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JULY Monday 19th - Friday 23rd 2021

Accredited, Certificated and Insurable
£895 reduced to £795 for 2021


1 large and 3 small Singing Bowls
Does NOT include the Tuning Forks of the Clear, Cleanse and Balance System 
Full Manual



It is my absolute pleasure to share my passion for sound energy, vibration and frequency with you...

Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone who wishes to go on a deep and profound journey with sound vibration, life changing for many who attend 

Science and Research meets Spiritual Aspects in the course 

You may wish to  bring sound into your work as it complements ALL other therapies - Reiki, reflexology, massage, crystal healing, angel healing, spiritual healing, colour therapy, shaitsu and many many more 

Can also be used as a stand-alone therapy

Mind, Body, Spirit and Soul Nurtured and Soothed

Spiritual awareness and intuition enhanced 

Plus much much more.

*TUNING FORKS TAUGHT ON THE COURSE ARE: (please note not all are taught per course - I go with what is needed for optimum experiential for the attendees)

Course content variable

You will learn how to use the tuning forks on yourself for deep vibrational healing and release any stuck chi that is not serving you at this time

You will learn how to do full and comprehensive treatments on other people

You will work with nature and the elements

You may enjoy a process of change and self awareness

You will spend 5 days on retreat with like minded people being immersed in Sacred Sound



What are sacred sounds?
Highly sensitive people
Deep Self Healing
What are energy centres? (chakras) and our auric field?
What do/can they do and their part in sound healing?
The relationship of the energy centres to the endocrine system and the physical organs associated to each chakra, ill health, dis-ease
Importance of the pineal and thymus gland
Vibrational Energy Medicine
DrEmoto (thoughts, words and actions on water)
Meditation, Relaxation and Breathing
Visualisation and creating an abundant life
Ancient DNA and how it works with frequency
What are tuning forks?
What do they do and who uses them?
OM and 528 uses
Other uses for the tuning forks
How to do healing on oneself, others, your OWN pets, using the forks in the programme
Distant Healing
Releasing past life, karmic blocks and ancestral memory patterns using sound
Using the voice OM/Toning
How to check the energy centres using a pendulum
Use of pendulums and reading results
Using colour and crystals in a healing session
Connection with nature, the elements and elementals
Using Tuning forks for circulation and meridian healing
Tuning Forks and Ho opono pono
Healing nature with Tuning Forks and Singing Bowls


Singing Bowls for relaxation and restoration - on and off the body

Connecting to your Singing Bowl

Types of Singing Bowls

Ways to play a Singing Bowl

Singing Bowl grid

How to do a healing using Singing Bowls and Tuning Forks together
Working in Nature
Working with Trees
Working with the Elements
Earth Healing
Singing Bowls with essential oils, crystals, water, flora and fauna
Intention and Manifestation
Esoteric meets Science
Dr Gaynor Mitchell

Plus more...

For your place, please EMAIL me for a booking form

5 day full immersion course plus assessment session by Zoom (one to one - included in investment)

Case studies need to be completed  * All learning needs will be met

"Energy cannot be created or destroyed, only be changed from one form to another" Albert Einstein

"Change your Vibration, Change your Life" Debbi Walker

I am so very passionate about bringing the world of sound healing in the form of tuning forks to you. I Love what I do and the potential difference the sounds can amke to peoples lifes and that of their family, friends and clients.

Following over 10 years of intensive study with qualitiative and quantative research, bringing the science and spiritual aspect to my teaching I am delighted to bring my Tuning Fork Sound Therapy course to you. After working with and sharing my bespoke way of using the tuning fork sounds with thousands of people experientially over the years, and teaching many Ambassadors of Sounds, I bring a very thorough, heartfelt, easy to follow and absorb course teaching Sound Healing based on my own evidence research in Tuning Fork Sound Healing. This allows for the deepest foundations for my teachings to be shared with my students for effective, safe practice. Tuning Fork Sound therapy is a modality in its own right and can allow the student and the client to allow their vibration of a health status to potentially 'be changed from one form to another'. The biggest change I see though is with my Ambassadors of Sound.

