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Animal Healing with Tuning Forks

(for your pets)



Elizabeth is a professional and insured animal healer specialising in energy healing, animal communication, nutrition and Zoopharmacognosy. She runs a unique animal clinic for dogs, cats, equines, birds, reptiles and humans and receives regular referrals from vets and doctors. Her pioneering animal healing school, the Healing Animals Organisation trains and registers graduates in Diplomas in animal and equine healing. She travels worldwide with her students to give healing at animal sanctuaries and fundraise for them. Elizabeth is a member of the College of Sound Healing, professional gong player and sound healer. Elizabeth is the author of The Animal Healer and co-author of You Can Heal Your Pet by Hay House and numerous meditation CDS. She regularly appears on radio and BBC television.


This practical, creative and vocational weekend is a wonderful opportunity to hone your energy sound healing and communication skills with our canine friends. At the end of this weekend you will have a basic solid grounding in animal healing and using tuning forks with your own animals. A set of comprehensive notes and a certificate of attendance and 14 hours continued professional development will be issued. “We are thrilled to be working together: combining our knowledge and years of experience in our respected fields of expertise to share with you and your canine friends”


Introduction to Animal Healing with Tuning Forks

Debbi Walker and Elizabeth Whiter are delighted to be coming together to share their expertise in their respective fields of Animal Healing and Using Tuning Forks in a therapeutic setting for your pets and yourself.

You will gain a clear understanding of how to work with Suara Sound Academy's Foundation Tuning Fork practice, called the Clear, Cleanse. Balance System.

On the Saturday Elizabeth will be demonstrating to you various ways of healing your pets ‘from hands on’ to distant healing with a selection of canine animal guests throughout the day. You will be working hands on with our canine guests to enhance and hone your own innate healing abilities. Students will learn a sequence of healing hand positions, which can be adapted to any situation, attunements and intuitive feedback, We will cover the importance of connecting and telepathically linking with our animal friends and, more importantly, listening to their needs. Sharing with you valuable tips on nutrition, holistic lifestyle changes and behavioural issues and specific chakra points in relation to energy healing and sound. The importance of meditation, preparation and being in the moment when working with all animals and applying creative visualisation skills to remain focused and grounded. ‘Energy follows thought’ our intentions hold the key to unlocking the potential to help animals.

The practical canine energy healing work achieved on Saturday leads us beautifully into Sunday and working with Debbi…………

On Sunday Debbi will firstly introduce how you can use the Tuning Forks of the Clear, Cleanse, Balance System to yourself, your auric field and your chakras. This is so you have a good grounding of what is to follow when we explore using the Tuning Forks with our pets. Debbi will show you how to do a simple Sound Healing on our canine guests and you will get to practice this.  

Experiential accounts of using this system with pets, has shown it can help to lessen anxiety, help trauma, ease aches and pains, heal wounds and soothe behavioural issues. Debbi has worked with dogs, cats, horses, tortoise, an elephant and birds, first hand with good effect.

She suggests, "With animals the sound goes where it needs to as the animals just accept the vibrations. When they have had enough, they simply walk away."

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