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Specialist in Tuning Fork Sound Therapy Training 


Includes Clear, Cleanse, Balance, 270 page manual, journal and pen

Tuesday 24th - Thursday 26th October 2017

This 3 day certificated Sound Therapy course will teach the Foundation Principals of Debbi Walker of Suara Sound Academy's lifework. Debbi' s work, teaching the sounds over the past 7 years is based on her own research and studies. Her 35 years of experience in Health and Wellbeing, including 12 years as a nurse with a First class honours degree has put her in good stead to teach from a fully holistic viewpoint.

You will be completely immersed in the technique of using my bespoke Clear Cleanse Balance System of using the tuning forks for the full 3 days, learning the relaxing properties and potential health and well being benefits this system will bring. You will also learn the more advanced procedures of the 'Sounding Out Release Technique' and the 'Pain and Body Acoustic Intelligence Technique'. You will learn to do this for yourself and for clients.

This system has been used in digital form (CD) to create research studies for a Quality of Life study, resulting in a 44.11% improvement in emotional health following a 28 day practice. I have also conducted a Pain Study which resulted in almost 80% of subjects becoming pain free. I have much qualitative and quantitative data some of which will be written as a paper by one of the Ambassadors year who is a Doctor of Psychology.

I personally have had many successes in my own health and well being using this system from healing a torn meniscus in my knee, to managing the peri menopause symptoms, to overcoming acute emotional trauma, and most profoundly healing from Me using vibrational medicine of which the sounds played a huge part in recovery. I use my practice daily, it gives me a deep status of calmness and relaxation.

Obviously results will vary and I make no claims of what the Clear Cleanse Balance System will do for anyone who comes on this course and trains with me. It doesn't replace medical intervention.

The investment for this 3 day certificated course is £495 which includes:

Gold Tone Clear Cleanse Balance System of Tuning Forks (3 tuning forks and striker)
Journal and Pen

Case studies will need to be completed.

Accommodation is available at Lady Polhilsa Retreat at £60 per night which is all inclusive. Shared facilities. Lady P is a 6 bedroomed country house in the hamlet of Polhilsa, near Callington in Cornwall and built circa 1880 with beautiful grounds and far reaching views over Bodmin Moor.

To book your place email [email protected]


On this Level 1 and 2 Sound Practitioner 3 day Course you will focus on the use of the Clear, Cleanse, Balance System only.  You will learn the integrated techniques that I have developed using this system and be immersed fully in their application.  Case studies will need to be done before certification is awarded.

You then can apply to go onto Level 3 later in the year which is a 3 day course teaching you how to use other bespoke tuning forks and giving you the opportunity to learn how to offer Sonic Vibrational Sound Prescriptive treatments for your clients.  

The 5 day course offers a complete immersion into all the sounds and bespoke tuning forks in the library of Suara Sound Academy.  You will be able to offer the Sonic Vibrational Sound Prescriptive treatments for your clients from the outset, following certification after case studies.