My course is so much more than a course, it is a re-treat back to YOU. All week we will be working with vibrational core energy, really feeling each sound and exploring my channelled tones indepth. Yes you will learn all you need to become a sound therapist. however through using the sounds throughout the week you may shift any limiting beliefs, or blocks to your life that are preventing you moving forward. When there is space within, there is freedom, and when there is freedom, there is choice - good healthy choices about all aspects of your life.

You leave with such peace in your mind and body and a real sense of empowerment for your Life Purpose. Your mind maybe so quiet and you can hear so much more from within and nature around you.

The way I teach is completely unique and calls upon the experience and training over the past 25 years. As a retired District Nurse I am only to familiar with dis-ease processes and my teaching works towards showing how health status of students and clients can be potentially changed from one form to another using my bepsoke way of using the tuning forks and the energetic vibrations they hold.

This certificated 5 day sound healing course is for anyone who wishes to go on a deep and profound journey with sound vibration and to reach a depth self-awareness not felt before * Biological Science and Research meets Spiritual Awakening within the course * You may wish to bring sound into your work and it complements ALL other therapies but can also be used as a stand-alone therapy * Mind, Body, Spirit and Soul is completely nurtured and soothed * Spiritual awareness and intuition enhanced *

“Not just a course. More than a course - a retreat back to authentic me.” Student feedback 2016

B and B nearby offering alternative en suite accommodation if required.

Deposit £295 non refundable/non transferable deposit (except in very certain circumstances)

5 day intensive course plus 1 assessment day (one to one - included in investment)

Case studies need to be completed before Assessment day * All learning needs will be met



"Debbi Walker U R A MAHA RISHI.
Beautiful, gentle & powerful Teachings you have brought forward in your Dharma... your Life Work has literally saved my life & with love, clarity & joy I can take my life forwards... take care of me first & share the medicine of the tuning forks, the sonic sounds of freedom. The survival kit of the Aquarian Age to help us to tune into our sensory systems. Wow. You, Trevvi, Max, Radley, Rosie & Lady P are a Blessing to us & this Earth. Wonder-Full group of Sistars together in co-creation & I hope to meet more Ambassadors of Sound on the journey. I love you. Deep Gratitude 🙏🏽I’m so blown away by this week." SK

"Before I came on the course I was muddling through life as best I could, really struggling..but now, after working with these wonderful ancient healing codes of vibration I feel like I have my power back and my sail is up, I can sail through what ever life throws at me. I’m so fired up and ready to share this with others in my work, to help them see that life can be so free. Debbi Walker you really are a blessing to us all ❤️ I personally feel that we still have a lot more to see from you yet! Very exciting! Thank you both for a lovely stay at your beautiful home. Lots and lots of love to you and the ladies whom I now call sisters. 😘 💐 🍪 have you ever eaten so many choccy biscuits! We must have got through ten packets at least haha xxx" KM



Wow I have had an incredible journey. My heart was starting to struggle, where I couldn’t possibly give any more and now it is so big and open and I have more love than ever to give. I have cried and laughed with the most beautiful ladies and loving doggies. I have a felt safe and held the entire time. I’m sad this week has come to an end but very excited about what the future brings. I am pleased I have found the tuning forks. My life has already changed, may that continue. I cannot remember a time when I felt such calmness. Thank you

Lisa Clark November 2017

This course is truly ‘forking amazing’. Debbi gives everyone a really warm welcome. A scientific background and clear explanations gives a solid grounding to how the tuning forks work…and then there are the tuning forks. The sounds which are the second teacher on the course. Einstein said ‘You cannot solve a problem with the same level of consciousness that created it’. Well these forks alter consciousness, each fork has a different effect. Now I feel anything is possible. I feel reborn. What amazing tools these are. This course should be taught in every school, we will have a different society if they were. Thank you Debbi it’s been an honour and a privilege. Transformational. The soup is delicious. Also if you’re thinking of doing this course, do not hesitate its ‘forking amazing’.

