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Certified Course with Sound Healing and Elemental Soul Transition £795

APRIL Sunday 15th - Thursday 19th 2018
SEPTEMBER Monday 24th - 28th 2018

Suzi Garrod

Higher Coombe

Includes Manual, 2 Gold Tone Tuning Forks, CD

Debbi Walker (Founder and Director of Suara Sound Academy) and Suzi Garrod (Founder of Soul Potential, Next Steps and Co-founder of Divine Soul Retreats) have come together to share their knowledge and teachings on this 5-day certificated course applying Sound Healing in palliative care and Soul Transition.  You will receive a certificate (following case studies and reflective writing) in Sound Therapy using Tuning Forks.  Suzi Garrod will be teaching the 5 day course as Suara Sound Academy Ambassador Teacher.

The combination of Debbi’s Sound Therapy and district nursing background, especially palliative care and hospice nursing,  together with Suzi’s expertise as a Soul Midwife, counsellor and holistic therapist, has culminated in a unique, in-depth certified training course. Together they have written the course to bring a multi faceted approach to End of Life Soul Transition.

Our qualified End of Life Sound Therapists (ELSTs) will use sound, deep listening and a thorough knowledge of the elements of life, to facilitate an easy passage for the soul as it begins its journey ‘home’.  

As a Suara Sound Academy ELST, you will have the tools to hold space, facilitate relaxation and ease the anxiety of clients as they approach end of life. You will also be able to offer holistic support and sound healing to those who are caring for their dying loved one. By applying the knowledge and skills gained through this deeply insightful and practical training course, our ELSTs will be fully equipped to facilitate a calmer, more peaceful and more dignified transition from life to death.

The course is open to anyone interested in being able to offer holistic palliative care, whether on a personal or professional basis.  Prior knowledge of Sound Therapy is not required, as full training is provided.  

This method of using Debbi’s Bespoke tuning fork system is learnt by all our sound practitioners as it forms the foundation of your practice for self and the family of your client.  It is also the basis of aftercare for the family and yourself.  The system has the elements of the Sacred OM (the Sound of Creation) and the 528 (Universal Love).

The Sacred Sound of OM - Sound of Creation 

Becoming heart-centred and living in the NOW moment with the Sacred OM, the Sound of Creation. As our own heart beats, so does Mother Earth.  We will blend our energy with that of the Sacred Mother Earth.  By doing this we become more connected in Mind, Body, Spirit and Soul to our own unique core.  

In his book ‘Proof of Heaven’, Eben Alexander described his experience of a transcendental Near-Death Experience (NDE). After contracting an inexplicable brain infection, he was driven to the brink of death and spent a week deep in coma. Following his miraculous recovery, Eben Alexander said the OM was the sound he heard when he was closest to the Divine. 

He revealed, “OM was the sound I remembered hearing associated with that Oneness of the unconditional loving (God) Divine Love.”

The other part of the Clear, Cleanse, Balance system is the 528 tuning fork.  The 528 Hz Tuning Fork is known as the Universal Love Frequency and used for Miracles and Transformation. It has been used for Pain Relief with excellent results.  If your client has pain at end of life, this 528 tuning fork can be used to gently help.

For your client in transition you will be taught how to use the Peace Tuning Fork which, alongside the OM, will provide a gentle ceremony of the Soul Releasing Technique.  This will be taught for one to one or distant delivery.

Elemental Soul Transition

As the soul begins its journey home, it prepares itself for the transition to spirit by gently releasing the sacred elements of the physical body. Earth, Water, Fire, Air; each sacred element dissolves in turn, slowly receding from the body like the outgoing tide.

Learn how to recognise the gradual withdrawal of the earth element, as Mother Earth gently surrenders her loving embrace in preparation for her child’s return to the Divine. Tune into the waves of emotion that arise as the element of water washes away soul wounds ready to be healed and dissolved. See the spirit of fire within the body empower the soul for transition, burning away cords that no longer serve. Feel the element of air whisper its farewell to the earth plane, as the soul begins the final stage of its transition into spirit.

How to use the tuning forks for your client, their family and yourself with the Clear, Cleanse, Balance System
Preparation for passage for end of life using sacred sounds of the OM and Peace tones in the 'Peace Still Point Process'
Exploring hearing and listening
Distant healing – strategy and approach in End of Life care
Elemental Soul Transition – recognising and supporting the elements of earth, water, fire and air
Gentle Touch
Life force energy
Soul Cleansing Technique
Clearing and Holding Space
Self Care Techniques and Honouring the Self
Sacred Space Creation
Aftercare of the Soul once passed
The stages of the Soul passage
Out of Body experiences – Consciousness of dying
Fear or denial of death 
Passage of Rites
Altar creating
Prayer and mantras
Ancestor Ceremony

(Course content subject to change)

Case studies will be required and certification is awarded following case studies and assessment

No experience of Sound Healing is required for attendance as full training will be given