the science and the spiritual was combined and taught to us, I have come away from the course refreshed and feel I have a new focus and direction in life and I feel very supported with this too. Thankyou! 💖💖💖"

"Thank you so much for this fantastic Tuning Fork Sound Therapy Course 💜

Debbi is a lovely proffessional Teacher. I really enjoyed the whole week 💛 Even if we could meet just through the screen it was a very good lively Corse as we could really feel the "Heart to Heart" 💕 Connection and the Tuning Forks frequences 🧡

New visions opened up on this week and looking forward for more journey with the Sounds and Tuning Forks also💛

Thank you again💗💚"

"Thank you so much for accepting me onto this sound healing practitioner's course, with the tuning fork frequencys was afrade that the online experience may not be the same as an in person one but oh my goodness it could not have been any better the connection between all members of the group was amazing and so cozy almost a comfort as well as support, DEBBI WALKER is the most honest and real teacher iv ever had i felt able to ask any questions without feeling fear or silly, the mix of spirituality and science balanced the whole week a most professional set up from begining to end , i learned a lot about myself as well as the sounds and their healing quality , loved every minute, i was motivated throughout even the self directed study days were shuch a pleasure to complete and with the evening catch up and mecitation i always felt supported ,thankyou debbi suara sound 🙏🎶"

"This course is life changing in so many ways , and being able to connect and receive such amazing teaching from Debbi was a blessing in itself..

It was the first online course I’d taken so I was a little apprehensive , but I needn’t have been, because she made learning very enjoyable to do and easy to understand, at those times I did struggle, she was there to help support me through my own doubts.

I would do another of her courses without doubt and would highly recommend her to anyone and everyone 🙏"

"I very much enjoyed this online course if was very well set out. There was lots of time for practice to get a better understanding of the theory. Debbi us very professional in her approach but also very caring and honest in her teaching capacity. I love what the sounds of the tuning forks cam do and can't wait to use them to help others with their healing. 💜

Amazing sound course, great content with an excellent balance between theory and practice. Debbi is highly professional in her approach and makes the course very easy to follow and understand. The tuning forks supplied with the course are incredible. Would highly recommend Debbi and her courses. Thank you for a wonderful, informative week."

"Debbi is an inspiring wonderful teacher I’m very honoured to have been part of her course online ❤️"

"It was an amazing course, you are a fantastic teacher and a beautiful person and the group's energy melded so very well even via Zoom so thank you for following your dreams!! Xx🤗💝"

"It’s hard to believe this course didn’t exist two weeks ago. I never thought in my wildest dreams I’d be having this experience this week.

I fell in love with the tuning forks after being @Alison’s case study. I told everyone about her fantastic sessions. The releases, the insights, the shifts and the spiritual growth were phenomenal. I’m chuffed this current situation has given me this opportunity. The course has been brilliant, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it. The connections made have been incredible and have really touched my heart. I am feeling incredibly lucky and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I’m so excited to share the magic of the tuning forks with all I can. 😍💙🎶💙xxx"

Well done teaching in this way, you did amazing, it was a wonderful, friendly, chilled out, incredibly enjoyable experience. You were Ace! 😁The online sound therapy course with Debbi Walker has opened a new chapter in my life. The difference I feel from the Monday to the friday using these blessed tuning forks is truly amazing. I was called to debbi last year and sprit and the divine source work in beautiful ways. Things are meant to happen and this course was. I turned 40 last year so I feel thos trimester of 10 years is the change I have longed for. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. The knowledge debbi has and the manual she produced was outstanding. Bless you and thank to my sound family. Xxx"

"What can i say but absolutely fabulous, i not only found new friends but i found ME, and feel that i realy can sparkle OM! 😇xx"

"It’s been absolutely fabulous, Debbi I really admire your composure because I imagine it was more nerve racking than you were showing and the professional way you conducted the course was second to none. I had resigned myself to waiting maybe until October but when the offer came to join the June intake I jumped at the chance - so glad I did. Our group was full of delightful souls, I can’t believe the synchronicities between our stories and the shared desire to move forward with a new and refreshed focus. Thankyou so much for sharing your gifts with the world you are making a difference in the best way possible, it’s so inspirational xxxx 💖⭐️👏🏻🌏❤️🌳🌈🔥🥢🍴🥇❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🤍💓💞💕❣️💖☯️🕉☮️"

"Dear Debbi, thanks for giving Tiejun and myself the opportunity to attend your incredible week where we had the opportunity to meet and work with you and your incredible class, all wonderful people, thanks Debbi we will be eternally grateful for a fantastic experience and week, we will always be part of the first ever online class. God bless you, Tiejun and Ken xx"