Claire Banks November 2017

I have enjoyed learning all about the healing power of the various tuning forks. I’ve also enjoyed giving and receiving treatment. I had no idea so many different tuning forks existed. I have enjoyed spending time with other healers on their personal journey. I particularly enjoyed meeting sound practitioners who have already completed the course and are learning how to use it in their everyday life. The class size is nice as is the space, the classroom. The course is very well put together and everything it’s explained clearly and slowly. I loved having the journal and the purple pen the pendulum and the manual and I’m looking forward to reading it. It was a pleasure to share your home and meet your dogs. I’m looking forward to taking the sound healing to Lupton House and supporting those who visit us with cancer diagnosis and bereavement and supporting those who visit us with depression and anxiety at the drop-in healing centre where I work as a volunteer healer and therapist. Thank you Debbi for enabling me to move on from my grief. I feel more at peace with myself and aware home let go of all my bags to move forward. Bless you.

Fiona Dodd November 2017

I am so grateful to have attended this course. I knew it be powerful work and I wasn’t wrong! Being immersed in the love of you, Debbi, and the group being so very tender with each other it brought so much peacefulness to my little world. I now value silence more than I ever did, that silence of just sitting with no mind is very hard for me having such an active mind. The sounds have taught me to switch off. To be in the joy of just sitting quietly. I feel more open now than before this with more sure connection to all that is, without the need or the desire to speak, almost as if we can hear words and needs et cetera without them leaving our mouths. I’m very in love with the coming months ahead, to share the sounds with others and see what arises in my life. I am really very happy to have my sound toolkit for healing our fractured Soul family. Thank you so much, I love you.

Peace Ravenwood November 2017

Sound Healing and the Energy Field

These pictures were taken with a New Energy Vision filter and show clearly the effects of the OM Tuning Fork when stuck to the energy field.  Note the dispersement of the red and pink colours, indicating in this case dense chi/energy around the lady's body.  Also note the chi within the body begins to flow and is stronger and more even. Pictures 1 - 4 took 3.40 minutes and then the 528 tuning fork continues with the clearing, cleansing and balancing of the energy field (aura) and the Chakras.  In total this took 6.50 minutes. 

The Clear, Cleanse, Balance System has been developed by Suara Sound Academy following years of research, teaching and working with people, seeing the results first hand.  It forms the basis of my Certified Course.

Taster workshops are also available too. 



Testimony from a client following 6 sessions of Tuning Fork Sound therapy 

'I have suffered from ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for, I now believe, 15 years, as a legacy of period of illness and resultantly intense stress. I have come to the belief that whilst ME/CFS is undoubtedly a physiological condition, as with the majority of illnesses there are emotional and psychological factors in play which affect the sufferers capacity to fight the disease. My own experience of the syndrome is that over a long period of time I have been prone to particular lulls where life becomes functionally difficult; This has resulted in intermittent absences from work and has obviously impacted enormously on my family and social life.

I have always had a passion for music and sound, and this has continued unabated despite enduring a period of progressive hearing loss which has necessitated a binaural Hearing Aid prescription. I will happily admit to a ready cynicism when it comes to Alternative Medicine, but having had 2 major episodes of really debilitating fatigue in the last year, I decided to investigate some alternatives to conventional therapies. As you may be aware, there is no prescribed cure or palliative for ME/CFS, and having read around extensively I was not convinced that the 2 most common clinical approaches to the illness (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Graded Exercise Therapy) were not necessarily the answer. Having read about the Suara Centre opening up in town I decided to give Sound Therapy a shot, and signed up for 6 sessions with Debbi.

The ambience in the venue was extremely relaxed, and Debbi's personable and professional manner put me at ease swiftly. I found the sessions themselves to be intensely relaxing; I'm someone who's always struggled to switch off and relax, and find going to sleep a tortuous process, but in at least 2 of the hour long sessions I dropped off, which is a testament to Debbi's skill and the power of the sounds. In terms of my condition, I have undergone a period of significant improvement, and whilst undoubtedly this has been partially attributable to being off work and resting up, I believe the sound therapy has also been a major contributory factor. I certainly left each session feeling mellow and refreshed. Also, a a result of major mastoid surgery on my ears I have to attend an outpatient appointment twice a year to have the wax and junk manually suctioned. During the first sound therapy session, I felt a unique and intense sensation in my ears. On subsequently attending my suction session a week later, I was told by the nurse that I had pretty much the cleanest ears she'd ever seen and the procedure took about 30 seconds (I'm usually in the room for at least 15 minutes)! I am sure this is entirely attributable to the sound therapy sessions, and will be interested to discover whether or not the results are repeated in a few months time.

