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Animals really do love the sounds,well most animals anyway.  In my observation so far it seems as though the cats like the 528 and the dogs like the OM.  People have also used them on birds, snakes, horses, tortoises and many others.

This testimonial is from a lady who came to learn about the tuning forks for herself, however very quickly the dog, Toffee trusted me enough to cuddle into me and allow me to use the forks on her open tumour of her mammary gland.  Before our eyes the tumour went from bright red to a pale pink.  There appeared to be much less irritiation and Toffee no longer was trying to soothe the area by licking it.  Toffee did pass away, it was her time, however her passing was made more comfortable using the sounds.

Testimonial: “Toffee, my 11 year old Pointer three years ago had a massive operation removing a malignant tumour from her mammary gland. This has returned about 5 weeks ago with very bad pain. My vet, who is excellent, treated the pain and then said “palliative care, terminal, two to six months”. I was devastated I took her to Cornwall three weeks ago and met Debbi. As she worked on Toffee with the Tuning Forks, Toffee - who is a very independent dog and pays no attention to strangers – curled up beside Debbi and rolled on to her back as Debbi worked on her with the Tuning Forks. We watched with amazement as the tumour changed colour from angry red and became pale. Now a week later it is still a normal skin colour – and dare I say it – the tumour appears to be a little smaller and much softer! Toffee is more active, happier and feeling better. The tumour may still be terminal, but meanwhile I have a happy, pain-free dog.” PC-H Gloucester, UK

This comes from Ananana who bought a 528 tuning fork in April 2012, I saw her two weeks ago and she has kindly shared with me the results of her cat, Habibi who had fur loss and itching now has a beautiful silky health coat. As a rule the cats like the 528 sounds and dogs like the OM.

The tuning fork frequencies can be used for all animals, birds, snakes, tortoises, fish, little furry animals, horses etc.  Always start a fair distance away so you can gauge the reaction first.  There have been many experiences reported of owners healing their animals simply by the owners using the tuning forks on themselves and the animals being in their space.  This is also especially good for rescue pets.

 This is a testimony from Catherine Reed, one of the Ambassadors of Sound who has just done her training.  She is a qualified vet nurse and a qualified animal communicator:

Catherine's Testimonial: " I gave Bongo the dog a full solfeggio treatment last Wednesday evening. I've been giving Bongo a weekly treatment with the OM and 528hz Forks for about two months now. I tested with the pendulum that the solfeggio Forks where right to use and I asked each Fork if I needed to take out before putting in. He loved it and went into a very deep sleep and started gently twitching. Normally it takes him time to switch off and relax because he is a bit of a worrier. So to see him quickly go into that healing state was good and the owner couldn't believe her eyes.

Also when I arrived home on the Friday evening after the course, Ollie my dog showed me three images, all to do with his past. It was amazing I've been trying to help him heal from his past but couldn't communicate with him and felt he didn't want to be healed. I think he could see that I had been healed of something from my past which allowed him to show me his past. I asked my pendulum "Is Ollie ready to heal?" "Can I heal Ollie using the sounds?" both answered Yes. On Saturday morning I was going to give myself a treatment using the solfeggio Forks. I asked "Is ollie ready to heal today?" answered Yes. Can I use the Solfeggio Forks on Ollie today?" Answered No. "Can I use the Clear Cleansing Folks on Ollie today?" Answered No. Then I thought owners and pets share feelings, that's how they communicate. So I asked " Can I use the Solfeggio Forks on me but intend the healing for Ollie?" Answer Yes. So I checked all Ollie's Chakra's past and present via my chakra's. (I had done a clear cleansing treatment prior and had checked my own Chakra's past and present and knew that they were all balanced and spinning correctly.) Ollie's present chakra's were okay but his past were not, so I worked on these as he slept next to me on the sofa. It was amazing and then checking them after the treatment, they were all balanced. Amazing, Amazing, Amazing. Ollie has healed and seems a lot happier now. We are both lighter now and our burdens what ever they were have gone forever.

Just one more thing, my animal communication business has become busy, I have had two animal consults since doing your course, and the fear of not having the correct information has completely gone. Which means my communications are more accurate and I am more trusting of what comes through.""

Love to you and the Forks. I feel they are going to show me some great things.

Love Catherine

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