“I think it is a few years now that I have been interested in Sound healing. I wasn’t sure what to buy and bought a harmonic set from India. Last year I did a one day course with tuning forks here in NI but although I had work to do myself I felt something was missing. I then invested in a solfeggio set still not really understanding. I found them amazing to work with but didn’t feel confident about them. It was then I discovered Debbi Walker and Suara Sound Healing. Wow was I blown away. I loved the many posts of information that were posted and I would have loved to have went over to Cornwall. Sometime last year I purchased the clear, cleanse and balance set with booklet and cd’s to listen to. Then just before Christmas Debbi announced the new violet ray set which I really felt drawn to. I still didn’t really feel confident enough even to use them on myself. Earlier this year Debbi had an online course which was over 3 weeks at a couple of mornings a week so I signed up. Then covid hit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Debbi then put out an offer for a week long online course and right away I asked could I be part of that. So I have just finished the week and holy moly did it blow my socks off. I now have my beautiful violet ray tuning forks and was gifted a gorgeous pendulum and divine goddess tuning fork. I found it amazing at times and really tiring at other times. Such an amazing group of like minded inspiring women in the group. I’m really looking forward to starting my case studies and going forward with it as a business. The tuning forks are quite remarkable and really anything is possible. I feel Debbi’s course has given me a structure to follow as well as going with my intuition. She is quite a teacher, so calm and understanding and really nothing is too much trouble. She rode the week with us and is still keeping in touch with all of us in our own WhatsApp group.”

SB Ireland

“Having waited to be part of Debbi's Online Sound Healing course for several months, I had built up quite some expectations! And I can honestly say it was everything I had anticipated... and much, much more!!The week flew past, with so much squeezed into every minute that I feel I have walked away with a month's worth of experience from those five jam-packed days. The course group was incredibly cohesive, supportive and full of wonderfully heart-based genuine warmth - no mean feat with so many students, and certainly a testament to how well Debbi holds a safe space for everyone.

I was particularly impressed with how beautifully she dealt with our little "crises" as and when they occurred, which was my one concern with choosing an online course. To embark on such profound work always lifts so much to the surface for every participant. However, in all the various face-to-face workshops/courses I have attended over the years I have genuinely never seen anyone handle them better than Debbi.

Enormous thanks for the huge opportunity and even bigger "shifts!"”

Much love. AL West Sussex

“These are the words I used on our last day to give Debbi feedback; ‘My cup overfloweth!’

I signed up for this course based on the immediate connection I found I had with Debbi, just by listening to her over the phone and soaking up every piece of information on her website! I was so excited to finally find someone who has done diligent amounts of research and can provide the science behind how sound healing works. Working as a Wellbeing Consultant for a Holistic Cancer Charity, I help to support people to live well with cancer. Therefore the need for evidence based treatments and robust measures to gain this evidence, is of paramount importance. Finding Debbi with her background as a district nurse and with a degree in tissue viability, I knew immediately this was the right person to study the benefits of sound with Debbi’s organic style of teaching means there is a flow that she goes with from the heart and sits so well with the sacred sound frequency. Its absolute heaven in the way you can feel almost immediately your own internal frequency being raised, simply from spending time listening and learning with her. Then when you engage with Debbi’s very own ‘Clear Cleanse and Balance System’ ; the sense of peace, serenity and harmony can only be described as sensational!

It is clear Debbi’s knowledge and passion for Tuning Forks is spreading fast and furious and I totally understand why. This course makes it really easy to understand how they work, why they work and the need to get them out there. By empowering others to learn the ‘how’ and the ‘why’ ; they can literally’ take their health into their own hands.

My cup truly does overflow for this wonderful teacher and healer, willing to share her knowledge, wisdom and her own life experiences in order she can make a difference to this planet and all those that live in it and on it. Thank ‘Gaia’ for Debbi Walker.

It was an awesome week of sound, bringing me back to my own soul space and true essence.”

With love, light peace and progress. BH

“Debbi’s Tuning fork course always started and finished with meditation which made me present in a gentle and friendly way. I liked her style of teaching. She told us things she felt to be important at that time rather than things which are in her book. Also asking us to list 10 things we need to let go of, although we didn’t talk about what they were, we looked at the list time to time, pondered and felt them. I felt this was quite a powerful way of understanding how our mind beliefs manifest in our life. The energy and meaning to me of the list of 10 things had changed by the end of this course, which shifted my view of daily life. The tuning fork vibrations made me feel in tune with myself. This must have made my feeling and mind lighter and softer. The course was run in a relaxed and fun way by Debbi and all the students were lovely people. I very much enjoyed the connection with them!"- Keiko

"I found the Online Tuning Fork Sound course with Debbi truly inspiring, because of her passion for her work. Debbi has a unique style of teaching - combining her wealth of knowledge, experience, and down to earth sense of humour. The excellent training manual is so much more – it has a goldmine of information with excellent resources, further reading and video links. The support from the other students was amazing, and I feel privileged to have met them all.”