Having become increasingly open to the process I would heartily recommend the treatment, which in my view undoubtedly has many therapeutic benefits.'

DC, Cornwall


Suara Tuning Fork Sound Course Testimonials

 For More Testimonials - Click Here

You really have to feel it to believe it and Debbi's course really let you feel everything from using the forks?..Totally Amazing!

I have met an amazing, wonderful group of friends, who I can't wait to meet again. I'am so looking forward to using the ?forks? and growing my business to help me secure a brighter future for myself and others alike.  Feeling on top of the world? ? Thank you Debbi and all of my new friends. I also have slept a minimum of 7 hours sleep each night (usually I wake between 2 & 4am to go to the toilet, but not once this week) pure bliss.

Jackie Davis

'Even Thought' I had already had some of your amazing instruments and have, to the joy of many, used them. I was still totally unprepared for the bewildering delight that awaited me. Your wealth of knowledge, your humour, natural ability to teach, your unwavering love for each of us was totally amazing. I' am positively bursting with excitement about using these remarkable 'tools' to help so many other release and purify themselves. What a week I have spent with you! And each day has been the BEST!

Jane Dugglebury

Excellent, course by Debbi, enjoyed and understood her explanations of the tuning forks. As a group we were all made to feel at home and very welcome. The knowledge I have acquired on this course, I?m sure will help me on my holistic development with my spiritual healing, as they complement each other. My own personnel journey on this course, ?AMAZING?. I have had knee pain 9 ? 10. With Debbi?s help and guidance ? knee pain 0 -10. I feel very privileged to have met such an amazing lady. What a wonderful week Love Su x

Su Radivojsa

I have had an amazing week. I thought I knew what to expect. I have been to Debbi?s talks and one day workshops and I already work with vibrational healing. The week transformed all that, its pulled tighter my existing knowledge and given it another dimension from 2D to 3D??No! let?s say 4D. I had the opportunity to experience vibration in a new way, it has helped me heal myself when that was not my initial intent. I have a new confidence and trust in myself and many questions that I had. I feel I?am the person I wanted to be, I feel the person I?am. Sound gave me that, so when I think sound can do that, I will be listening, feeling and living more with sound everyday and sharing that with others. Thank you Debbi for showing us the tools, and sharing your love and giving me a sound family and friends.

Linda Perry

It was an amazing experience. When I came I felt very heavy and full of worries about what the future might hold. My body vibrational rate was 65%. As the week progressed I felt myself getting lighter and lighter, both in form of heaviness and light. I enjoyed the company of the six other lovely people and I loved Debbi?s very inspiring and intuitive leading of the course, so the learning became fun and the contents I could experience for myself. Today was the first time of being conscious of reaching the still point when using the Om and 528, at the B&B were I stayed. I feel I learnt an easy way to get my chatterbox to stop and to teach that to others so their higher self can guide them more easily. I just love the sounds, the woods, the beach, the ocean and I?am very grateful to have met these amazing people and this wonderful teacher. I feel like a big family and it is absolutely fantastic not to have to do, but to choose to do. Bless you Debbi x x x

Claudia Miller

I have thoroughly enjoyed the 5 day course with Debbi. It was a wonderful to be bathed in sound all week, experiencing all the different vibrational energies. There were tears of joy and tears of laughter, we all realised unwanted energies, which I felt a welcome relief. I can see how the benefits of using the sound forks can help everybody and I look forward to passing all the knowledge on. It will be wonderful to use the forks with colour therapy, which is my passion, my joy. Sound and colour are so intrinsically linked. There was plenty of variety during the week, It was wonderful to take the forks out into nature to give back to mother earth. It was a very relaxed atmosphere and we all bonded very well on the 5 days we spent together. Thanks for a wonderful course, it was very informative with great food and lovely people. I really enjoyed FORKING!

