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SUARA SOUND SOULTONE by Debbi Walker BSc (Hons)

Working with tuning forks for over 5 years now I have been gifted the frequency of many bespoke tones and they seem to be the sounds that really allow people to experience deep profound changes or gain insights to their lives.

Recently I have taken my work one step further and I can tune into people’s Soultone, with permission from the individual.

When I am given permission to ‘tune in’ to someone’s Soultone, I create a sacred space and do a ceremony with a meditation so I can connect deeply.  I go into deep meditative practice.  I then am able to ‘see’ and ‘hear’ your Soultone sound and the colour.  This usually then includes a message from your Soultone for me to pass onto you, along with any guidance.  I then use a method for getting the precise Soultone and have it made into your very own bespoke tuning fork.  This is only for you to use. I need your name, location and if you have a question.  You cannot order for another person.

The timing is Divinely Guided so can take up to 6 weeks.

Please note:  This is not a Soul Reading, I am only given short succinct guidance for people.  Your unique Sacred Soultone Sound will allow your own insights and Soul guidance to come through.  All deep inner wisdom resides within us and this may allow you to tap into your ancient wisdom to give you the answers you have been searching for.

The investment for this is £99 plus £6.00 p & p and includes your own Soultone Tuning Fork and the Soul guidance that comes to the fore. CD included.



Here is a testimonial from someone who has been using their Soultone Tuning Fork

"Within 4 weeks of using the s.f.fork  along with om & 528 I noticed great changes.  Everything that encompassed who I was within my mind,body,soul & spirit  was vibrating at peace and love

I finally felt the feeling of being grounded. I had experienced  strange feelings (all positive), now that i had  become more intuned. I became hyper sensitive- my sight seemed brighter almost like someone had switched on a light outside and i could hear more sounds of nature both when indoor and out. I could feel homeopathic and other natural remedies working inside of my body.The most extraordinary moment was when I stood , as usual , on my wooden floor boards and suddenly I felt that I had landed (on earth), i felt amaze that i was standing on a tree and I was in a body with hands, a face etc. I felt strange for a few seconds that I was in this dimension in a house, finally I was grounded!

By using the s.f. fork I had observed that my way of thinking, doing and being had changed e.g. my situation that was the cause of me pursuing a divorce would have filled me with rage, anger and hate. However, to my suprise!, I dealt with the situation with peace, calm and love.

Whilst using the s.f.fork I found my self mediating! and remembering past workshops concerning working with the spirit of the land and the seraphim. These energies were fundemental in my daily mantra for self healing  and giving back healing to everything in the universe.

I found that I was honouring myself more by setting time for using the forks  because the feeling of holistic wellbeing was worth investing the time and energy.  I had a stranger approach me and who shared with me how beautiful and big  my aura was and what ever I was doing to keep it up. A friend who is a medium  ( who  doesn't  do readings for friends) stopped me during a telephone conversation once to inform  me that she had just been shown my aura and how beautiful it was and the energy. She also pointed out that she could feel my emotional pain, as her voice wobbled, an found it remarkable that  I was still emitting love, peace and calm to the situation. She also advised me that whatever I was doing with the sounds to keep it up, as it was of great benefit to my higher self.

To my suprise I thought the fork would not make a difference to me as I was not 'special enough' to see or feel any benefits for my highest of good and how wrong was I.

I would highly recommend Debbi's s.f ( and other services- courses,workshops and more ) to raise your vibration to your souls blue print.I truly believe once  everything that encompasses who we are starts vibrating at the soul's frequency we attract all that is meant to be in our lives  for our highest of good all we have to do is trust, believe,honour our selves and be in gratitude for what we have.

Thank you Debbi for your continous support, love and guidance . I feel blessed to have met you, many blessings in your life of working with the power of  sound healing. M Southwest