Sue Sharkey, August 2020

I attended the 5 day on-line tuning fork training with Debbi Walker from Suara Sounds. It was excellently managed by Debbi who was very warm and approachable, during the sessions and throughout the whole course. Her knowledge and enthusiasm came through the screen easily and her deep commitment to the scared sounds was utterly inspiring. Despite being separated by distance I always felt totally held in her protection and care, which gave me the confidence to trust in the forks and their incredible effects. I really enjoyed using the forks on myself during the week and I had many deep and profound experiences which I think was enhanced by being in the safety and comfort of my own home. The week was packed full of learning and opportunities to practice on myself, others and even the trees and bees around me. I relished the chance to step outside of my normal life and saturate myself in the beautiful sacred healing sounds. By doing so I not only increased my knowledge and skills with the fabulous forks, but I was also fortunate to greatly improve my own health and wellbeing. Also it was lovely to meet other like-minded people on the course and our bond continues beyond the week as we have formed a special virtual group to share experiences and support each other. I can honestly say the training was one of the best weeks of my life and truly life changing. I have a long way to go yet in my sound therapy learning journey but I feel so happy knowing I am finally on my authentic path. I can't wait to keep soaking up all of Debbi's incredible knowledge held within the huge manual and the mysteries that the forks hold. I feel blessed to have found Suara Sounds and humbled to think I may be able to help others.

Thank you Debbi from the very depths of my heart and soul xxx

Love & light


"Having followed Debbi and Suara Sound for a number of years wishing to attend the Tuning Forking Sound Therapist course I was so pleased when things in life aligned this summer and I was able to complete this training. All the necessary structure of learning content is provided within the course manual expertly researched with valuable scientific grounding and passionately written by Debbi. Debbie's teaching style offers heartfelt sharing of deep knowledge which creates comfortable connections for all attendees aiding a fluid fun learning environment in which learning organically flows. I really look forward to a life-long connection with Debbi and Suara Sound and completing further courses." Li

Testimony by Beverley Allen

To be called to the sounds is a honour but to guided through that process by Debbi Walker has been a privilege. I attended this course with high expectations about what I would learn about sound therapy and the power of the tuning forks, yet it exceeded my expectations, and I did not expect the self-discovery and healing that went with it. You truly are a different person at the end of this course. The class is a safe space of discovery with like minded people. Debbi is a knowledgeable and intuitive teacher who follows the progress and needs of the class rather than a rigid formula which allowed so much more fluidity and consequently exploration of the subject. I completed the class online and felt fully supported by my colleagues and Debbi. The only downfall was not receiving a treatment from one or more of my amazing classmates. This course is demanding mentally and emotionally but the rewards are worth every strike of the OM. BA Wales

A super great online course ...for a souls adventure! Really a great way to go on an epic journey with out leaving home.( choose the room with the comfiest chair and in a few mins your transformation begins!!! Lovved iiiiit!!!!!!) Its a beautiful binding and flowing class. Debbi is powerful in her words, animated and supportive in creating an empowering unique self learning experience for everyone at all stages of their journey. The hrs are family friendly and made it possible for me to study with a small child.

Totally thrilled to have had this opportunity and shared with an amazing people.

Thx you Debbi


Debbi is a fantastic teacher with her own unique style. She is so knowledgeable about her craft and fully lives and breathes it all. I had never done anything with forks before but came away with a wealth of knowledge about them and what they do and how each one works differently. The week flew by and the self directed study was fun and challenging at the same time. It was lovely to hear everyone’s feedback and see how they had all made an impact on someone’s life with their treatments. I have been using the forks everyday since the course and will continue to do so. I also know Debbi is only a few clicks or phone calls away for any help or guidance needed. Thank you, thank you, thank you for a wonderful week and knowledge I will use forever! Jo B

I was glad that Debbi did the online tuning forks for practitioners, as I wanted to do it for a long time but due to work and distance couldn't see me going down to Cornwall for nearly a week. I felt really nervous the first day, but Debbi made us all feel at ease straight away. The method she teaches is so relaxed and informal. I really enjoyed the course, and I really felt at ease. If weren't sure of something, Debbi would go over things and I felt I could ask questions if I didn't understand. The tuning forks are brilliant. They make me feel so relaxed, and I've only used them a few days. Looking forward to using them on my family and friends and pets, and hopefully after doing the case studies/assessment etc will become a practitioner in the future, as I know how the tuning forks can make a difference in peoples lives. I'm excited and really looking forward to the future. MD Wales

HI Debbi

Thanks for a great week - Just what I needed - I wish I could've stayed in the bubble for longer :) Not the Zoom bubble but the sound and nature immersion and connection.