Please Note;?. On a 1 day workshop I did with Debbi, my cold sensitivity disappeared the next day! Body temperature has improved and my hands are always warm now!

Bev Eardley

Catherine Read

I have really enjoyed my week with Debbi and the tuning forks. From day one Debbi makes you feel welcome and at ease. The environment in which you learn in, is both relaxing and peaceful Debbi is a very good teacher, she delivers the information clearly and simply, so that it is easily understood. T here is an equal balance of practical and theory, which makes the day most enjoyable and interesting. Every day it was different and I would leave with a beaming smile and excitement. It has been an amazing week I have learnt so much about myself and how to keep myself healthy and bright. I?m so grateful and happy that I attended the tuning fork sound therapy?s course has been so much more than I have ever expected. Thank you Debbi for sharing the forks. Xxx

Larissa Coleman

I already attended to workshops with Debbi and I plan to do this course some time ago. Those five days of intensive study and practice gave me not only great knowledge of how to use the tuning forks healing but a pleasure to be with like-minded people who are already are on their spiritual path and to make new friends. The course was very well-balanced and easy to follow with plenty of time to practice on learn from Debbi and each other. Beautiful sound, colours and food for our Soul. XXX

Diana Nuttall

I didn?t know what to expect I thought I may have an idea but wow-wee I was ?blown away? by the course. Fabulous and as my grandson would say ?epic?. Debbi is such a beautiful Soul and she walks in total love for all, her kindness knows no bounds, it radiated everywhere. I arrived with a shoulder pain, which had been badly aching since March, so nine months now, which was stopping me sleeping and providing mobility restriction. One forking from Debbi, and gone! Oh, the joy and the deep gratitude. The fun, laughter, bonding with newfound friends and super lunches were wonderful. Bliss. Nourished on all levels. It is a complete honour to be within the Debbi bubble and part of this newfound family of light. May this therapy trickle outwards to all who were drawn to experience it, become a river, and then a torrent, healing the pathway to wholeness. On the last evening of the course back at the lower guesthouse in Callington, a guest expressed interest in Debbi?s course understanding the role of sound as a singer and as a tool for emotional health and well-being. It was championed to her and well received so the word may be spread by her to she travels in her job worldwide.

Debbi Johnson

Thank you Debbi for great course, you are very good teacher always making sure people understand things. You make everybody feel welcome and one big happy family. I would recommend anyone interested in sound healing to your course. I love all the sounds from the forks and I know how passionate you are about the sounds and how you want to help others by using your sounds forks. I have learnt so much from you during the five-day course and I?m looking forward so much to putting into practice what I?ve learnt from you. I?m so proud to be part of your forking family. You have and do work so hard to get out to others what you have learnt and how the sounds and the forks can help to heal people. I find it hard to put into words. You are a lovely caring person and so very passionate about you what you do and always wanting to learn more and carry on with your research . It makes me feel so much better and I look at my life in a different way.

Phil Fraser

Having zero experience in any form of holistic therapy I had nothing but apprehension about doing the course. Sound therapy caught my attention at the spiritually shows and finally entered the course through much persuasion from the Mrs. And I?m glad I did it. I never visualised how deep I could go in self meditation on how comfortable I could feel in giving healing to another having never done it before. Now I look forward to developing my new outlook on life and continuing learning and lending a healing hand to others. No matter how much experience one has I recommend this course to ALL.

Karen Black

This week has been one of profound reflection and love. ?Perfectly pitched? in all ways from teaching environment, learning, resources, comfort, inspiration, fairies, Angels, Magic, ?being held?, validation, soup and chocolate. And Max our course doggie. Laughter and tears shared with beautiful souls both physically in the room and souls who joined us both inside and outside in nature. Positively wonderful, exceeded all my expectations. I am leaving today with joy and love in my heart, blessed for having made new friends, and hope and excitement for myself, my family and in my professional life to be introducing the forks. I love you Debbi, thank you times 10,000 million million etc etc.

