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Violet Ray Tuning Forks £140


OM, Weighted OM and 528 only


Attuning to the seventh ray of Divine love and Christ consciousness with sonic resonance will bring you to a place of peace deep within in your heart and Soul. When the harmonic blueprint of the sound of creation and the seventh Ray of the violet light form a synergy of co-creation, illumination of the light body occurs and transmutation of earth bound emotions and energy is transformed. The Violet Ray will reset the body system and bring a natural still point. Divine love with transmutation and transformations of past hurts and traumas will occur. Helping you remember the truth of your existence and God's essence of your own true self. Realising your greatness and magnificence. Releasing all that was, embracing with arms wide open what is to BE.

Shifts in consciousness in space and time, in vibration and energy. Calling on the ancient ones to come forth. The star people coming together, recognising one another by their vibration and thus bringing about lasting change. Shaking off the human confines of the emotions that serve you no longer. Being bathed in the grace of God's love and light for Peace and harmony to prevail. If you are called to come you are most welcome. Think less and be more in the presence of now.

PLEASE NOTE:  If you have bought my Clear, Cleanse and Balance Tuning Forks before, you will receive a £20 refund as a loyality gift, making the cost £120. This will be refunded via paypay.


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