Having done the course 4 1/2 years ago I wanted to reconnect again properly with my tuning fork practice and spend a week immersed with them for my own wellbeing and to empower me to continue with doing case studies and hopefully qualify. I was also curious about working online as have had some quite profound experiences with this these last few months.

I was quite comfortable arriving on Monday - I am very used to using Zoom so that didn't worry me and it was lovely to connect with Debbi and the group. The days seemed to go very quickly and the teaching was at a lovely pace with breaks. I am not very keen on Zoom however and although it was 'enough' I much prefer to actually be with a group physically. I rely a lot on body language and energy which are mostly missing when in a Zoom group. Like I say I have done lots of Zoom groups through my work so I know and understand the difficulties but it was interesting watching them arise again. On the plus side - due to my circumstances and being in a place of exhaustion and physical pain - the fact that I didn't need to drive anywhere was a bonus!

Day one was mostly about meeting the group and starting the practice again which was great. It was lovely to listen to Debbi's stillness bowl and play my magnificence bowl at the same time. During the lunch break I took the dogs out for a quick walk and came into my garden the quick way which is a bit precarious and I fell landing on my bum/lower back quite hard. I brushed myself off and don't really think much more about it - but I did struggle to sit for long periods in the next few days.

Day two - self directed study - I haven't watched the video before so that was interesting. I woke with a headache and feeling a bit yuck - I was detoxing though and probably having a healing reaction from the sound practice. I loved doing my practice which I did a few times in the day - one time I listened to the Still Point whilst doing my forks - which is something I have always enjoyed doing and another time I did them in the bath as I just couldn't get comfortable anywhere. I had a remembrance of the amount of times I have used the forks for personal practice and with others - even though I lost my daily practice and did not complete the case studies as life got difficult and busy. I spent some time in my garden and also up in the woods but it was raining hard by this time which sounded amazing but the dogs weren't keen! It was lovely to reconnect with the group again in the evening although I found it hard after sharing on Zoom as we don't get the body language response.

Day three - reconnecting with the group again and learning about distant healing which was very interesting - I enjoyed getting my couch set up and doing my first distant healing - I was amazed at the pendulum work and felt really connected to my participant throughout the session. I received feedback from the healing and gave feedback too - which I struggled with to be honest - it felt weird to do that without proper interaction with the other person - it left me feeling quite vulnerable.

Day four - self directed study - as soon as I started working with the Om i started crying which turned into a deep sob - releasing all the vulnerabilities from the day before, releasing all the feelings about the physical pain I have been in this week...just releasing, and re-setting, and re-storing - I did the CCB and started with the Solfeggio set but only got as far as the first three forks - which were ideal for what I needed at that time I was time limited as I needed to be ready to do my distant healing session at 1pm. I connected with my participant in the morning so I knew where she was at and that she was in a place of high stress and heart palpitations. The session lasted for about an hour and 20 mins in all - I have given separate detailed feedback about this so I won't repeat myself. But again it was a profound experience - what came through with the pendulum and the feedback I received. There was quite a lot of aftercare needed afterwards and writing my notes to Debbi so I didn't get time to do a second one and what I needed was to go out in nature so that what I did, ready to connect with the group in the evening. The feedback from the session was great though - After 10 mins the heart palpitations started to ease and after 30mins they stopped all together - and what came from the session was a need for grounding. The evening group session was a gentle meditative session which was much appreciated as we were all tired from the day.

Day five - last day and it has gone so quickly. So today I went up to the woods to find a tree to connect with and use the Rhythm of Gaia. I found a wonderful pair of trees - an Oak and a Yew - who were very happy for me to work with them. I set up an altar honouring the four directions along with a bowl of water in the centre infused with Oak and Yew and some rose quartz and rose petals theme of the week's healing). I used the Om and the Rhythm of Gaia and I toned and it felt beautiful and powerful. I had some fun playing with the vibrations in the water. As I finished I sat and listened to the squirrel chattering in the tree and then the sunlight just poured in through the trees - felt like an acknowledgement. Then back home to reconnect with the group for all the practical stuff in the afternoon. I was very aware that my physical pain levels had significantly dropped and I was lovely and chilled. I think the release of tears and the tuning had really helped. My goal is to bring the forks back into a daily practice and do the case studies.

Thank you Debbi for a lovely week

Lots of love