Rita Osborne

This is a totally magical course. It has been more than I could have ever imagined it could be. Being already an holistic therapist, I thought it would be similar to what I have done before. However the tuning forks are amazing, it?s takes everything to another dimension. Debbie is a fantastic lady, her welcoming open arms make me feel comfortable and at home. My heart opened immediately any fear just melted away. As there were just a couple of us on the course I feel blessed to have shared this time with such special ladies. Working with all the forks on myself has been incredible. You really need to feel the sound and each sound resonates differently through the body. I have been to places I could never have imagined possible. Amazeballs!! I love Debbi?s way of teaching you got to feel it to believe it. I look forward to sharing his magical sounds with family friends and clients. I can truly feel good vibrations! Excellent vibrations! Amazing vibrations! Thank you, thank you, thank you Debbi ?you got to feel it to believe it?. OM Shanti Shanti Shanti

Amazing! I feel this is such a gift to share with the world. I feel enlightened, at peace, protected and at one with nature. Debbi has such an amazing ability to reassure and nurture your journey of sound healing. The course is accessible to all and is easily explained. There isn’t any question Debbi cannot answer and if you don’t understand she would explain again or in a different way. The transformation of the whole group is surmountable from start to finish. I am enthused by Debbi’s passion and commitment to bring the sounds to the masses. I cannot wait to start my healing journey with others and to be able to share it with everyone! Feeling so blessed. Thank you Debbi. XXX Tracy Teague

Absolutely brilliant! Very relaxed, lovely environment, beautiful atmosphere, great teaching and couldn’t have asked for a more lovely group of people. Feel incredibly inspired, positive and a sense of eventually knowing where I’m heading . Feel strongly this is the beginning of the beautiful healing journey I have been searching for, for so long. Just love each and every person I’ve shared the last five magical days with. It’s been amazing thank you Debbi X Kate Alpe

The course was fab, in order to get knowledge from the forks I feel it is essential to partake in the course and to hear other people’s journey and guidance after using the forks (which is part of the course). Furthermore our daily lunch cooked by Debbi is delicious. Melissa

An amazing spiritual journey I would recommend to anyone, what more can I say. The most relaxed I felt in years, like coming home, and very special course with very special company. Thank you X Julia Ridsdale

This course is honestly the best course I have done!! Every day was magical and new. Debbi is an amazing teacher who is intune with everyone’s journey. I have experienced profound changes within my Being on all levels. I feel truly blessed and honoured to have the tuning forks in my life to have the opportunity to share them with others. The world needs this so much. My heart is full of gratitude. Thank you, thank you. With love and hugs Susie x

My intention was to learn more about the properties and uses of tuning forks. I had no real intention of using them in a professional capacity. Five days later it has all changed! I’ve learnt more about myself and the insight has come and the determination to take the knowledge of the tuning forks to as many people as are open to the experience. Thank you Debs for holding us so sensitively during the last few days.

Fiona Trolley

This course has exceeded my expectation!!! I enjoyed it all, even when I was so tired from processing all the information being downloaded at night. I now have a focus to visualise. A future doing what I want to do with spirits. Before the course I was asking for guidance. I got it. Thank you so much. I have had a wonderful week and will be recommending you to everyone.

Karen Averiss

Excellent training. Debbi really knows her dream stuff and how to teach it. She gives everything possible to make sure we understand how the tuning forks work. I am absolutely delighted that I took the time to do this super training. I am getting excited about beginning the case studies, to put all the information along with my intuition together and experience the sacred sounds. I feel empowered and in touch with the real me. A real shift has taken during the course for me. Thank you.

Barbara Jones

Debbi is a very gifted and dedicated teacher. She is very professional and passionate about work. I have enjoyed her course immensely, and appreciate all of the teaching. She has inspired and ignited my passion to work with the tuning forks. I hope that I can do her credit in the service that I bring to others in the name of Suara Sound Academy. Thank you Debbi for your support and hard work. You Earth Angel. Wonderful course.

Gloria Elwell

I attended Debbi’s tuning fork therapist course in March 2004 in Cardiff and have had the most life changing experience in the process. The course has been so much more than an exercise in how to use the forks. Debbi has an amazing way of intuitively knowing what the group needs to learn and I can honestly say that the course is therapy for the Soul itself! Aside from learning how to use the forks, the life coaching and all the Soul-searching, I’ve also experience many benefits. In just five days I’m a lot more ‘switched on’. The forks of brought me to my ‘still point’ that I rarely got to through meditation alone. I’m calmer, happier, and have slept straight through each night. The rosacea I had has lessened, MS symptoms improved and I feel really positive! In addition, I have met five other wonderful Ambassadors! All in all, a life changing week to quote you Debbi – you are ‘forking amazing’. Llove and light

Jo Young

I met Debbi at the Natural Living Show in Cardiff and did a short workshop there. That experience was enough to make me realise I had to learn more. This five-day course has been amazing on all levels. Debbi is such a loving, warm, courageous and knowledgeable teacher who created a safe environment for what has been a week of transformation for all six of the students along with learning the practical skills. I am really excited about what will grow out of our learning in the months and years to come. For me, the course has been the completion of a circle which started with a life changing experience after one hour of deep meditation in December 1981. Thank you so much for allowing me to become a member of your ‘forking family’ Debbi. May I become an ‘Ambassador’ you can be proud of. Love and light.

Barbaro Perkins

I first met Debbi in March at Patrick gamble workshop in Polperro. It was as if we known each other forever. Debbi introduced me to the tuning forks and I knew straightaway that I needed to do the course. Wow! What can I say, a profound experience and a fantastic week shared with wonderful people. An amazing personal journey focused on positive outcome. Looked at things I never expected to look at and the things I thought would come up didnt. Mind blowing. Soup was delicious, coordinated with the chakras. Thank you Debbi. 

Penny King

A true ‘Gateway experience’ on all levels. Thank you Debbi for providing this special place to enable me to go through this metamorphic process. It was better than holiday. I’m looking forwards at long last to my new pathway using the special sacred sounds in my work. Love Rosie

Rosie Hudson

The course has far exceeded my expectations. I thought I will be coming to learn a new skill to take my life forward and what I have received instead was an experience that is not only life affirming, but completely life changing. I find now I have a focus and purpose. I’m filled with such joy at being able to share the sounds with others and having a positive effect on their lives. I will without question recommend the course and the forks to everyone. Big thanks with love and hugs.

Morwenna Brady

A fantastic course. Debbi is a great teacher, relaxed and great fun too. I went to learn about tuning forks, which I did, but also release stuff I didn’t know was blocked. Transformational. 

Jackie Allen

This course really helped me get over a whole load of stuff and if anything come up again, I know I can deal with it. 

Scott Princep Age 15

The past five days have been quite astounding and outstanding. I know that today is the first day of the rest of my life. I have started a new journey, and it’s all about me, which is new for me. I am really looking forward to see how the experiences I have felt and had this week will have an effect on my Soul Being. It’s been wonderful to be part of a wonderful collective of like-minded souls sharing with them also their journeys. I feel anew, awakened and quietened to listen. Whoop whoop. Thank you Debbi for everything. 

Janine Doidge

Beautiful week with beautiful people. Have learnt, listened and felt the sounds. I am looking forward to using in continuing my journey with them. 

Gloria Badcock.

Astonishing! I came as when identity and left as another! The course is fun, friendly, interesting, plenty of support on many levels. Depth, breadth and height, all-encompassing. All emotions fly about. Life changing. Thanks Debs. Blessings. 

Roisin Summers

Fantastic, super, what an experience, so moving and difficult to put into words. Such a feeling of happiness, feeling empowered. Now have direction. Clear, cleanse balanced began shifting, Solfeggio, incredible such clearing. Such insights having shared with my handsome son. The closeness has been incredible. My love for him knows no bounds. Thank you so much. Debbi xxx 

Rose Princep